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  1. Me too. I would have thought that they would have taken every opportunity to generate some income.
  2. Its a good job fans don't get affected like that, or else everyone would be switching off to watch a documentary after half an hour.
  3. Sky had the rights to broadcast all the games in July, then three games per round plus Origin and play offs for the rest of the season.
  4. Sam and Ella - in charge of the catering.
  5. I would be happy to buy one. If its not too expensive I would even subscribe to games not involving my own team. So far during this lockdown I have saved at least £50 by not having to fill my car with diesel. I would be more than happy to spend that money on the sport that has been such a large part of my life for the last 70 years.
  6. Could be some confusion when opposing fans are calling for them to stick it up their aces.
  7. I believe he can play for one month or four games on trial. After that he would count on the cap. I am no expert so I am only repeating what I have been told.
  8. Based purely on last weeks results and the fact that I am a Leeds supporter. I will say Leeds by 10. It will take another few good wins before I dare to hope that we have turned a corner.
  9. My original comment was a flippant attempt at humour, but I agree with you. Well done to any fans who travelled in this weather.
  10. I feel for all the fans from the other side of the country. They will have already started their journeys.
  11. Just because I am a Leeds supporter I will say Leeds by 2. In reality I have no idea what to expect, we could get a complete Tonkin or even scrape a win. Either way its going to be another long season for us.
  12. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported this news with a headline that just said, "Local man drowns at sea".
  13. Toronto by 4. Both teams lost last week but I think Toronto have more of an improvement in them than Salford.
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