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  1. When Prince was the next big thing at the Broncos there was an attempted charge down of a kick that he made that went terribly wrong and he suffered , look my memory is a bit vague now, I thought I recalled a really nasty break or though might have been knee, either way people still refer to it of what can happen when a charge down goes wrong. What you`re saying is perfectly legitimate and what their saying is probably due to the kamikaze style nature of some of our players who have no fear at diving right at the feet of the kicker. Players like Ron `Rambo `Gibbs didn`t care about where they dived as long as they stopped the kick.
  2. Hadn`t considered that but dead right. I can see scenarios where teams would have charge down specialists: one to block the kick and maybe another one or two ready to dive on the ball. Therefore the team attempting the charge down would have both wingers back ready for the kick and two or three attempting the CD, this shortened defensive line may have the effect of teams running the ball on the last play and the mayhem that can sometimes occur from that scenario.
  3. 15 years in the top grade, can`t knock that, just looks a little bulked up to me and probably lacks a bit of acceleration.
  4. UP, this for me was one of the main reasons I thought that the idea might have had merit. Another is when the game is on the line and a team is desperate to get possession, especially in a big game , that sudden turn around in momentum, i.e. from defence straight into attack 20-30 metes out, after a big set in defence holding the team with the ball deep inside their own territory and then attacking to win the game.
  5. The afl was one of my examples where charge downs occur all the time, I just can`t bring myself to use their name if I can avoid it.
  6. Been thinking about this for a while and those questions I had not considered but will have a think about them tomorrow on the tractor. Funny because thought protecting the kickers legs would be the biggest issue.
  7. Pertinent questions. I think for starters the ball would have to be on an upwards trajectory.
  8. Of course you are right, however as I said above to DavidM a common complaint against our game ( that came up in the scrum thread) was the repetitiveness of our game to casual viewers, rugby union followers throw it as us all the time. Something that can introduce a little of that rapid turnaround would only add to the game.
  9. I don`t agree, the charge downee usually has his head down and arms raised and has no idea where the ball ricochets and does not often regather. Six again to the attacking side and if time is running out you are doubly `penalised`.
  10. I think it was you who mentioned it in the "scrum " thread. Casual viewers to our game see repetitive back and forth (5 tackle and kick ), we might not mind that but they find it repetitive. Our sport doesn`t have that rapid back and forth of soccer, even rugby, hockey, Sports where there is continual competition for possession. The` one on one strip ` has introduced a little of that, If teams were encouraged to go for CD`s then we may have a bit more of this rapid turnaround in play which can be quite exciting.
  11. Penalised was the wrong word. I meant the team trying to gain the ball are penalised ,in the sense, that the team kicking the ball get six more tackles. there is very little incentive to attempt the charge down.
  12. U.P. I have been thinking about this for ages myself and in fact have about three pages of reasons why I think it`s a good idea. The only problem I can see is the danger to the kickers legs. The NRL are spooked because of the Scott Prince incident at the Broncos all those years ago. However I think it can be managed . I am going to go back and read your post now.
  13. I don`t understand why teams are penalised by conceding six-again for the charge down when they don`t regather. Sometimes when a team is behind and only minutes to go, the only way they can get the ball in a decent attacking position is the charge down, however if they don`t pull it off they are penalised by six again to the attacking side. If the charge down was encouraged it would add another element to the game like one on one strip where the play changes direction rapidly. It could add another dimension to our game.
  14. I thought Leigh won that debate on that other thread (through sheer attrition ) and thereby gained promotion.
  15. Had to google that. Hedgehogs and echidnas, Brits and Aussies, cousins. Okay mate, good luck with your season restart.
  16. I saw an echidna, creature a bit like your hedgehog, about 5 years ago. I was about 40km out of town and there it was wandering across the road. Always make me glad because If you see one it usually means there are more around.
  17. Post from OZ, Saw a Black-Necked Stork in a swampy area I have fenced off to keep the cattle out. Probably seen about ~8 over the last 15 years. Magnificent creature. It was very shy and flew away soon as I appeared, it circled and returned to the same area , unfortunately I was working in the area and it flew off again. There was other smaller storks in the swamp who weren`t concerned by my presence nearby. They can have a wingspan of up to 2m`s, this one was probably 1.5m`s.
  18. I watched the highlights of the Digicel Cup the other day and If Pacific Treize can start throwing up talented footballers like those on show, should be really good news for French League.
  19. It`s Morning, I`m just typically being a little over optimistic.
  20. Good evening Jim, how about 4/5 players every year . It`s midnight over here , I`m off to bed . Hooroo.
  21. I was going through the populations of the countries involved: New Caledonia 285 000 ; Vanuatu 290 000 ; French Polynesia 280 000 ; Solomon Islands 670 000 ; Fortuna and Wallis Islands 12000. These countries typically have young demographics so I expect with a total population of over 1.5 million that there is a very large potential player pool. This combined with very good pathways into a highly professional Rugby League system i.e. Australia/Queensland , we may well see a good quantity of French eligible players coming through.
  22. Forgot to mention when Robinson was in England for WCC , he went and visited Farnsworth`s family about him coming to the Roosters, apparently there were several clubs after him plus the bloody ru.
  23. I really like the look of this kid, when he fills out he will be a real handful, gets involved a lot as well which is a good sign and appears to be fairly evasive which is essential if he is going to be top drawer, wouldn`t be in the Broncos system if they didn`t see something in him either.
  24. Lets not forget you guys went very close to winning the last WC. In fact the way England was attacking the line at the end of the game should have scored . Bennet sent on one of the Burgess twins for the last 10 minutes and he made two handling errors very frustrating or maybe infuriating , but either way that team gave it everything.Totally agree with you over those selections on the end of year tour ,bizarre, where was Williams!
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