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  1. Cribbo's Revenge ! He used to work in transport , you know .
  2. I've always been proud of this sports diversity , with outsiders like Tykes , Cockneys and other Third World people , welcomed with open arms !
  3. It's the match day experience and the nostalgia it generates which causes normally business-savvy millionaires to pump millions into their teams .
  4. Saints look good because they've had the least disruption due to new signings and injuries . But most teams know its your performance in August and September that counts , so early season form is almost irrelevant .
  5. Well from next year the Reserve Grade . The talent is here , it just doesn't get a chance . British clubs bring talented youngsters through the system , and then sign a 26+ Southern Hemisphere player for no good reason other than 'the NRL is the best comp in the world' . Thursday's game saw a 17 year old - not a 20 something who'd spent the last 2 years at Swinton or Rochdale , playing in a Super league game against St Helens , not because he didn't have anyone else to play in that position but because he was good enough .. Its not the lack of talent , its the lack of faith / brainwashing that chairmen and coaches suffer from .
  6. Last night's game proved , again , that younger players can cope at first-grade level . Yet teams will still buy OAP's from the Southern Hemisphere . Surely its cheaper for a club to invest in alcopops and turkey twizzlers than werthers originals and zimmer-frames ?
  7. Simple solution - fewer clubs , fewer league games , more cup games , more internationals . But then chairmen will say 'we need more games to cover costs ' but if you're playing fewer games won't costs be reduced ? Don't give players massive contracts , go back to the win bonus system . Simples .
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