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  1. Who said the club would die if it remained as swinton?
  2. Agreed once the name is changed the clubs identity will be destroyed
  3. California RL is posting player profiles on their Facebook page all of them are RU players the RU clubs will simply try to ban their players from RL and ready RL in California will take a hug hit.
  4. When there's more RL clubs in BC than in GTA surely we gotta question if the TWP have done enough to assist the ORL,
  5. France isn't ready for it. They can't even fund their womens team to go to the WRLWC
  6. Yeah they should take some games to PNG but I say they can definitely be the main hosts
  7. So rugby union essentially contracted most of the top rugby league players now there's no domestic comp left. I'm assuming this is a 15s professional comp so which means it eats at our depth because of the requirement for more players and since the player numbers of both codes isn't high in Russia this new professional league must have made a massive dent in the player pool. I hope they are Canadians reading this. Union must be put to the sword in order for our code to truly flourish like Australia did, they are not our friends. Don't fall asleep like Russia remember RL was easily the dominant code in the country for a long time. Now look union is killing us we have no government support the RLIF need to send someone down there to help out.
  8. Swinton Lions is a brand. Just like Manchester United and St Helens. You can't just simply change the name without completely altering it's identity.
  9. Moving back to winter would do serious damage to the game outside it's heartlands.
  10. Don't say you gonna change the name of a proud club without consulting the fans
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