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  1. can i just point out that you do not need to back to 1898 for a worse start to the season for leeds. in 1945-46 season they lost there first seven games indeed they won there first league game playing York in there 8th league start
  2. because they wont get relegated and they have very little chance of a grand final
  3. While there in the mood they should aim up at them all . you never know when your next win is coming or your next loss so just run the crest of the wave
  4. 2 train stations both still capable of been used for 1940s black and white films
  5. yes it would in fact just a few hundred bulldozer's to flatten it would be a big improvement they could then move to Selby which at times has been called a natural area for cas support
  6. all in favour of it but couple of questions 1 does this means the pot will be shared out by 14 teams instead of 12 with all clubs getting much less than expected. 2 does this mean all 14 clubs will get the same as 12 clubs would have done and the championship and league one clubs will get nothing. its one or the other I recon and could be the way to thin out the number of clubs . as always its all about the money
  7. don't forget that Leeds even when it looked hopeless found a way to get back with desperate defence rather than hands on hips when the balls gone past them
  8. expansion costs money if its to be successful . just look at those new clubs in league one all very worthy and a credit to the game but not one with even the money to get out of league one. so many chances have fallen by the wayside because the funding was not there just well meaning people with a very small amount of money. it needs millions each year for a new club to succeed not the odd 50grand scraped together to get through another losing season.
  9. one for Leeds to have a go at. if you can rattle the Catalan players they give away enough penalties and restarts to make a win possible. lets face it Catalan have to lose a game at some point so why not this one
  10. because its what is happening if a team claims to be short on players they can just cancel and accept a 24-0 loss safe in the knowledge that it wont alter there seasons end . lets face it cas claimed to have a scratch team the game before the semi final yet were close on full strength when they played in the semi the week after. so now what's to stop them just making the claim they do not have players whenever they want to although of course no doubt they will be fit for Wembley. lets face it even leigh fans know there going down so no other club need worry about relegation .
  11. was it not The Martians have landed in Wiggin
  12. don't think hunslet fans will be pleased with your interpretation of there song. personally I think it more appropriate. Well done do the Bradford bulls still come out to . brother can you spare a dime LEEDS used to come out to keep right on to the end of the road
  13. indeed but as clubs get an allowance for academy trained players in there salary cap i would have thought saints would have a bigger salary cap than the likes of hull kr or Salford for instance. in effect what he means is we are paying other players the money we would spend on the ones who wont sign on again and that is the clubs decision they have made even when they are allowed to spend more than some other clubs due to the academy weighting under the cap
  14. using the heel of my hand you could really sort someone out with that
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