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  1. I think it was mentioned further up the thread that Wales have announced theirs, but I haven't seen them (or even looked for them) anywhere.
  2. Good question - you'd think that was the perfect time to try to expand operations rather than stop them!
  3. Perhaps, but if that is the reason for the line of questioning, surely it is Olędzki and Radley, who qualify through residency and heritage, that should be of interest to Hemmings. Young of course 'only' qualifies for Jamaica through heritage, but I assume as a Yorkshireman is the type of 'English' player Wane meant he would pick.
  4. A defence of Young's status of sorts I suppose - could have been firmer on it.
  5. Voted out because the roads weren't clean?
  6. You've done it now David - you shouldn't write #### Parkinson! Edit: I did have to google his name, I thought it might have been #### not ####
  7. I know this season wasn't good Dave, but you don't need to get excuses in for next year quite yet!
  8. So they'll both be up and running next year!?!
  9. The fixtures are all written with the team who were ranked higher in the draw listed first. I'm not sure if it is intended to be an indication of home/away or not - after all, they are all neutral venues except for the England matches. Is there any advantage to being listed at 'home' in a competition like this? The World Cup organisers will be arranging everything that a home team usually provide won't they?
  10. Which Australian based players who qualify are missing except for Tyson Frizell?
  11. Incidentally, it's not a system I agree with. I don't think SL should ever have been separated from RFL - In my opinion all of the divisions should be RFL products and the TV money should be going to RFL for them to distribute to all clubs as central funding. The amount to each club/tier would still be up for debate. All my previous post was doing was setting out the situation as it is, I wasn't saying I agree with the system. We'll have to wait and see what (if any) changes to funding the brave new IMG era brings.
  12. They earn it. Sky pays the money to Super League Europe for the rights to broadcast their games. SLE then makes a payment to the RFL (for services such as administration, providing match officials, etc) some of that money is then distributed to tiers 2 & 3 as central funding.
  13. I like this approach - next time I start I thread I think I'll tell people what opinions they're allowed to have too!
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