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  1. I heard California RL say that they must play the RL at the same time as the RU. I said the same thing but I was told that the game would have to start from scratch by the Chicago stockyards account on this forum. I like California RL they are a real breath fresh air. They know our game can take union head on. I think in 10 years time they'll outgrow the USARL also having womens and youth.
  2. No NRL side is paying a winger 1 million pounds a year.
  3. Aren’t they the strongest league club in the USA? Never cancel matches, have good players, attract sponsors etc...
  4. Interesting it's received good press here in England and SBW has engaged the media quiet well here. Hope he does the same in Canada.
  5. I wonder what the actual press is in Canada if there was any about this signing.
  6. If you look at the alumni of EJ old school you would think it was a league school my mistake
  7. https://www.schoolsrugby.com.au/2019/news/eddie-jones-aussie-pe-teacher-to-english-world-beater/?fbclid=IwAR3FqMVXHmVCN7VMYvy-Ao9WfV5D_gbYv5VqdMf_dzeS21aXgPyq6SkKe-Y
  8. Not attractive enough? Regan Grace said it was his dream to play for wales.
  9. Great Britain is a waste of time. We have a world cup here and we are playing playing as England it's time to bury GB once and for all and focus on building the England brand. This trip has been a disaster on and off the field.
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