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  1. There are clubs that make more from the pokies than from rugby.
  2. Then I assume you've heard the same Guscott commentary on the YouTube clips. There's even a hint of gushing in places.
  3. Perhaps watch the YouTube clips again. The only thing grudging is you.
  4. Agree, Guscott is actually very complimentary of Bradford and never tries to diminish their quality at all. Quite the opposite in fact. It never ceases to amaze me how some people believe a narrative then let it eat away at them. Guscott was a very good RU player. He would likely have been a very good RL player too.
  5. "So where has all the money gone? Executive salaries spiralled out of control under previous NRL chief executive Dave Smith. Shane Richardson, Suzanne Young, Lewis Pullen, Michael Brown and Sandy Olsen were hired on big money, yet made little impression during their time at Rugby League Central. Several commercial decisions also remain baffling. Like appointing Sportsbet as the NRL’s official wagering partner without going through a proper tender process. A rival operator, that never got the opportunity to pitch for the deal, claims his firm was willing to pay up to $40 million more to secure the rights. All this has come at a time when rugby league is a difficult sell to corporate Australia. The players – on an average income of more than $300,000 – dazzle with their skill on the field, yet are stereotyped for acts of stupidity off it. The NRL claimed it lost more than $10 million of sponsorship revenue due to off-field incidents during the "summer of hell" that was the 2019 pre-season. Further, NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg claimed "hundreds of millions of dollars" of broadcast revenue would be lost if not for the introduction of the no-fault stand-down rule. Some players still don't get it. The Bulldogs Port Macquarie scandal cost the club a $2 million major sponsorship deal with family restaurant chain Rashays."
  6. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/broken-and-almost-broke-how-did-it-come-to-this-for-the-nrl-20200321-p54cix.html The NRL are in big trouble. They have no contingency funds at all and, amazingly, they have zero assets. Nada. Zip. Zero.
  7. The RFU have just suspended ALL rugby union at all levels including training.
  8. This is such a needy post. Have a lie down.
  9. Not from their normal win ratio it isn't. According to those statistics, for every 10 Wakefield matches overseen by Child they'd likely lose one more of those matches than if he'd overseen none of them.
  10. Actually, to be fair, a 10% difference to the normal value is statistically significant.
  11. There's so much money in French RU is the actual answer. If you're French, big and can play rugby then there are 30+ fully professional RU clubs awash with cash that will likely spot you before RL has a chance to get involved and then even if they do develop in RL, it won't take long before a RU club with more money will take an interest.
  12. If you're as heavy-handed, trite and haughty refereeing a game as you are moderating in here then I'm moved to sympathise with the scrumhalf to be honest. Do you tell the players you hate RU and everything it stands for before you start play as well?
  13. Are RL referees treated with more or less respect than referees from other sports? Football, RU, Tennis, Cricket, Boxing?
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