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  1. Possibly play Wigan on Friday? Direct answer to the question
  2. Thats why on paper the DR system can work if used smartly and correctly. If you are running a 21/22 man squad due to budget constraints and you know you are struggling in a certain position due to injury/fatigue/suspension you can bring someone in to plug the gap. Most teams including York have used this effectively. I personally would rather have a DR player for 2 weeks than take a squad of 16 to 2 games but not for everyone.
  3. Luke Robinson odds on favourite to take the job. He has been in the setup as a player and coach and knows Huddersfield which helps. I said it before when Fordy was linked to Hull KR he hasnt ever coached in the Super League or coached a full time team. He is undoubtedly a talent but would always be a gamble to a Super League side. If he was going to take a job in Super League Fordy would be better having a setup similar to Wakey did a few season ago with Chris Chester as Head Coach and assistant/mentor John Kear.
  4. DR on paper works as it gives players opportunities to play and clubs to fill gaps as and when they need it, it works for FT to PT clubs. On paper if you were a full time plumber and weren't getting any work and you were put on the emergency plumbers list (Dual reg) then you would take a job if offered. If no DR next season it has to be replaced with a sensible loan alternative or reserves championship, to develop the talent in this country. Fringe players can't be risked due to the usual threat of relegation. Another example is Batch at Saints doesn't usually get a look in but you can't blame them as Saints aren't going to drop an international over him yet.
  5. Got to be Jack Teanby or Adam Cuthbertson for me....
  6. My vote is Craven Park, guaranteed to be available, as crowds not a problem capacity not an issue and Sky know how the ground operates.
  7. I suppose if you are looking at England for RLWC starting side or a potential side it would lead to 2 very different squads the main nucleus of players would be the same but still several positions to be nailed down yet over the next year.
  8. Ashville College mainly however we have agreed a couple of "on the road" Home games to Knaresborough RUFC
  9. I will have what he's smoking. The people that travel to York & other clubs from all over North Yorkshire wouldnt agree there. The community game is at its biggest and growing in participation. Harrogate RL is back too.
  10. To those slight doubters out there I believe this time we have it right. There is definitely a true community in York now with everyone pointing in the same direction. The Elite player system with local clubs is starting to produce players too and retention of the young developing players which has been second story to the super league additions will be massive. Atkins and Co might get the headlines but Bass and Teanby will be just as important. On additional Income streams too which haven't happened for a while from the stadium, food and drink itself on match days (nothing from Bootham Crescent) will help on top of commercial rents from businesses already operating inside the stadium. The fan base is very interactive and the World Cup will only add to profile of the city. New Zealand mens and womens and Aussie womens are based in York along with France and Cook Islands womens. Along with the games too the future is looking bright but this is just the start.
  11. Originally wasnt planning on going to any until a mate presumed I was going and bought me a ticket so now off to opening England match, QF at Anfield, SF at Emirates and Final
  12. I know not directly related however the announcement of Helsinki Airport trialling sniffer dogs for Covid-19 could be used for sports crowds if the trial is a success. The speed of the results is impressive however the cost imagine will be too. Either way I have signed the petition https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-54288067
  13. They are however it doesn't harm in looking at how they operate and seeing if it could work for us. The current format isn't fit for fans that genuinely want to follow their team to every game. I don't know many people that can afford to watch their teams in Canada (potential for 2 trips) and New York and also a French trip too. Amongst Summer Bash, a £160ish home ticket (for 1) and £20 ish away tickets plus travel too most away games. Now is the time to evaluate the structure and see if its fit for purpose. You probably have 3 seasons before the new teams are in the league and with most or ours being part time how would the players be able to cope with that type of travel.
  14. That's how it was sold to us as away fan's from York. In 2019 buy the tickets through York and they would get a % of ticket prices. I am not 100% sure what happens if they just buy what they need or if the commit to so many tickets.
  15. Even though I am not a massive fan of Union, Pro 14 are making that work with 2 conferences with teams from South Africa, Italy, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. I think some lessons could be learnt
  16. Personally I would merge the 2 divisions of Championship and League 1 and based on a ranking system have a new restructure of what will then be 4 divisions of 7 teams in each home and away with playoffs from winner of each pool. I would have of the overseas teams in each pool. You play 6 home and away could easily have the 1895 Cup seeded locally in earlier rounds to keep the interest.
  17. Yeah that makes sense I suppose Yorkshire Premier is at a decent standard. I definitely think more could be done for "social" full contact players. There is a big drive on non contact however with the full contact you have players and teams willing to play but definitely could make it easier for people and potentially easier on player recruitment
  18. I suppose never going to be number 1 priority or top of the agenda but talking Yorkshire Mens (and possibly Yorkshire Juniors) Currently as a player you could be playing all over Yorkshire and even Nottinghamshire. For players that are more on the social playing side of the spectrum would it make sense in restructuring the divisions in the Yorkshire mens keeping the NCL for your "elite amateur players". My idea is to divide the divisions more city wide to cut down on travel times and individual cost. With 5 section divisions which could contain more than one league, with the potential If you want to have playoffs for an overall Yorkshire mens champion. Bradford & District Central & East Yorkshire (York, Selby, Hull etc) Leeds & District Huddersfield & District Wakefield & District and South Yorkshire This way the travel time is reduced, the season could be shortened if needed and as a player rather than alot of travel journey times are shortened. It would be interesting to hear from people especially those playing or have played under the current structure.
  19. Personally just like spitting, eye gouging and biting I think any "low grab" should be disciplined in a harsh way. 5 games is no where close to the mark for me personally. 5 months might be getting closer.
  20. I definitely wouldn't want to play each other 3/4 times a season but as a championship fan I would rather we started Easter weekend in Mid march/April than 1st weekend of February. Personally I think the season needs to be shorter or better organised out of the top flight even if that means 1 division but divided for less travelling I would be in favour. Before the entrance of Ottawa and New York things have to be sorted otherwise realistically if things went a set way with P&Rs you could have 3 Cumbrian teams, Toronto, New York, Ottawa, London and Toulouse in the 2nd tier in 3 years. That's more than half of the teams in the league! I am in favour of expansion but that's taking it too far! Where Super League would be M62 corridor plus Catalans
  21. Regarding cost for a player for TTR the standard shorts are £13 you can get other ones that are designed with a particular comp like Yorkshire or London etc too. It's approx £5 a session paid up front in bulk so £50 per player for 10 sessions which can seem a little pricey if like some do play in multiple leagues. A pack of tags are £45 (covered by the league). But to be apart of TTR you would need a franchise and that is the part that put me off. When thinking minimum contact, I thought about the options and I thought about setting up a league in Harrogate but the risk of the business and facilities costs on top. It might have worked if I could draw the corporate market to Harrogate potentially. https://trytagrugby.com/yorkshire/franchise/
  22. It was a fantastic session we are using a 3G cage pitch at Rossett Sports Centre in Harrogate. Was hard work be well worth it. Link below shows very limited amount of the hour session https://youtu.be/zp6VNA2CXmc
  23. On the topic of minimum contact versions of RL. X-league is making its debut in Harrogate tonight, with a coaching and playing session. Under Harrogate Fire Ants, we our leasing our own 3G cage pitch for the hour long session. We are one of 2 teams in North Yorkshire (the other being York City Knights foundation) , interestingly thus far no team in West Yorkshire, so plenty of development work to be done
  24. https://www.rugby-league.com/get_involved/play Also regarding Try Tag Rugby on the RFL website TTR falls under the play section along with X-league and the full contact versions
  25. Hi mate, Euro tag was its previous guise. They are promoting it as 60x40 metre field anything from 6-11 a side. As mentioned above X-league is a touch tackle on the ball. Fending off is allowed
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