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  1. There are plans to build 1600 homes on the land that once housed the golf club. Supporters Trust have buses running to and from the stadium for match days. its also a 15mon walk from the trafford centre.
  2. Sale have already put a Bid in for the stadium, however it was way below the costs involved in actually building it. given that their revised offer will also be way off that cost to build the chances of them selling is slim to none im afraid. Council will never be able to write of debts of circa 12m if the last offer is anything to go by. AJB is only worth buying if its sold with the land around it, no one in their right mind would invest that much in land during the current climate
  3. Peel Holdings Sold the Trafford Centre to Intu, as part of the deal the owner of Peel wanted Shares in Intu i believe 20%. Wont have any impact on the AJB, if anything Peel will buy back the TC for far less than it was sold. The AJB is owned by a JV consisting of 50% Peel Holdings and 50% Salford Council, Peel also own vast swathes of land either side of the full lenght of the Manchester Ship Canal inc Media City so dont think they will be in any rush to sell anything
  4. there are probably 4/5 teams in SL that are currently not spending the full salary cap so how can you claim that its holding them back?
  5. Union players who have never played league professionally can sign for a Club with no impact on the cap for the first season and then 50% in the second season from what i recall reading followed by 100% on the cap in the third season. This was to try and allow for clubs to take a punt on a union player.
  6. As far as im aware the London lads live in London for the whole season.
  7. I believe that the comparisons with Catalans and the protection from relegation hasn't got legs. If my memory serves me correctly Catalans were given protection from relegation because they were thrust straight into super league. TWP have come up through the divisions. Cats wee in existence in a full time professional capacity for 3 years before they ran the risk of relegation. TWP are now in their 4th year and run the risk of relegation. the only dispensation i believe they should be entitled to is the homegrown dispensation which could be based on an average of what the other clubs across the league are benefiting from it. Not all clubs are spending the full cap or have an abundance of academies etc to glean from but they still manage to get a squad big enough to survive the season.
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