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  1. https://www.schoolsrugby.com.au/2019/news/eddie-jones-aussie-pe-teacher-to-english-world-beater/?fbclid=IwAR3FqMVXHmVCN7VMYvy-Ao9WfV5D_gbYv5VqdMf_dzeS21aXgPyq6SkKe-Y
  2. Not attractive enough? Regan Grace said it was his dream to play for wales.
  3. Great Britain is a waste of time. We have a world cup here and we are playing playing as England it's time to bury GB once and for all and focus on building the England brand. This trip has been a disaster on and off the field.
  4. No I'm just saying that we don't have the resources that other sports do
  5. I think it's clear besides Australia there a huge gap in financial resources between rugby union and rugby league. This tour highlights that.
  6. The fact that this question is being asked shows that people know that GB is basically England
  7. Union is seen as a pathetic game in Australia so I think they'd much prefer watching a league game. But you right the game should've been marketed better
  8. Organizers will now think twice next time about hosting a GB tour during union world cup finals. If the UWC semi out rates the GB test (IN AUSTRALIA the home of RL) then you know it was a bad idea https://www.mediaweek.com.au/television-ratings-saturday-october-26-2019/ . Also heard the England vs New Zealand got over 10 million views in the uk now that's a good rating. Can only imagine what we rated in the uk.
  9. No there is no damned if you do damned if you don't just play as England and everything would've been ok
  10. France don't have enough pro players the game is basically amateur in France that's what this result truly highlights. Even with the 12 players missing I would still pick a junior Kangaroos win. No wonder the Aussies dont take internationals seriously.
  11. They need to stop losing good forwards to other countries. The Tongan euphoria has come at a cost it's weakened New Zealand. RL can not afford a mediocre New Zealand.
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