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  1. how exactly? there are 5 players who have tested positive for COVID and the rest are isolating, if those isolating return Friday its game on. if they dont then its COVID related and its a postponement but not 24 - 0
  2. As Fitzpatrick has detailed, all clubs agreed at the start of the season to release a maximum of 6 players for the international fixture. The operational rule that Leeds are now using is an old rule that has not been adjusted and was used presumably when there were a lot more international fixtures and a longer season. Leeds refused to play on the Friday as was always penciled in and decided to excersize this rule despite already agreeing to releasing the players and i think this is what has got everyone's back up so much. other clubs like Hull, Warrington and Wigan are all utilizing their academies and would much rather do this opposed to having multiple 4 day turnarounds Leeds obviously dont want to do this. Leeds cannot fulfill the fixture due to injuries and COVID.
  3. Ata is a Scrum Half whereas Tui is a Stand off, pretty sure you need both
  4. Or... the club are merely going through a bad path as many other teams do. as for players leaving im thinking you are alluding to Tui, the club opted against offering him a deal according the the press, meaning they likely have others in the pipeline
  5. the Terms of the CVA were always there to say that in the event of default a points deduction of 6 points will be taken in the season where the default happened. Given this how exactly were the RFL supportive on this matter? the RFL literally followed the terms of a legal document, nothign to do with being supportive. Salford want to remain in the city where it has been for over 100 years, the stadium that you claim is on a discounted offer is not in the city of Salford its in Bury. Whilst Koukash did rescue the club in the short term he also put them back multiple years due to his management and input he received which was less that ideal, eg disbanding the Academy
  6. but considering we constantly go back to Sky would indicate that either there isn't any other offers on the table or if there are any offers they aren't as good as the one we currently get off sky.
  7. simply put there isnt anyone else at the table willing to put the money in that Sky do. could always go for someone else... each club will then get much less money but at least those at home will get to watch the game!
  8. If the additional coverage was to bring in additional revenue then i would be inclined to agree with you, however given the current economical climate can clubs realistically handle having a further reduction in central funding probably not. you are essentially asking a broadcaster to pay all production costs and a fee for what is essentially a third choice game. likelihood of that happening slim to none.
  9. In order to do that Sky would have to agree to relinquish their exclusivity which i doubt they will do without receiving some form of rebate against what they have already paid. therefore we would need tot eh BBC to not only pay for those rights to make up that shortfall but also pay the full production costs of the gams. its not going to happen.
  10. Difference being tat the sports you mentioned are played extensively across the entire country, Despite what most believe Rugby League is predominantly played in the north of England with a few clubs operating outside that bubble. you only have to look at the fixtures in both Rugby Union and Cricket to see that. As has been pointed out previously sky are not only the Broadcasters they are the producers of the game as well. Meaning any other broadcaster would not only have to pay the game for the rights to show it but also the full production costs of each of those games. A £5m per season deal suddenly ends up costing the broadcaster much more than that which they aren't guaranteed to see any return.
  11. would be interested to see the reasoning behind this? Exclusivity carries a premium which sky obviously currently pay for. I would hazard a guess that you would not get anywhere near what has currently been offered and its doubtful that any other broadcaster paying for a few games would make up the deficit. dangerous game going down that route
  12. Its interesting to see that people have Catalans high up the table. I think they may well struggle 1. they have lost a number of their players already this close season including Casty, Moa, Tierney, Mead plus others replaced them with McMeeken, Dudson & Whare 2. The ongoing Falou issue and the likelihood that he doesn't end up coming back to play for them especially given Vlandy's recent news release 3. they are going to be playing the front end of the season away from home due to COVID 4. they are going to have a 3 week pre season and that's it whereas every other club will be having 3 times that at least
  13. Livett I see as an upgrade to McCarthy who gave his all to the club and will be grateful, if tyke was as good as you say he was would he have been without a club for so long? see your not capable of reading.... I said they have improved the depth of squad i.e. from last season, each player is capable of playing first team, I guess we will see where Salford will end up but I believe they will finish well out of the Relegation battle, that will be between Leigh Wakey and Hull KR IMO. Never know even Leeds may slip down into the bottom 4 which they have been in relatively recently.
  14. I was just highlighting despite teh previous poster being impressed with the quality of the Hull signings there asin fact only been 1
  15. Interestingly you say Salford Bottom 3 with Leigh and Hull KR yet you dont see Wakey in the bottom 3? given their limited recruitment in the off season and their current record is around 3 from 36 games? Salford recruited very well IMO and replaced who they have lost with replacements and improved the depth of the squad overall. Evalds - Escare Dudson - Lussick Yates - Addy / Wells Lussick - Ackers was brought in mid season as a replacement McCarthy - Livett Flanagan - Taylor on top of this they have brought in Burgess, Costello, Wells, Luckley & Patton. Coaching wise Watson - Marshall and Orr You also say Hull have made some of the best signings yet they have signed Reynolds and the Fijian winger yet lost Ellis, Kelly and Naulago?
  16. Salford have very little if any Historical debt, it was all wiped when they defaulted on the CVA. They do not have a benefactor that is true which is why they budget accordingly. It will be tough as it will for all clubs but they will be fine
  17. pretty sure that is the same for pretty much every club. and more so for the heavily attended clubs. Salford for example base figures on 5k for £20 per head £100k income they will therefore not get that for every game that fans cant attend (not taking into acc ST holders who have already paid) ANO club bases their matchday revenue on 10k at £20 per head £200k income lost for every game a very large difference and one that clubs will not be able to swallow. ultimately clubs like Salford Budget meticulously based on worst outcomes as they know the huge crowds arent there whereas other clubs know they are going to get 10k every game so can afford to spend more.
  18. Notwithstanding this and contrary to belief by many Salford have begun to address this with the formation of a CAT 3 development Academy. this has seen 2 players last season make their debuts for the club. one of which has subsequently been awarded a 2 month trial for this year in Connor Aspey. Lets not forget there are also a limited number of CAT 1 Academies, 12 from memory and each of these have been taken, the only way a further CAT 1 Academy will be created is if one of the existing ones drop out. not likely to happen. CAT 2 Academies are not that much different. The CAT 3 option provides further education alongside the link with the club, very handy for those taking part in the scheme given the number of juniors in academies who actually make it to become full time professionals which isnt many.
  19. Yep, just think what could have happened if they had bothered to pay their players.
  20. Salford have recently forged a relationship with Welsh Rugby League and has a formal affiliation with some colleges who specialise in sport in wales. This was all over the press in the last week or so. Gareth Kear (Elliots Dad) is heavily involved with the link up.
  21. Why would Robert Elstone and SLE be bothered about Wembley? the Challenge Cup is a competition that is run by the RFL who love TWP. The Challenge Cup Bond was again requested by the RFL, the bond that the SL are asking for is to prevent another scenario whereby players were struggling to feed families due to not being paid.
  22. pretty sure the (E) in SLE is in reference to Europe, and I do believe there is a country which sits outside of the heartlands and within Europe by way of Les Catalans Dragons. as long as my geography is up to scratch which on this occasion I believe it is then Canada does not sit inside Europe unless you can enlighten me further. id also suggest that if Toulouse gain promotion then I'm sure they would be welcomed into the league in the same way Catalans have It is not called Super League Commonwealth and therefore your reference to that bears little significance. TWP are being asked to jump through the same hoops as any new perspective owner would when taking over a new club. This will happen when KR have a perspective new owner aswell. If the Business plan was up to scratch then i doubt these conversations would be happening, its the fact that they weren't which has people even more concerned.
  23. Or Salford was the club he supported as a kid, played a big part in becoming involved in Rugby League and was a ST holder all through his childhood.
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