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  1. I was there for both Central Park semis, think the Lord try hurt the most because we were pressing, wire were on the ropes and I felt the game was ours. That kick to Lordys corner had worked all season and when put the ball down I thought we'd done it...ah well fine margins ??
  2. What a depressing thread this is ???
  3. No room for any of the 84 touring lads? Goodway must get the nod
  4. Rebuild? We're 9th and just won a massive away game against our rivals. Give the lads a chance, another win this weekend and we're rolling
  5. Superb win, discipline poor but abram pen try and great kicking won it in the end, well done lads
  6. Now that was a game! Completely written off but we were absolutely fantastic
  7. This is fabulous. We are all very fortunate to have passionate people with the desire and know-how to make all this history of our club available at our fingertips. A big thank you to all concerned.
  8. How long did Hewitt play with them stats ??
  9. I wouldn't hold your breath
  10. Lazy teachers?? I think you'll find their roles have changed massively since the 80s when you were in school, sadly dogged down by paperwork and red tape nowadays. I'm 50 and remember a good few secondary schools running RL teams at different age groups
  11. Seriously who is going to buy one of those?? Conquered?? Very poor idea
  12. thecrab


    Was up for this trip before I found out it was early February, what a disappointment! Cant say a few hundred quid for a freezin weekend with little chance of a win is appealing
  13. Feeling very positive about the signings so far....??
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