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  1. Super league is not the answer for France the answer is a fully pro domestic comp. so many foreigners are in the dragons due to fear of relegation it holds back French talent. Also the article fails to mention that now rl has no media in France due to Catalan having no tv deal. Rough time’s ahead but it can be turned around. I think France should go to nsw and QLD and hunt for heritage French players recruit them whilst they are young(like 16). Mix them in with domestic players. The harsh truth is that no tier 2 team is competitive without some form of heritage influence.
  2. Love hearing the history of our sport thanks for that.
  3. Wasn't he in the rabbitohs system then got arrested or something then Melbourne picked him up. He always seemed loyal to Sydney but circumstances made him go to Melbourne
  4. Stop trying to make RL in Paris a thing whoever said Montpelier is smart very close to places where there’s league in France
  5. For now, union is on it's last leg in Australia. Tonga we have only recently taken over.
  6. Yeah this thing of Auckland being a league town doesn't seem to be true. Warriors get ok attendances but the All Black dwarf every sports team in Auckland in popularity. The fact that there's so many more union players than league and league is being actively banned in many schools in Auckland should also indicate we don't have the establishment backing as well.
  7. That's not a good thing considering that white New Zealanders make up a huge chunk of New Zealand's population. We need to try and reach out to these people our game should be for everyone.
  8. Union dominates all over France. League has like 9000 players and no clubs in the north of France also no tv deal. Dark times there at the moment.I think there’s more union in Perth well at least for now unions dying in Australia. Adelaide from a rough google search theres more union but don’t take my word for it. Tonga is now rugby league territory RIP union. Melbourne there’s more league.
  9. They’re are still at it. Union up to its dirty tricks.
  10. I said Greymouth not the west coast places like Marsden and Lower bullet lean more towards union and they are places in the west coast.
  11. The clubs are playing in the Christchurch comp now but it is a dying town no jobs. More money elsewhere.
  12. participation it outgrew rugby union two years ago. In terms spectator-ship you right the rugby codes still going strong.
  13. There’s more union players in Auckland than league players. The only city in New Zealand where league is bigger than union is Greymouth in the west coast. Due to the Blues being so ###### for so long the warriors have more fans than the blues and fans gravitate to other nz super rugby teams. Basketball has outgrown both codes in Auckland.
  14. So basically rugby league is officially invisible in the french sporting landscape they should've paid for broadcasts instead. How can you not have a tv deal in France inexcusable! It's a real shame this great sport is hidden in the shadows in France it has a great history and is a sport made for TV. Also there's too many foreigners in the dragons. As we saw when french were only missing 12 players and got smashed Australia's juniors France need more players in professional environments. Maloney is a great player but he's taking the spot of a french talent. The champions cup win is now a long forgotten memory. Dark times in French RL at the moment.
  15. I heard California RL say that they must play the RL at the same time as the RU. I said the same thing but I was told that the game would have to start from scratch by the Chicago stockyards account on this forum. I like California RL they are a real breath fresh air. They know our game can take union head on. I think in 10 years time they'll outgrow the USARL also having womens and youth.
  16. Aren’t they the strongest league club in the USA? Never cancel matches, have good players, attract sponsors etc...
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