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  1. would Bradford really qualify as even they don't know were they will be playing next season and i while enjoying going to Dewsbury to see games don't think its up to super league standards mind you there are clubs already in super league with worse grounds
  2. in Gary we trust . as for London they had a lot more time to prepare and a bit more money I would guess unless Toulouse get the nod in which case they local politicians could well help with funds been made available
  3. i actually think in wales its been done very well despite a lack of money with the west wales club expanding the junior game down there. I certainly would not be surprised if they ended up big improvers over the next 3 or 4 years a little how Gateshead changed from a basket case to been big improvers although of course west wales don't at present have the same financial backing but unlike a lot of clubs they dont have any debt
  4. its not a matter of Chinese fans its about getting media coverage the old eyes on the screen which encourages a growth in the global sports market instead of staying in the same shrinking markets in Britain and not much real growth in Australia . now that north America has been ditched were will growth of finance come from because sure as hell it wont be from England were investment has never happened apart from the sky deal that lets face it was about eyes on the screen and not about growth of clubs .
  5. agreed oxford . with of course the reminder that expansion to London and Newcastle has brought a grassroots growth that some heartlands areas can only dream about . the more surprising one I would mention is south wales which has growth despite any real investment in recent times other than from west wales .with no support to mention from higher up
  6. Gateshead thunder and Celtic crusaders are two that spring to mind . oh and Paris of course
  7. yep anything else will be a clear case of both bias and fraud . grand final hull v Leeds and of course with Leeds finishing 5th there bound to win in a fair match .
  8. just watching CNN and slightly amazed that in there . what a shot feature of sports photos there's one of the recent Wakefield v hull game with ben jones bishop in full flight captioned rugby league is up and running .. seems that someone over there has heard of our great game despite the best efforts of Mr elstone and his mates
  9. just get Elstone and a couple of his mates to do a report and fill it with any rubbish they want to get his favoured team brought in . by far the easiest and quick way to do it. im sure he could find at least 7 clubs to do as they were told
  10. as long as those two hold there nerve then there will be no PE agreement as it has to be unanimous between the clubs . it could of course be quite interesting to see which owners would bail out of the agreement is not passed . i suspect there could be a couple of them bailing out
  11. interesting but it would of course mean the funding for clubs would be at a lower rate than at present and the thought of most if not all super league clubs voting for that is hard to imagine .
  12. they don't meet the requirement that's been announced of finishing in the top 6 of the championship in either 2019 or 2018
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