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  1. Salford will be leasing it from the council. meaning they will be responsible for the ground etc but also allow them to benefit from the commercial streams that come with that
  2. Any move to Moor Lane would also open up much more potential commercial value to the club. They would in essence be the masters of their own destiny when it comes to F & B, Naming rights to the stands, naming rights to the stadium. potential to have a club shop on site. Any other users of the ground would in essence have to pay SRD rent. whilst from the outside looking in it may look a very bad move, however the more you look into the detail it could well prove to be a very good move for the club as a whole.
  3. Construction costs have increased yes but not massively which i why I indicated an increase of circa £10m. no where have i said it iwll have come down.
  4. Costs would be nowhere near £50m for a stadium similar to Saints. probably talking £35m at worst case
  5. Yep, in typical salford fashion the times when we have the slightest bit of success we are unable to maximise the potential due to COVID and BCD games a month into the season. TO make it worse the first time the club reached the Challenge cup final since the 68/ 69 season no fans were able to go and thus once again the club unable to maxmise this.
  6. the club have a development academy now run in conjunction with Eccles college, the club are currently looking at eventually turning this into a fully fledged CAT A Academy, we were refused 1 last time along with Leigh. we also have a womens team for net year with trials held a couple of weeks ago circa 60 people turned up for trials and the club have selected a squad from those who participated. club are also now setting up both LDRL and PDRL teams aswell as the obvious reserves. the link up we have developed with the welsh RL has already resulted in 3 lads getting into UCLAN doing degrees whilst continuing paying for the Salford reserves, again all done through the current Salford directors
  7. The club are currently looking at options around Moor Lane, they have also confirmed that Park and ride schemes would be used. Re TV cameras, cub have confirmed that a gantry would be built on top of one of the current stands, both confirmed at the fans forum.
  8. lets also not forget that the club have said that this move it it happens has to satisfy them, it may well be that the move is temporary for a couple of years to consolidate take stock and grow, the Commercial side of the club is growing massively and they are looking at growing commercial revenue 4 times what it has been for the last few years. lets wait and see what is said at the Fans Forum on the 4th before the salford bashing continues
  9. The stadium company is currently circa £30m in debt, how would an extra 200k per season for the last 10 years have prevented that level of debt? regardless how you want to wash it up any club who rents a stadium runs this risk, wealthier club comes in and instead of buying the stadium is actually purchasing the stadium company including all of its assets allowing the lease agreement to be amended to suit.
  10. Maybe so, however the club is now debt free by all intents and purposes, have a competitive squad, Rent was still an issue when Koukash was in charge and despite the millions he never paid the agreed rental figure either. He also didnt pay off the CVA whilst he was in charge. He did however sell a number of players in order to reduce the money that he had to put in, he abolished the academy because he didn't see the benefit of it. So the fact that we are in the early stages of developing an academy, we are engaging more in the community and have no large debts hanging over the clubs heads means yes they are on a much more stable trajectory, granted the move from the AJ Bell if far from ideal but the club will deal with it they will be in a position to generate much more income from Moor Lane and move forward
  11. no he is doing it to protect his club if they progress as there aspirations are to do. If they get promoted they have to move out of Moor Lane
  12. Gary Neville and Co arent capitalizing on the Rugby clubs predicament, Sale Sharks are looking at buying the stadium so they can generate much more from matchdays, Neville rightly knows that if they dont move now and buy the stadium with Sale and they get promoted they will have to move out of the city which they dont want. They have already confirmed that this move is coming to early for them but its either move now or risk moving out of the city.
  13. Koukash left at the end of 2017, the current Board of directors have since put the club on a far more stable trajectory. the signings that have been made are in most cases an improvement of those who have left. If the club do move to Moor lane then this will allow them to make the stadium work for themselves, the likes of sponsorship of the stadium will go to the club, F & B sales will go to the club, currently the only income that Salford get from match days is ticket sales. the club have come out and said that there obstacles that need to be overcome before any move takes place and the likes of parking etc are clearly some of those but none of them are insummountable.
  14. What would you propose those who run the club do given the current circumstances they find themselves embroiled in?
  15. Reason that Salford City are moving to AJ Bell is because they have aspirations to move into the Football championships, if they were to get there then Moor Lane doesnt meet the minimum requirements and as such they would have to move. the only stadium in the city that does meet these standards is the AJ Bell and if they didnt buy in with Sale they would then have to try and purchae from sale which is going to be more difficult.
  16. The Original agreement was a rental amount that was based on the club achieving 8,500 average fans, clearly salford do not and have not had this. As this wasn't achievable salford negotiated with the SMC a reduced rent that they have been paying. The CVA was debts from the John Wilkinson era, Koukash entered into eh CVA to consolidate the debts, nobody knows exactly who the debtors were or how much was due to each one. This is contrary to what many on this forum believe. Nothing was therefore not repaid when the CVA collapsed.
  17. Couldnt agree more. Salford were essentially told either you move from the willows or you are out of the league. shame salford didnt back themselves to fight that off similar to what both wakey and cas have done.
  18. The whole development model of the AJ Bell was predicated that the sale of the land around the stadium would pay for the build costs of the stadium, the failure of that sale due to various reasons has lead to the council / Peel now being left with more debt. Land around the stadum was originally only for sale with planning for retail and leisure facilities, that has now been amended to industrial and logistics in an effort to sell the development land. only 2 of the plots have ever been sold since the planning of the stadium was granted, that bein Barley Farm and Aldi. various deals have fell through including a large Ikea. Sale putting in an offer for the stadium and the Owners willingness to sell has forced their hand Gary Neville himself has stated it is a coupe of years to early for them but they have no choice now.
  19. Salford City are moving out of Moor Lane because it doesn't meet the standards required by Championship football, The owners of Salford City have aspirations to do that in the next few years and as they have said this move has come far to early from them but its forced their hand somewhat. the only ground inside the city boundaries that meets the requirements is the AJ Bell and if they dont buy in to it now when they do need to upgrade they will end up moving out of the city,.
  20. interestingly are you fully aware of all incoming players for next sason or again s this pure guess work? out of those leaving i would have probably kept 2 those being Inu (albeit getting on a bit now) and Tui signed for hudds a very long time ago. incomings that have been announced are pretty solid upto now but quite a few more being mooted although not announced, all signings are generally spread out across the off season. Ken Sio going again for 2 more seasons is a massive plus and given he likely had a number of offers he probably sees that salford isn't a bad a place to be.
  21. Yes the council are actually assisting, regular meetings are being held and the Council were present and presented a portion of the fans forum as to how they are assisting. Commercial property values have fallen heavily due tot eh pandemic and with further council cuts due to government cuts the council and peel have both seen this option as a viable one. All of the council, Sale and Salford FC are all on the same page in that none will make any formal offer for the stadium until such time as salford Red Devils have a secure future.
  22. Council and Peel have been wanting to sell the stadium for a number of months even years. If the club had alienated the council as much as claimed would the council have continued to allow reduced rents? would the council be actively assisting in securing moor lane for the club?
  23. Quite a bit of nonsense in that post to be honest. Firstly the CVA (Which was debt from a regime twice previous) has been being paid ever since the current regime took over, likely they decided to call in the CVA in a season where there was no relegation and effectively wipe off 3.5m of debt off the club and have more money to spend elsewhere. you say they have lost goodwilll with the council yet the council are well on board with the Salford club, attended the fans forum where again they reaffirmed their commitment to help the club and looking at securing Moor Lane where the club will be part owners instead of tenants. its safe to say therefore that the club hasn't alienated the council. they haven't been able to afford the rent owing to the ludicrous position that the then owners put the club in and using an average attendance of 8,500 when agreeing to rental values.... again if the club had alienated the council as much as you claim then surely the club would have been booted out of the stadium sooner. i would say that once the club move to Moor Lane they will be far better off commercially than they currently are..
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