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  1. Feeling very positive about the signings so far....
  2. Dave that Trello is fabulous....anything in red is good for championship 2020 then
  3. The boys were outstanding today and I think the scoreline flattered them a little, well done lads, now let's finish the job off
  4. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/rugbyunion/article-7470773/MARTIN-SAMUEL-Scandal-153-years-counts-Swinton.html?ito=facebook_share_article-facebook_preferred-related
  5. And they survived for those 25 years!! How do you know they're never going to get back close to Swinton? The board of directors have been there 2 years that's all and all of a sudden the club cant continue unless it changes its name. If a manchester club is going to be a success then go start one up, crack on and fingers crossed it will work. But dont try use fear tactics to shortcut a manchester team in to the league at the expense of an original RL member. How dare this 2 year old board even suggest it. Some of those Swinton fans have followed the club through good and bad thick and thin longer than some of them board members have lived.
  6. Why will they have no club? Why can they not survive? Was you actually in agreement that they should change to Manchester lions? I can't believe any RL fan respecting the history of the clubs in our game would support that
  7. Heartbreakin, there needs to be a break away to stop this
  8. Who knows with the RFL and the current management, Roary may end up part of the Manc pack
  9. It's so sad. The name change all to make the club more marketable, gain more sponsors etc....money money money! Over 150 years of history tossed away and will no doubt line the pockets of some. Swinton condemned to the RL graveyard
  10. Ironic that after one of their brightest seasons in years were gonna lose the club. Andy Mazey said we see our history and heritage and non negotiable. ######. As soon as the Swinton name goes, the logo will follow and the old Swinton club is dead. RIP. Who's next?
  11. thecrab


    Ridiculous idea....next topic please
  12. Did we actually complete a set?
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