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  1. I disagree even back when London where hugely successful they were still getting small crowds
  2. That's big talk by Perez considering the whole of Ontario has only 2 clubs.
  3. SL is far from the biggest sporting event in Britain.
  4. Nope in 10 years time they'll be in the same spot. because grassroots is being ignored. RL don't have 16-19 year old Canadians coming though systems.
  5. Why launch in Liverpool? This franchise is already giving off bad signs.
  6. That's fair enough but we need to actually see progress at grassroots level for RL in Canada we haven't seen it. And with the apathy towards the grassroots game I can’t see it improving anytime soon . If things continue this way in 3 generations they'll still be no Canadian talent coming through.
  7. They need juniors first before that happens
  8. From what I was told was that Perez's biggest criticism of the wolfpack was them not being based in Canada but lets just see how this pans out.
  9. Actually being based in Manchester is an advantage as they can pull from the league clubs in England like they've done with Rochdale. Ottawa being based in Canada will make it harder for them to attract players. Being based in Canada they can't start an academy because it's too expensive and league barely even exists in Ontario with only two league clubs. Where will the players come from without juniors coming through? Which is why I stress they develop the game at a junior level but there definitely apathy they would rather sponsor yawnion events, disappointing.
  10. I like how the launch is actually being done in Canada
  11. If this is a success then hopefully this investor can take on NA rlwc in 2025
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