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  1. Their page has been up for a while hope they can get of the ground. I never knew USARL was going pro
  2. So they are the Russian version of Club Athlétique Brive Corrèze Limousin and Racing Club de Narbonne Méditerannée. Sad to see like vichy all over again
  3. I don’t think any union fan or league fan confuse the two ever.
  4. how has the Ottawa rugby(union) community reacted to the aces so far?
  5. Rugby League fans in Australasia call RU rugby due to culture. RL fans in Australasia don't have an attachment to the world rugby. I'm seeing more and more of them call their sport football or "footy" for short. Is it an indication of how weak soccer is in that region maybe? But it seems they just don't have any attachment to the word rugby.
  6. I'm mainly talking about the RL heartland areas but you're right my idea is pretty crazy but i feel if the Australian lead we'll eventually follow
  7. We have a better chance at taking the word football from football in England than taking the word rugby from union. At least we will have the same terminology as the Australians.
  8. Yes if they want to get funding and the sport into schools it is
  9. Even in the heartlands the union and league season is separate
  10. Any roof top down works? League still isn't a recognised sport in Canada.
  11. Do you have the sport participation figures by a chance?
  12. It sucks that Russian RL clubs decided to make union as their main football code.
  13. Maybe we should call it footy like the Australians do and call rugby union rugby like the Australians do.
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