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  1. I've also been monitoring the Sale Sharks attendances they are better than Salfords but the real question is why? On the field Salford are clearly delivering the superior product.
  2. I'll continue to monitor the as the season goes on. Some good positives there though.
  3. Is it stadium location? Is it lack of game day experience? Is it unfriendly kick off times for family’s? Or is RL just a minority sport in the greater Manchester area?
  4. Let’s just use st Helen’s jersey design then change the logo simple
  5. Its a huge factor a lot of t2 nations move their seasons just to not clash with RU
  6. I'm not the one who made to claim that SBW will get more kids in Toronto playing RL.
  7. Increase the cap to compete with the nrl
  8. How many more kids are playing rugby league now in Toronto because of SBW?
  9. That’s another thing I don’t understand They spent so much on SBW imagine if they spent that on junior development and growing the game.
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