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  1. I think the new 'climbing feature' in the Puig-Albert stand might be bringing them in !
  2. In Kasiano's defence , I'd have to point out that when he off-loaded earlier in the season he had someone backing up to take the pass . Now its just one-up drives with no support players . Gigot has just nose-dived in form and is sulking from Samkins' replacing him as marquee player . While they have been dire for the last 2 months its been in part to injuries/suspensions which have prevented them playing the same 17 for more than 2 games in a row . Its like they're playing the first game of the season every week . The big problem is that MacNamara has earned himself job security by winning the CC last year and the Camp Nou game this year .
  3. Some might suggest that its down to the RFL's Operation "Fill Old Trafford" - suspend Samkins and Micky Mac to disrupt the side that thumped Wire 30-10 so they won't get in the top 5 . But they were poor before that .
  4. If I was him I wouldn't . With his mastery of the Rubik's Cube he's clearly the brightest man in Australia . He'll probably be Prime Minister this time next year !
  5. Micky Mac is back and Gigot's in the shop window for a new club . Cats by several
  6. I'd go for Jon Wells and Eorl Crabtree . Wells knows the game well and Eorl is Big Daddy's nephew , and a good pundit .
  7. Has the Lui-Lolohea swap made such a big improvement in Salford's game ?
  8. Hopefully this means the Saturday game is safe , but I wouldn't put it past Sky to bin if it saves a few quid .
  9. If a team reaches the GF and wins it they are the champions . That's what everyone agreed at the start of the season .That makes them the best team of 2019 . The team that fails to win its play-off games clearly isn't the best team - since the best team would not be defeated . Do you see ?
  10. Saints bottled it last year , losing in the semi-final of the CC and in the semis of the GF . This year they bottled it in the CC Final . Pray , why does the 'best team' in the Super league fail to win anything of value , if they are the best team ???
  11. Warrington and whomever wins the Grand Final . Now come back with another question irrelevant to my original post , since you can't win this argument .
  12. Well we've determined the Super League champions with a play-off system for the last 21 years , so your history books must be pretty out of date .
  13. So why didn't they win on Saturday ? The original point made in this point was that Saints AREN'T the best team in Super league despite their league position , and this is backed-up by their failing to win the last 2 Challenge Cups or the last (and next ) Grand Final .
  14. So you admit that Saints aren't as good as their league placing suggests , now we're getting somewhere .
  15. Nice attempt to steer the argument in your favour . This post isn't about which team has been the best so far this season - its about Saints failing to perform at the level their league position suggests they are at . And to answer your last question its Ilikehavingthelastwordbecauseivelosttheargument united . hth
  16. Not on this post they don't . In fact you're the only one who's defended Saint's impotence .
  17. Try reading the top bit again . It suggests that Saints were never as good as their league position suggests - which is why they've failed to win a major prize in the last 2 years . hth .
  18. Where did I say its terrible ? Try reading the text instead of projecting your own ideas. The LLS is decided on early form - are Wigan going to win it this year after their poor start to the season ? No And if they are in "smoking form" why did St Helens get beaten on Saturday ?
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