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  1. . Jay Hitchcock got a hat trick of tries, one an unbelievably acrobatic dive into the corner Amazing try. I hope they caught it on Video.
  2. Penky's 40th birthday this weekend and given the weekend off. He was there watching.
  3. Good idea. !!!!!! Let the opposition know in advance what the line up is !
  4. From club website ;- Rochdale Hornets provides the following update to supporters. Rochdale Hornets' offices will relocate to Box 12, in the main stand, from May 23 until July 29 due to inspections and essential maintenance. The Hornets shop will also close during this period but online sales are available, via our technical partners Supro Sport. Our offices will be closed to supporters on Monday 23 May to allow the team to make the planned move, but all fans and visitors are welcome to visit by reporting to reception - before signing in at the front desk. A member of the team will then come and meet you in reception. There will be no change to matchday operation against Doncaster this coming Saturday. Ticketing operations for the London Skolars game, on July 24, may change and fans will be updated on a new sale and collection point in due course. We apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  5. Yes I think both cards were harsh particularly Ben Killan (tbh I didn't see what happened with Brearley) Still enjoyed most of the day
  6. More than a third of the season gone and third in the league. More of the same please
  7. Comment on Facebook I'm a Keighley supporter and was at the game. I thought the Hornets were a very worthy opponent. They were fast around the ruck, especially in the first half, and some of their defence was very impressive. There are many opinions about Rangi Chase but what a rugby brain he has, such a tricky player. The referee did seem to give us quite a bit but we certainly took advantage and made the most of it during the second half while the Hornets lads were in the bin. It was an enjoyable game, a credit to League One. Good crowd too, boosted by a good following from Rochdale.
  8. They didn't have two extra players. We had two less than we should have
  9. Ref was not good but credit to Keighley, when the ref (&Hornets) handed them the advantage, they dispatched us clinically. Agree Tyrer was superb. Its worrying that the team loses all shape when Penky goes off ! Loads of effort and I thought at half time that the win was on if we weathered what was sure to be a strong start by Keighley. Lots of lessons to be learned !
  10. Up, Breakfast done, and Ready for the trip to Keighley. Under no illusions, this will be a massive task for the Hornets. Keighley have class throughout the ranks. A win would be amazing. come you Nets
  11. Joe 90

    new director

    Mr Roddy is ex Police so there may be a connection ?
  12. Crucially it looks like Matt Calland is driving the signings and the board are delivering. Lets hope that this approach helps to integrate the new guys. I agree that the club seems focused on the next few tough weeks. I don't think the Hornets will '' Leave anything in the locker room'' over the next few weeks. As Glemlin says '' Lets hope that the new faces attract additional fans''
  13. Interesting one the two week loan. But possibly lets the player look at the culture of the club and the club look at the player within the Hornets environment before committing to a longer deal if promotion is achieved and possible Championship signing next year, when the clubs finances should be improved ? Certainly good times to be watching the Hornets. It will be a massive task at Keighley no matter which squad is picked.
  14. Keighley Cougars May 10 at 3:00 PM · We see you've sent the spies in early Rochdale Hornets. Advanced tickets are on sale NOW, we do advise buying early as a big crowd is expected this Sunday at Cougar Park! Buy https://tickets.keighleycougars.uk/.../keighley-cougars...…
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