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  1. Statement regarding Wolfpack players with Virus symptoms
  2. After going to the Game at Salford this afternoon or Morning in I came to Conclusion that Sonny Bill Williams only earnt his $s & £s for the combined time of 12 minutes , This is from the 35-40 minutes he was on the pitch-field.
  3. With Regard to the RU English Premiership Cup, If you are planning to attend the game on Saturday at 2pm against Us (Salford red devils) at the AJ Bell stadium and wonder why the Pitch looks a Bit Cut up It'll be due to the Lodgers AKA. Sale Sharks playing on Friday evening against Saracens (The Salary cap Dodgers Who have been relegated for there dishonest financial affairs by the Inbred Right-wing morons at Twickenham. SEE YA ALL SATURDAY. As you may or might not say in Canucky land.
  4. Frankie Z


    A Ceiling in France Sacre Bloody Bleu !! The'll be using Mouthwash next. Odd that the Liberian flag is nailed to the Ceiling as well !!
  5. Hopefully it'll be Wakefield Trinity Relegated so no supporters Of any Team will have to be subjected to the Complete Craphole- tip of a Stadium. If you've never seen photos or video of It Search online, Absolutely disgraceful that's it still allowed to be used, After 5 SL Teams had to build new stadiums or in the Case of Widnes Completely rebuild there's.
  6. It's definitely near the start of the Season when Gary VERBAL DIARRHOEA Schofield brings out his predictions.
  7. Salford forum , is on Tapatalk It's called Devils talk. The RL Fans forum was the main one until 3-4 years ago Until it was hijacked by Flat earth loonies and and a Former Manchester Evening news RL Reporter Neil Barker who believed he was Mario the Plumber from The video game
  8. I'm assuming this a attempt at Sarcasm? If so not a very good one, Canada actually has problems attracting Immigrants , Also Corn Syrup is banned in the UK ,The only products that are allowed to be sold is in Imported Canned soft drinks From the US, For some unknown reason people buy Pepsi Root beer ETC at double the price of a locally made stuff. The worst offenders are the USAF Personnel and there family's stationed at RAF Lakenheath & Mildenhall in Suffolk . I couldn't live in a country that Brews Labatts and Molson. I live in Germany Here they'd wash there feet with Labatt Blue.
  9. Hi there Canucks So it's been mentioned in the Media in the UK, Yes It's possible to read a Story on the BBC That Doesn't mention Bloody Brexit (Moving on Swiftly) That My team Salford Red Devils may play You Toronto Wolfpack in the Netherlands in Either Amsterdam or Rotterdam in the opening Rounds of the SuperLeague I do hope it does happen , It seems that RL Games in Mainland Europe seem to be in fashion as The Red Devils are supposedly going to be playing St Helens in Valencia, In January alongside Featherstone Rovers v Spanish team (Not at the same time on the same field Due to health and safety issues. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/50180405
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