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  1. It's a no from me....the whole bears thing just doesn't mean anything
  2. Ridy will do a great job for us, wouldn't surprise me if he ends up captain, great signing
  3. Fair play to you coming on the forum and engaging with fans to gauge opinions and feelings. I'm sure you won't be surprised with the results. Nonetheless, wishing you all the best to you with your new role with the club.
  4. Great lad Stu and very happy he's our new coach
  5. That's more or less a full clearout! It's a living nightmare watching our club constantly deteriorate
  6. Agreed, the principle is great for both parties.... until another bridge gets burnt down
  7. Exactly....plenty of work can be done re sounding out sponsors, ground, players etc, basically building a contingency for whatever is announced....maybe even preparing to hand the reigns over
  8. How many bridges has this fella burnt??? and people believe he hasn't destroyed this club....back to Spotland? or has he burnt that one as well?
  9. thecrab


    MR....kept it going ??? more like destroyed it
  10. thecrab


    Well the season is done and dusted now....no ground, no clubhouse, a chairman not willing to listen to help, massive debt, it's all but over folks
  11. We'll be in championship next season,no relegation this season all round, toulouse n fev go up, only couple of SL clubs against it, jobs a good un
  12. Big surprise that....more news at the end of the week?? Greg Inglis?
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