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  1. John Connell is leaving his post as the Local democracy reporter, to work for Mark Jenkinson. More proof ,if needed, why we had continuous negative reporting on the proposed new Stadium. Disgraceful reporting.
  2. Just seen this on Mark Jenkinsons Twitter page. Apologies for the small print
  3. Salford City's cost just over 5 million.
  4. I would think if anything is built it will be more like Salford City's Stadium. I have seem Mark Jenkinson refer to this Stadium on few occasions. http://stadiumdb.com/news/2017/07/england_see_what_salford_city_are_building_in_less_than_a_year
  5. 100% agree with this post on the Reds forum. Town & Reds have been denied a first class Stadium. God knows what we'll end up with. Post by MBR » Sun Jan 12, 2020 11:18 am I agree that a successful team in a new stadium, which will promote investment and economic regeneration, is what is needed. However the first class stadium complex that would have done that was rejected by the current Allerdale Executive. Marion Fitzgerald, the Leader (and the Seaton Svengali who pulls her strings) will never agree to a stadium plan for Workington AFC that costs the Council much money. Mrs Fitzgerald uses terms like 'fit for', 'proportionate' and 'appropriate'. What she means is appropriate for a town like Workington that she looks down on the lofty heights of her home near Carlisle. When recently visiting Warrington, she said she was impressed by the new stadium yet went on to make clear that it was too impressive for Workington! If a new stadium finally goes ahead, and I know I am not the only fan who doubts this outcome, it will be cheap and nasty, merely an updated version of the tin sheets and basic structure we have now. And guaranteeing even that will happen requires strong pressure from the Club. So the Board's decision to form the Stadium Team is excellent news.
  6. Quote from T&S online today. Outgoing Sellafield boss Paul Foster saying they were going to back the new Stadium. This goes against the new Allerdale executive continually saying there was no evidence of high level commitment from potential tenants .
  7. This makes interesting reading. https://www.in-cumbria.com/news/18145419.allerdale-council-spends-170-000-six-months-derwent-park/
  8. More FACTS from the West Cumbria Independents
  9. Today's Times & Star Political Column. How he has the gall to write this is beyond me.
  10. https://www.in-cumbria.com/news/17884230.shelved-workington-stadium-gives-allerdale-council-extra-5m-budget/ Report today by John Connell, Jenkinsons puppet.
  11. https://www.in-cumbria.com/news/17884230.shelved-workington-stadium-gives-allerdale-council-extra-5m-budget/ Reported today by John Connell, Jenkinsons puppet.
  12. Exactly, we've been lied to for months. Once in lifetime opportunity ruined by personal and political agendas. Surely some kind of inquiry should be held. 1.4 million allegedly spent on the scheme. Absolutely scandalous.
  13. Here we are 7 weeks on since the disgraceful decision and still no convincing evidence the new Stadium wasn't viable. There only reason given is no firm commitment from Sellafield & NHS. I would like to see a statement from both these tenants & not Jenkinson & co.
  14. Don't worry folks the cons/ind alliance have promised to provide a new stadium.
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