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  1. I've seen less severe head-on impacts result in permanent paralysis in a rugby pitch. He's very lucky.
  2. Tangentially, this reminds me of when I go abroad and, trying to be polite, I'll learn a few basic questions in the local language but then look at them in confused horror as they reply in the same language which of course I don't understand.
  3. This all came from a comment about trying to view things through a RU prism to try to better understand why a RU fan didn't like RL because he said it appeared so "stop-start". The reference to the prism bit is more important here than a reference to what somebody said in 1895.
  4. A design like this either red over white or white over red looks good to me. This collar looks naff but a collar in the same upper colour would also look good.
  5. The RU ruck is more unlike a RL PTB than a RU scrum is unlike a RL one. There's no comparison whatsoever.
  6. The PTB is a restart so it's not an unreasonable conclusion provided you really are prepared to look through that RU prism objectively.
  7. Market research is massively overrated and often useless. The biggest problem is the word 'research'. Everybody treats it at if it's science. It implies men in white coats producing scientific data that is infallible.
  8. You can't discriminate against a persons religious beliefs if you don't employ them in the first place.
  9. If it's a sin to be unremittingly stupid then Virgil will show the way.
  10. Why do you get a kick out of finding bigotry funny?
  11. Meninga is the best RL player I've seen play. Not the most skillful or the quickest but he had the ability to dominate a match unlike any other player. His physique was also intimidating - I am sure players were not in a rush to tackle him.
  12. I don't think he undertands much at all.
  13. I don't find it a very funny issue to be honest.
  14. This will really confuse you - it is possible to enjoy both codes of rugby and think that neither of them should employ Folau.
  15. Calling it fake moral outrage is a bit rich coming from somebody who thinks calling Folau a bigot is trolling.
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