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  1. I would not have thought many of those people bought the rugby league express every week . either way there staying as the security in the south stand actually reserves the place for them in the stand
  2. don't think we could plan an international calendar on the basis of which overseas players we may have playing in England over the next few years
  3. So many moans in the RL express about the boys in the band at Leeds mostly from people who just watch the game on sky by the looks of it. As a Southstander for close on 60 years can I say it does not bother me despite been only about 30 feet away from them and having good hearing . Mind you actually been at the ground I don't need to listen to a commentary team to tell me what's happening as I can see it for myself which it appears people watching on sky for some reason are unable to do . its really rather strange people cant actually follow the game on TV without the sound been full on as I don't seem to have a problem well other than far to many replays to try and find faults to moan about which means missing some of the action .
  4. nothing against a band before the game and at half time . it worked well with the guards bands for many years and at least they could keep time if only with the marching
  5. in a shared ground normally its only the team that's actually playing who's fans turn up so not really a problem is it. I'm not going to comment on my experiences at Wheldon road other than to say I have found post office road more pleasant .
  6. you must have missed the meeting between Rimmer and Ecclestone last month when it was decided that Leeds would not be allowed to be relegated because super league would go bust without them and that Toronto would be promoted because the championship clubs would go bust if they had to have Toronto in it again next year . honest I read about it in the Bradford telegraph & Argus in the weekly lets make it up comment section
  7. well if you had it but don't have it now then surely you are now a haven't
  8. a win next week at Leeds could get Salford into 2nd place
  9. yes but were does that leave next seasons championship games with sky . will it just be the summer bash and possibly the players in 2020
  10. showing the game on different channels depends on those channels wanting to show the games and of course on what terms . we could end up with having to pay all the production costs and letting the channel show it for free and would that be a good deal?. fine if we get a deal were the broadcaster pays the production costs at least and with luck also a fee to show the game
  11. with Featherstone in fact fev would be the best choice
  12. maybe not the speed but as a physical game I would venture that 30 years ago it was more physical in some ways especially the scrums
  13. it leaves Wheldon road and belle vue with rugby league clubs playing in them
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