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  1. I understand that both sports are popular among polynesians and there’s still competition. But it seems union in nz has a strangle hold on white nzers
  2. This why he should’ve never left Sydney. They warriors will never be a top flight RL team. Johnson also jumped shipped.
  3. Truth I think he’s done with level rugby league
  4. The player pool in england is bigger and stronger. If there's any foreign players you want you go straight to australia. Thats why im saying only the dragons can empower their local players to become professionals unless there's a golden generation of french players there's no reasons for an english club to go france for talent.
  5. Another concerning part is the young french players a lot aren't making it to super league level. The talent gets lost.
  6. Sad I probably won't see a competitive french rugby league side in my lifetime. Lets hop toulouse don't forget to empower french players. Already bad signs with how they brag about the quality foreigning players they plan on signing.
  7. We are going to surpass australia in tournament fan support.
  8. We need a league star. Like football has with Marcus Rashford. I think the star players enhances the brand of super league.
  9. Both union and league are played in the small towns around perpignan at an amatuer level for example RC LIMOUX RAZES XV and Limoux grizzlies xiii, pia xiii and us pia xv and Rugby Club Lezignan XV and FC Lézignan XIII.And union has more players than league. Also if you looked at Limoux's google search trends(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=FR-K&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F06f3l) it was searching rugby union content 80% to leagues 20% that's actually pretty good for league in many other cities the numbers are smaller for league in comparison to union and most of th
  10. If you look at google search trends in that region union is dominating(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=FR-K&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F06f3l) compare that to NSW in australia(https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?geo=AU-NSW&q=%2Fm%2F06br8,%2Fm%2F01lwy5) . In Languedoc-Roussillon union dominates league and in NSW league dominates union. These trends show interest in the sports by the people who live there. You left out Beziers which is union. Also compare USC Carcassonne crowds to AS Carcassonne crowds its Union> league in Carcassonne. Also I don't know why you saying
  11. French clubs offer more diversity to NH rugby league. Due to our failure to expand the sport in the uk. French clubs add value to our game.
  12. Thats not true at all Union is bigger than league in that region of France. In the north west of England league is the dominant code.
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