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  1. Since gaining promotion to the championship, I think the team needs to rebuild with better players. Anyone agree?
  2. Thanks for your memories of the joys of your away games. I wish I could have been over there through the sadness of the Watersheddings sell out. It had a lot of memories for me. Being 12,000 miles away I find it hard getting to support the team, only through looking at the RL websites do I get any pleasure in following Oldham. I heard the weekend match is on the RL televised channel, hopefully I can stay awake to watch it through my steaming service.
  3. Sitting on a sun drenched beach in my senior years, dozing off, my mind casts back to the 60's and 70's. Standing on the wintry wind swept terraces at Watersheddings, cheering on the Rougheyheads, traveling to away matches sitting on Barlows coaches. Sometimes arriving only to find 'Match Postponed' due to weather. I suppose now those days have gone and all the games are played mainly in the summertime. If anyone reads this especially a couple of names I can recall (Susan Y from Chadderton and Vincent C from Sharples Hall st). Please reply via the forum I shall be
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