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  1. Gilmore has gone to Ottawa so that opens the door for Connor to 'Fax
  2. Depends if the RFL are looking Europe wide for League 1 or not. Before Edinburgh Eagles or Dublin joined that Euro 13s I would have suggested them, probably the most established team with the suitable budget is Red Star Belgrade however another French side is just as likely too.
  3. Yeah seen reports on that. Although disappointed to see him go, wish him the best. However on the flip side Morgan Smith from London if true he is coming in is a direct replacement. From Halifax side of things not sure if they are keeping Tom Gilmore or not but if they are Connor will have some competition for a starting place where he probably hasn't had for a while
  4. Everyone jokes on about religion etc however the British Legal system is based on commandments from the Bible and learning what is right and wrong. If you decide to sing the British National Anthem at England games you are singing about God and the cash you pay bears the emblem of the Queen the head of the Church of England. Although you might not believe in everything said by Mr Folau as I personally don't, he has his own views and opinions and I have mine I am less conversative when it comes to religion but that's me.
  5. That would be decent, I would play them in reverse order so you have England "A" vs Say Greece, England Knights vs Say PNG and England vs Australia all at one stadium one afternoon.
  6. Agreed there John. Not to be too high and mighty but a Championship comp without some of the better Championship teams doesn't make it look good. Hopefully the situation allows for a November pre-season training with fans friendlies in January
  7. A good referee is one that is in the middle preparation with fitness and has the ability to call out players when they get it wrong and forward pass etc. Everyone can "know the rules" no problem. Some can "know the rules" without passing a test just by going to games each week. You can do a free test online of the rugby league rules and see how well you do, however during a game you can't get subbed off for 10 mins, there is alot of running required. Players make mistakes all the time they may get an ironic cheer from the opposition fans if they do but they don't get harrassed. When you learn to take off your rose tinted glasses you find that referees arent biased, they make very few "mistakes" a viewing position of bang in front doesn't always help when looking at offside, forward pass, interference and grounding all things to look at door a try, without the help of a video referee. To sum up have a go and see yourself what makes a good referee, personally I think it's communication. From local to international but would love to see some fans pick up the whistle and be thrown in, a sort of if you think you can do better off you go then.
  8. 2010s Bath vs Cheltenham. 2020s Bath vs Harrogate Fire Ants (Spa Cup)....
  9. Looking at the International game would that be part of the 5 year plan? The RLIF recommended that US and Canada host the 2025 World Cup should that happen or should it be a Europe wide held tournament (France, Spain and Italy?) and should the Ashes series or 4 nations happen again before then?
  10. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/north-west-of-england-local-restrictions-what-you-can-and-cannot-do The only thing is that hopefully it is on the list of exceptions not mentioned but referred too.
  11. I wonder how the new lockdown of Kirklees, Greater Manchester and Bradford will affect the players. If they are allowed to "work" but the advice is they aren't supposed to be mixing with others from outside their household. The areas include Wigan, Salford, Bradford, Huddersfield, Oldham, Stockport amongst others
  12. Yeah he did seems a long time ago! Same bloke in any case
  13. Being linked with a move from Wakefield ex Warrington!! Would be an unbelievable move that one!
  14. Heavily linked with York from London Broncos. Has super league pedigree and very much in the quality mold of player if the rumour is true. Would be a great signing for halves
  15. Thanks alot, we have put alot of work into the off field stuff with 4 months focusing on structures and social media which has led onto other projects. We have the first fitness session for our open age teams tonight which will be great to get the players together. With the next priority being juniors.
  16. Can only comment from the York point of view but the work York City Knights foundation do is great. Very similar to Thunder in establishing community links with schools and colleges etc. I have recently setup a club in Harrogate and piggybacking with them has allowed me to get into schools and colleges where we can deliver Rugby League programmes to 11-18 year olds and primary Rugby League. With the 11-18 year old bracket we have a captive audience of approx 2,000 kids and young adults both boys and girls that we can deliver Rugby League programmes too across 4 sites in Harrogate. On the back of this we are able to then look at our Elite player development alongside York Knights picking players for further coaching sessions with them as part of their player pathway.
  17. Realistically it makes sense to this approach League 1 is a good breeding ground for a better phrase for clubs to try local talent some might have played in NCL or their local leagues. Both Welsh clubs (West and North) are about development of Welsh RL. Coventry is doing great with West Midlands and Newcastle with the North East. Doncaster with South Yorkshire and London Skolars with the North London area Even Rochdale put it in their plans of development bringing through NCL players as part of their strategy for recruitment. The other clubs are clubs on a current bad spell but you could argue that Keighley picks up Bradford and Hunslet Leeds nicely leaving the 2 Cumbrian teams (Barrow & Workington) so from the outside if you looked at the work the clubs do off field and the locations of them you would presume League 1 was there as a devlopment league. Which it could easily be although the ambitious chairman would have something to say but I am sure they are more ambitious than being in the Championship they want Super League. Realistically we could use League 1 as a development league for teams dotted around the country and split the championship into Conferences quite easily.
  18. Presumably relegating/not giving Wakefield a licence as they don't have a 10K stadium then?
  19. With The Challenge Cup according to Sheffield Eagles who have pulled out and the statement on their club website states.... As a club we proposed that the ‘prize money’ for the losing sides exiting the competition in the next round, the sixth round, (is) £7,500.. Definitely doesn't seem worth playing for they have also pulled out of the Autumn Cup that's at least 3
  20. In division terms there isn't too much difference in Rugby League and Rugby Union in England. Other than the attendances and the clubs liquidity at the top of the game. The main comp for club rugby union is European cup not domestic division or Cup. They put out a reserve team for their domestic cup competition. They have 12 professional full time teams and the P&R where virtually always the team going down comes straight back up as the league below struggles to keep up with the relegated team from the season before who win 95-100% of matches. But if you look at the standard of stadia other than the top 3 capacity of above 25,000 with Leicester being the only one built originally for Rugby Union above 25,000 the rest aren't the best and Rugby League even groundshares with 2 of them, the areas that some are located help as they are able to charge £50+ for their premium ticket price. But it screams that better managed at the top we could match them. They have a 12 team championship and 16 team 3rd tier with major difference is that teams yo-yo between leagues but even their championship is struggling funding wise. The owner of Ealing constantly is seen in the press moaning about the RFU as a closed shop at the top of the game, some of the clubs in the. Championship are part time or effectively a reserve side of a Premiership team. When we moan about restructure we couldn't go far wrong in expanding our game in the UK and investing in UK teams. Newcastle and especially Cumbrian teams need to top that list
  21. Then we start 2021 season 1st weekend of Feb. Teams entering have to think of long term effects when on slimline squads vs potential return. I suppose the benefit of having no reserves next season should free up some more players for loan/Dual Reg for 2021
  22. Although a small gap and technically North Yorkshire Richmond and across the Dale's could have 1 team potentially based in Bedale or Ripon but I can't see much more coverage in that area. We haven't yet tapped into Ripon as an area but there could be an odd player or too. However Thunder are doing a great job with the North East and it definitely helps with regional identity, keep up the great work!
  23. Usually players are starting their preseason training first week in November although it would be great to have some rugby this year, it shouldnt be at the expense of player welfare. The training season will go from August/ September 2020 to September/October 2021
  24. Darlington for me would have been a good catchment area too, maybe falls under the Middlesbrough/Cleveland area but the Northern Arena home to the union side now is a decent stadium with good parking and easy access from A1 and train station.
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