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  1. What part of Wigan's team in 1996 has that got to do with anything? Are you a parody account?
  2. Don't believe everything you've been told. Being paid some boot money and being a full-time rugby player are not remotely in the same ballpark. Three of the Bath players in that Middx7s side were teachers at state schools FFS!
  3. Picking single and/or anecdotal examples to make generalised statements is annoying and not useful.
  4. You mean the full-time rugby players versus the plumbers, farmers and teachers who played rugby for Bath? And don't make your second hackneyed mistake of thinking 7s is the same as 15s. Most top 7s players operating in the world series and Olympics are superb superfit athletes with great skills - and virtually all of them failed to break into top level 15s sides.
  5. Possibly the worst idea I've ever read in here. And that's up against some stiff opposition. I'm not sure you understood what a competitive scrum does at all.
  6. In reality RL players were/are playing a completely different game. Stop making the same hackneyed mistake. ?
  7. And instead you presumably think the thing that passes for a scrum in RL is preferable?! RU has got it wrong at the moment regards the scrum, just 10 years ago they were nowhere near as long to set up. RL needs to find it's own way though, a RL scrum will always be much lighter than a RU one anyway as it's 25% smaller. Think laterally, competitive scrums don't just allow for more competition for the ball they do much much more than that. They require players to be specialists, probably to be a bit heavier too. They'll require more training time practicing scrum skills which means less tim
  8. Not sure that simile works very well. I prefer either code of rugby over football, but I get frustrated at the mindset in RL that the more that gets stripped out to speed things up, the better the game will get. RL reminds me of F1 in a way. In F1, the design of the cars is so highly governed and regulated that all the cars look pretty much exactly the same. Innovation becomes more and more difficult as more and more things get banned and more and more rules get introduced. The result isn't a better F1 race. This is anathema to what competition is all about in my humble opinion and c
  9. A lot of that is called 'motivated reasoning' or the 'soldier' mindset. A good example of this in sport is when the ref penalises your team then he's wrong, when he penalised the opposition he's made a good decision etc. A good example in here is when some people compare RL and RU stats or more bizarrely they compare what RL props do compared to what a RU prop does. It hardens bigotry and feeds the feedback loop.
  10. There's a lot of truth in this post but I suspect most won't get it or understand it. Simply put there's not enough jeopardy in RL.
  11. There's some interesting thoughts from life-long Labour voters in those life-long Labour constituencies that lost to the Tories last year. Some had been Labour since Clement Attlee was shining his horse brasses in Downing Street. The overriding theme I got from listening to those who voted Conservative for the first time in their life and indeed the lives of all their antecedents as well, was that voting Labour had achieved nothing for them. It had kept them in poverty. The epiphany came when instead of looking at the largely Tory south with a mixture of envy and disgust, they started to think
  12. Because RL doesn't like 'outsiders'. It's not inclusive at all - pretty much the total opposite. I think the inherent misery is because everyone is actually sick of the sight and sound of all the usual people/clubs but the thought of letting anyone else in makes them feel even worse. Its a kind of mass northern cognitive dissonance.
  13. I wrote this 2 pages ago... All RL in Canada can offer a promising young RU player is more risk for less reward.
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