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  1. Hornets friendly live on the Hornets Facebook Page from 3.00pm on Sunday.
  2. There is a live feed for the game on the Hornets FACEBOOK page from 3.00pm on Sunday.
  3. Rochdale Hornets Surprise package this season. Great squad but three to watch Gavin Bennion Rob Fairclough Fui Fui Moi Moi ( One Last Bash Lessssss Gooooooo )
  4. Brilliant for the Town and the Club ! Well done to all concerned !
  5. The squad had a full contact run out amongst themselves yesterday (18th) and play North Wales Crusaders next week (25th April) I think the club are trying to provide a free stream of the game. Rochdale Hornets 19h · We return to action for the first time in over a year just week today against North Wales Crusaders! There will be a FREE live stream for all fans to watch the game! It will be the first chance for fans
  6. The Championship will be a hell of a tough competition next year and The Lad makes a good point. You can put the best players in the world in a team and they may not ''Gel together''. My personal opinion is that the team will go well in whatever comp it starts in. Which ever way the bid goes it will be an exciting centenary season for the Hornets lets all get on board and enjoy the ride !
  7. 2021 Squad up to now taken from https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=2789202324688874&set=pcb.2789203981355375&__cft__[0]=AZVCIdjLjRPEQwtrIXh2kdP25wJvdwBbJtkGVS6s3BY0whp5h7lkhj4ShpucUD9ezh4vqYNd7Ga4hFmsRdQXnZxZxolbvBTFuTE1BrYqkPEle-nTtMpne7oVRmKpgGJgbTM5zmgTOYX85AKXN7A5mMv5vNR6oMK97f0vwNeGlq4Mvw&__tn__=*bH-R
  8. squad continues to develop well
  9. Had a great day at the Hornets yesterday, massive effort from the lads against a tough no nonsense Keighley outfit and in awful conditions. A little wobble just before half time . but team spirit, punishing defence and great skills on show from every player all through the match. ???
  10. Complete film on Betfred facebook page 2100 hrs tonight
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