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  1. I noticed that Kenny Edwards got sin-binned on Friday night's game , so I checked the highlights video on Catalans Youtube site - Turns out the Touch Judge reported that he'd been told to " f*ck off twice " by Edwards , resulting in a Yellow Card . Whilst we do not condone such conduct I laughed so hard when I heard it I split my brew - its at 5:23 in the vid . It sounded like something from a junior school playground ! Anyone else seen/heard something inappropriate at a game that tickled the funny bone ?
  2. Now you're sounding delusional (is it still your year ?) Without Austin you'd be 6th or 7th at best .
  3. But you've got Blake Austin - surely he's worth 2 Kevin Browns and half a Jackson Hasting ?
  4. Kinda .The op was about 3rd and 4th having negative points for/against but potentially winning the GF (remember Catalans are the only side to have beaten both Saints and Warrington this season) My point was that Hull and Catalans have been beset by injuries/absent players , many of whom are returning to their respective squads - hence the upturn in performance . Saints and Warrington have been largely unaffected in that way - arguably the cause of their early season dominance . So a team that suffered from absences at the start of the year could overtake a team that loses a few key players at the end of the season .
  5. Hull and Catalans have been shocking in some games and have conceded heavily , but have been missing key players for much of the season . Saints and Wire , however , have had their prefered 17 to select most weeks . If the injuries start to pile-up for them it could be anybody's GF .
  6. On a serious note , crowds are an issue with both Huddersfield and Hull FC . Might mergers be the solution ? Huddersfield with Halifax to form the West Riding Colts , HullFC and KR to form the East Coast Titans ?
  7. Nobody said that Wigan and Saints fans didn't want to see it , just the rest of us prefer a decent game instead of watching Lachlan Coote kick his 15th conversion of the night .
  8. I'd also prefer to see a relegation battle game than another pointless 'derby' - how many times will Wigan and Saints play each other this season ? I was a big fan of the Middle 8's and it certainly lived up to the warcry "every second counts" - bring it back SL !
  9. Good ! We've a better chance of beating the Aussies if their half backs aren't as good as the last lot
  10. Have they got their money back from the Vichy ?
  11. Erm , you do realise that it was a humorous response to scotchy1's line " The Swiss aren't stupid. They know the value of the free movement of people" , and refers to the scene in "The Great Escape" where McQueen tries to jump over the barbed-wire separating Switzerland and Germany on a motorbike ? That's why its funny - because the scene tends to contradict scotchy1's statement , because the Swiss have erected a barbed-wire fence between themselves and the Germans , thus preventing a "free movement of people" . hth .
  12. If I remember correctly it was Eric Hughes who built the Saints squad up , recruiting the likes of Tommy Martyn and Chris Joynt , and was bumped aside for McRae - who got all the credit . Great squads will do well under any coach - remember Leeds winning 2 GFs with Bluey McLennan who (with all due respect) isn't seen as a 'supercoach' . And since McDermott won 4 GFs for Leeds might that suggest that British are better than Aussies ?
  13. Also ,why do you refer to us as ,I believe to be the case, 'Prisoners Of His majesty' ? We haven't been transported
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