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  1. In short why are the Coventry Bears still present in the semi-pro ranks while Oxford, Hemel and the All Golds are not? What have they done differently to the other 3 and can any other potential expansion clubs learn from them?
  2. What about Hemel Stags? Have they ever showed interest in returning to the semi Pro ranks?
  3. Will attendances next season show an improvement on 2019 due to the fact that the 2020 season has for the bulk of it had no fans in attendance, or will it be roughly the same or even take a drop compared to 2019? Thoughts?
  4. I'm interested mate I have messaged you.
  5. ? I once saw Stanley Gene in a Wigan nightclub and asked him how old he was his reply was "I don't know mate"
  6. I'm sure Younes Khattabi was born in Morocco? If I remember correctly he scored a try for Catalans when they lost to Saints in 2007 CC Final
  7. Gadwin Springer was born in French Guiana I think, not sure where Samy Kuvla was born though mate
  8. Fred Griffiths- Rhodesia? Played for Wigan in the late 50's Joe Mbu- Zaire, Ade Adebisi-Nigeria, Will Sharp- Nigeria?
  9. How many players can you name that have played in the English top tier from 1895 until present that have not been born in the following countries England, Australia, New Zealand, Wales, France, Pacific Islands and PNG?
  10. Not to worry mate. I frequent the town quite alot which got me thinking about RL in Southport and weather it has any RL presence at all with it being not that far away from Wigan, St Helens etc
  11. Does anyone know if there is any RL activity at all in this north west town? I've always thought a pro team would have half a chance of succeding here due to no pro level sport.
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