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  1. That's because the arrows dont have a tv deal with CBC.If they did then CBC would post about them. I don't think there's place for both codes due to there being dozens off sports trying to crack the North American market. Now is the time to put union to the sword. Lets not waste time.
  2. Merci! Good to get some french impute. So what's the solution to fix the decline in crowds? How has the dragoons affected the prestige of the competition?
  3. Well said it's the same in Canada. If you look at countries like Jamaica and Serbia their growth is great due to the fact they have full independence and don't need union.
  4. If great Britain were to be gone tomorrow and we played as England. There will be zero complaints from the welsh and Scottish. Can GB just die already.
  5. RL is superior. Our game is faster,easier to understand. Everything that's good about rugby union rugby league does it better.
  6. See but that's precisely why we need to create a divide between the rugby league and rugby union communities in both the usa and Canada like we have here in England and Australia. So only rugby league can benefit at the moment the rugby league community is kind of apart of the rugby union community. In Canada for example I've heard numerous occasions of wolfpack parents putting their kids into union clubs due to there being no organised youth rugby league. Who does that benefit rugby league or rugby union? The wolfpack do a great job at promoting rugby league but we can't fully capitalize on their good work due to the "we support both" agenda. Union should not be benefiting at all from our expansion efforts. Don't you see how bowing down to rugby union hurts rugby league?
  7. Toronto have been there for two years yet the number of clubs declined in Toronto they didn't stay the same or increase. And league has been played long before the Wolfpack came as well. And it's all because the Canadians want to suck up to union and promote the codes as the same thing .And now we being punished for it. Are unionists ever going to put league first? Never. You didn't answer my question how did union grow without an elite club? Why can't rugby league do the same? Why are there more people playing Australian Rules football than rugby league in the United States? It's simple Australian Rules football and rugby union don't over rely on another sport to keep it afloat. Which is what rugby league in North America is doing and our game is trapped in a vicious cycle. League has been played in the USA for years it's gone backward since the split and clearly never recovered from it. Melbourne rugby league clubs don't rely on union to keep it a float. And league is the dominant code in Australia so to compare North american expansion to Melbourne storm expansion is a bit of a stretch.
  8. So how did union grow in the USA since they only got their "elite" competition a year ago? Dude there are people playing Australian football in North america than rugby league. Its absolute depressing. I'm starting to question if the right side won in that USA rugby league split. Again so what happens after the world cup happen? Are new fans just going to find their nearest "rugby" club. Then they'll simply be lost to union. In Toronto rugby league didn't grow it lost two teams. Now this brings me to the point I want to make . Don't promote rugby league as just rugby(union) or else we will end up with ceiling over our heads. I've seen worldwide that piggybacking off of union long term is unsustainable. I'm tired of our game being treated as unions little brother.
  9. I think GB Lions is a pivotal part of our history but too me that's all it is and in my opinion all it should be, history.
  10. I love the RL GB lions debate. It's very emotive hence why the constant going in circles but I'm going to bring up facts and what I think about the GB lions thing. The only reason why GB became a thing was because the welsh and Scottish players felt they needed a more inclusive name because the name use to be just England. Then they changed the name and for a while it was just gb. Due to the fact there are no longer any suitable Scottish and welsh players and the RL player pull is drawn mainly from english talent. I think it is time to kiss GB goodbye. The England brand is very strong now. As we play as England at the world cup. There are no good Scottish and welsh rl talent that contribute significantly to our talent pool. The brand no longer serves it's purpose to be inclusive to non-english players. The fact that RL fans talk about having quotas for gb says it all about how we do not need the brand. Lets go back to what the team was originally called England and lets keep it that way forever. Also scrap the every 4 year tours. Just play as England simple Many people like comparing GB Lions to the British and Irish lions but they were made for completely different reasons. Gb was made to create a more inclusive name due to non English players complaining about the team being called England. The British and Irish lions was made to flex the colonial muscle of the British isles to the other colonies on the rugby pitch. It was never made to replace England RU,wales RU , Irish RU and Scottish RU like the GB lions was made to replace England RL. There's no point comparing it to union as both those lions team served different purposes and it will only confuse us and fog the truth about how GB Lions became the GB lions. TL;DR Scrap GB go back to England permanently.
  11. And they wanted rlwc even though they don't have the infrastructure to capitalise on it. Glad it ain't happening it would've simply benefited the rival code.
  12. All those wolfpack parents put their kids in union clubs or just letting them play touch. It's depressing the Canadians don't seem to mind it too. They view union and league as almost the same sport. It's so annoying probably one of the main reasons why we haven't fully capitalized on the exposure the pack has brought. If that's the case then RL in the USA is a lot less developed than I thought. So all the usarl clubs will fold do to the fact most players would rather play union than league. Wouldn't' it be better to just target gridiron players instead of union players for growth they'll enjoy the free movement of our sport. And they'll most importantly be league players not unionists.
  13. Yet the number of clubs in Ontario declined with the pack there are 2 clubs and I guarantee you they made up of union players which is why we cannot grow more. There is union ceiling preventing it. Do you think union clubs and players will sit there and watch league grow? I don't think so. The USA does have the luxury. You need to tell your club players to choose league over union and move the season to the winter-spring to compete directly with it.
  14. Broadcasts rights there aren't worth much outside of NHL. CFL is propped up by government funding. The MLB and NBA team is piggbybacking off the US sports market( which is a very wealthy sports market). I don't see Canada bringing in money to our game due to the fact that the game there is 100% amateur. You're right that Jamaica won't bring in money to the game. But I just want to see the game grow in general to me it ain't all about the wealth of the country in my opinion just grow the game.
  15. We have no choice. It needs to happen for league to be truly free from union in NA. I'm tired of seeing league clubs suck up to union clubs by promoting their events, sponsoring union tours and events. I'm not stupid I get why you do it you have to do it because you draw players from union clubs and use union players, so marketing. The wolfpack do the same thing most people at their games are union fans so are those little kids playing touch at halftime they come from the junior union clubs. But don't you see why people in the heartlands find it odd RL in NA is so reliant on union it must actively suck up to it and keep it happy. Yet most union clubs will never do the same for league. League sooner or later needs to be able to stand on it's own two feet in NA and currently the only place in NA where it is doing that is Jamaica. A code war will finally force those involved in league to be fully committed to Independence and no longer relying on union. Just the way we want it. I'm not being anti union but league must have it's own separate community to union in north america.
  16. Yes we are not the wealthiest and most organised sports we do have our limits just like other sports. There are somethings that aren't possible for us to achieve. League being big in North America will always be a pipe dream. There are just too many sports there and the countries there are massive it will require millions to gain a foothold in United States and Canada. It will make the money that was invested in London look like peanuts. Canada has shown piggybacking off union will never work in the long run. As for Jamaica though we are growing nicely due to less competition from other sports I think that's the country where we must hit hard because what is happening there is very promising and the growth more organic.
  17. The article even said that when that new Atlanta MLR team kick off their numbers will continue to dip. And they gotta compete with sevens too unless the season moves to late summer. Iv'e been saying this for a while we need to compete directly with rugby union in new expansion areas instead of piggy backing off them it will only take you so far. Toronto is prime example of this down to two clubs previously had 4 even though they have the pack (who do a great job at providing exposure to rugby league). We need to begin the codewar in North America because lets admit it, it's been a long time coming. It will only make us stronger. USRL season must move their season at the same time as the 15 man game and have 9s at the same time as 7s. Compete directly with the private school code show them who the superior code is and that we aren't scared of them, we don't need them. Rugby league can and should stand on it's own two feet. Will we lose numbers yes but we will actually be stronger because we have true rugby league people playing and staying. Not unionists looking to keep fit. Places like New Zealand have a strong tight rugby league community even though it competes directly with union. It's the same in Australia but vice versa. Union compete directly with league but the code is still being played. I'm seeing both USA and Canada facing the same issue. The over reliability on rugby union has in fact done more damage to the game than actual benefit. We can not outgrow union if we are reliant on them. It's time we stand on our own two feet.
  18. The game has gone backwards in the united states. Jamaica are the only shining light in north america
  19. If a heartland club isn't viable fold or relocate. IT's that simple.
  20. Too many pipe dreams in this article. There will be no rivalries due to the fact that the franchises aren't commercially viable in the lower divisions it only viable in Super League and the teams will be going up and down and they'll never be able to consistently play each other to build a rivalry(another reason why Promo and reg sucks). I doubt we'll have all Canadian teams all in super league the English fans will lose their teams and the English market is what keeps super league afloat. If the plan is 4 Canadian cities (Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto) then they need a Canadian league but that won't happen because it's not viable outside of the English structure. It's a very weird time for RL I don't see a successful future for these north american sides if they over expand. They seems to be biting more than they can chew. Maybe do what France do just 2 strong franchises before expanding so much. RL is much stronger in France than it is Canada But this article doesn't talks about the lack of development of RL in Canada on grassroots level. Even with the wolfpack there the ontario RL went from 4 clubs to 2 clubs. Clearly not enough has been done to assist the lower levels of the game. Yet the wolfpack are constantly funding union events instead of helping the RL scene. Really the game has had great exposure but not enough is being done to fully capitalize on it at grassroots level. Lets hope it's different in Ottawa. No union promoting or funding like the wolfpack. All the support must go to the RL scene in Ottawa.
  21. "Unbelievable post. You tell me EXACTLY WHY RL can make no ground in London, then you casually state the sport will take off? I do believe if London had had a multi-Millionaire pumping money in annually after the successes of the late 1990's we would have got there. But the money men walked, so how can you start talking about three more clubs appearing??" We need investors that are in it for the longhaul but I will not give up on London.
  22. This tweet(https://twitter.com/surlatouche_fr/status/1145628777906618368) says that the attendance for the final of the french championship was at an all time low. Why is this?
  23. RL is still largely unknown in London. London is a massive place we need at least 4 teams in London. We need to pay celebrities like KSI to do RL videos. We need cross sport videos with big London football clubs. We need high school programs teaching kids about RL because the rugby the young ones are exposed to in London is the one that shall not be named. And most importantly we need England to win the 2021 rlwc as it will gain big attention. The market is there we just got develop it a bit more then the sport will take off. It won't be easy there's Chelsea, Crystal Palace,West Ham , Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, QPR, Brentford, Charlton Athletic, Harlequins, London Irish and Saracens. There's a lot of sports team to drag peoples attention away. London along with New York City in the United States is the most congested sports market on the planet. We got to think outside the box we also need to convert fans from other sports to grow. It won't be easy but the market is there. Will RL be bigger than soccer and the other code in London? No but we can carve out our niche and there is still room for growth. Promotion and relegation doesn't help too much lack of security.
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