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  1. Yep, just think what could have happened if they had bothered to pay their players.
  2. Salford have recently forged a relationship with Welsh Rugby League and has a formal affiliation with some colleges who specialise in sport in wales. This was all over the press in the last week or so. Gareth Kear (Elliots Dad) is heavily involved with the link up.
  3. Why would Robert Elstone and SLE be bothered about Wembley? the Challenge Cup is a competition that is run by the RFL who love TWP. The Challenge Cup Bond was again requested by the RFL, the bond that the SL are asking for is to prevent another scenario whereby players were struggling to feed families due to not being paid.
  4. pretty sure the (E) in SLE is in reference to Europe, and I do believe there is a country which sits outside of the heartlands and within Europe by way of Les Catalans Dragons. as long as my geography is up to scratch which on this occasion I believe it is then Canada does not sit inside Europe unless you can enlighten me further. id also suggest that if Toulouse gain promotion then I'm sure they would be welcomed into the league in the same way Catalans have It is not called Super League Commonwealth and therefore your reference to that bears little significance. TWP are being asked to jump through the same hoops as any new perspective owner would when taking over a new club. This will happen when KR have a perspective new owner aswell. If the Business plan was up to scratch then i doubt these conversations would be happening, its the fact that they weren't which has people even more concerned.
  5. Or Salford was the club he supported as a kid, played a big part in becoming involved in Rugby League and was a ST holder all through his childhood.
  6. There are plans to build 1600 homes on the land that once housed the golf club. Supporters Trust have buses running to and from the stadium for match days. its also a 15mon walk from the trafford centre.
  7. Sale have already put a Bid in for the stadium, however it was way below the costs involved in actually building it. given that their revised offer will also be way off that cost to build the chances of them selling is slim to none im afraid. Council will never be able to write of debts of circa 12m if the last offer is anything to go by. AJB is only worth buying if its sold with the land around it, no one in their right mind would invest that much in land during the current climate
  8. Peel Holdings Sold the Trafford Centre to Intu, as part of the deal the owner of Peel wanted Shares in Intu i believe 20%. Wont have any impact on the AJB, if anything Peel will buy back the TC for far less than it was sold. The AJB is owned by a JV consisting of 50% Peel Holdings and 50% Salford Council, Peel also own vast swathes of land either side of the full lenght of the Manchester Ship Canal inc Media City so dont think they will be in any rush to sell anything
  9. so you want to go back tot eh days of Wigan in the 80's and 90's
  10. there are probably 4/5 teams in SL that are currently not spending the full salary cap so how can you claim that its holding them back?
  11. Union players who have never played league professionally can sign for a Club with no impact on the cap for the first season and then 50% in the second season from what i recall reading followed by 100% on the cap in the third season. This was to try and allow for clubs to take a punt on a union player.
  12. they have always been averagely attended at best, even during the halcien days they weren't pulling up trees
  13. It would have been great if Koukash (or someone with money) was still there and pumping money into the right places. unfortunately he didnt want to take advice from people who had the best interests of the club at heart! IMO the first thing he did which didnt help was paying massively over the odds for players (where have we heard this before). He then single handedly wiped the Academy out and abolished it in full right before the season. pretty much shattering the dreams that all them young lads had of playing for salfords first team. As im sure anyone can appreciate if something like that happened to your family member you wouldn't be in a rush to go and watch them, loss of fans instantly. Then there was the breaching of the salary cap and the blatent way which he did that. Giving that Salford already had a small fan base you would think that the first thing you would want to do is keep them happy before then trying to attract new ones, Koukash didn't do this and was constantly on the attack against them further alienating them against the club. then there was the talk of the renaming of the club to Manchester! For all the money he invested we did absolutely nothing as a cub whilst he was there, only time we were in the press was for the wrong reasons, give me the guys who are currently running it on a shoestring any day of the week, the crowds are increasing (slowly) young lads from the area have a pathway to the first team, and there is a sense of pride in the shirt that has been instilled in the players from those in charge. A lot of credit has to go to both Ian Blease and Paul king (who actually put his own house down as collateral) for what they have done with zero budget, no backroom staff (now slowly coming into place) and a stadium where they make zero money from with the exception of match tickets.
  14. Sugar Daddy (Koukash) lost interest and left 2 seasons ago and the crowds have actually increased since he left. Salford generally spend within their means as they do not have a benefactor. you say you went to the AJB once, when was that out of interest? you say it was a pain to get to but since the new bridge has opened the access to the stadium has improved drastically. plenty of free parking only a 10/ 15 min walk away. you say you cant stand along the sidelines yet of the teams in SL there are very few where you can stand at along the sides, Sts, Hull, Hudds, Wigan, leeds pretty much all modern stadia with the exception of Warrington.
  15. SO just have a little look through the super league and have look at players who have come through the ranks at Salford. So to say they certainly don't bring through players is a little harsh. heres a very quick list: Niall Evalds, Stefan Ratchford, Jordan Turner, Mark Sneyd, Theo Fages, Josh Wood, Jake Bibby. plus many more currently plying their trade in the championship. Also lets not forget that the former owner abolished the Academy from the club when it was just starting to bear fruit, this is now coming back through the development Academy and already a portion of those players have been promoted to the reserves squad this season. Also probably created one of the biggest upsets in getting to the Grand Final last year!
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