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  1. You`re right there Kenty, as some one else summed it up so well on another thread it`s all about scale and the ability to scale up. And all this negative nonsense being spouted that it`s the same 200k watching Super League no matter which game I think is a nonsense. There`s probably more than double that figure who watch Rugby League, with a varying subset within that figure of between 150k - 200k watching any one game at a time. And much more than that of course when they all tune in at the same time for a game that has significant attraction.
  2. I heard he put a bet on the U.S in the union. He`s good at picking winners.
  3. I turned it off after 20 minutes, it was 1.00 a.m. over here and I`d had a long day chasing cattle and the game looked gone. Just got up it`s 7.30a.m. seen the score and now I`m kicking myself that I didn`t stick around last night and see what seems have turned out to be an attractive game of League with a lot of the French youngsters showing a bit of promise. I bet I`m not the only one who`s seen the scoreline this morning and thought ` damn wasn`t expecting that` and will duly tune in next time.
  4. The predominance of FTA as most Australians preferred medium for viewing television leads to a warped view of the significance of the advantage that afl have in that particular medium in overall viewing patterns. This is of course exacerbated by the murky world of PayTV viewing figures and the even murkier new world of on-line and BVOD viewing figures. But at the end of the day the figures speak for themselves. Over the course of the 2021 regular season the NRL had 15 million more viewers than the afl. Even taking out 10m for SOO, that leaves a 5 million advantage for League in a season of 200 games compared to the afls` 207 game season. This also doesn`t allow for the fact that one of our teams home viewers are not even included in the total. Nor the estimated 1m people who follow League in N.Z. In 2022 the NRL have reached an agreement with Foxtel to broadcast all 32 pre-season matches, this will only add to the NRL advantage. Pre-season matches already broadcast by the afl and included in their regular season/pre-finals cumulative total. There is no getting away from it, if you take away the hype created by Channel 7 and the afl, and the misleading impression this gives, League is soundly outrating afl even with it often being its` own worst enemy, a FTA broadcaster that acts more often like a ball and chain than a cheerleader and not having the significant advantage of having teams in every capital city.
  5. Well said mate. I think it`s only a matter of time before Asian soccer will rival European soccer for money and European and South American soccer for quality. The Asian championships ( inc. Oz ) will rival the Copa`s in South America and the Euros, it will be impossible to ignore and will be played here regularly. Playing soccer will no longer be the game for the blokes who can`t play contact sports. and once it breaks that barrier it will be hard to stop.
  6. You`ve been run off the other forum, you might as well save your typing finger, I didn`t read that post, I`ve said all I have to say to you I`m not interested in exchanging posts with someone who can`t help having sly digs at League all the time. Take a hike.
  7. I`m not saying people are going to desert fumble-ball en masse overnight. This will be a gradual process. What is much more likely to happen is that as the soccer rivalries with our Asian neighbours grows stronger, we already have a strong rivalry with Japan, they will gain more and more publicity and people tuning into watch. Japan is just the tip of the iceberg, Vietnam, China, India etc. etc. etc. will all become strong soccer playing nations, the game suits their body types and Asian parents notorious concern for not wanting their children to play any sport that may involve the risk of head-injury, however minor, if it may effect their academic ability. As these rivalries develop I think we will see more and more kids want to be a part of it. They will become events, points of national pride, events where winning Oz soccer teams will create heroes. This is before we even get to World Cups and possible tours by other powerful soccer nations. Long story short, it will become more desirable to play soccer. Once the talented athletic kids start going to soccer it becomes a downward spiral for the fumbleball, they will be left with the second-rate talents, the product will suffer and the downward spiral will continue. This is before we even get into who makes up the majority of people who are migrating to Australia, Asians and Indians by far, not a demographic associated with afl and unlikely to become one, soccer is their sport. I haven`t even mentioned the money, christ I`ve heard of blokes playing for fourth tier obscure European competitions that earn more than first grade afl players. And getting to live in amazing different parts of the world to boot.
  8. I think Trent Robinson eventually came to the conclusion (despite 2013) that Pearce was the sort of player who might get you to the semi-finals, but maybe not a player who was going to deliver you any more premierships, hence his replacement by Cronk. Turned out a smart move. The fact that so many clubs were pursuing Pearce showed to me how many clubs would just be happy to make the semi-finals and that he was of a standard to deliver that.
  9. G`day Paul, would love to know who the companies are who are forking out their hard-earned to be on the hoardings of a French Rugby League Test match. Any chance of a list ? and are there any standouts that mightn`t have been expected ? Rocket.
  10. I was reading an article today saying that at the half way mark of last years competition ( around February this year ) Elite One games were getting between 6 - 10 000 viewers per game via their streaming service. I thought that was pretty positive number.
  11. I wouldn`t be so sure of that. Fumble supporters are more than well aware that the game is highly unlikely to ever gain traction any where but Oz, once the home market is saturated, there will ultimately only be long-term decline. We are not the United States that has 350m people to sustain a unique country specific sport, as much as afl supporters take heart from gridiron and its` dominance in the U.S. This situation will be aided by the inevitable growth of soccer in this country, which will happen at some stage, soccer just has got far too much going for it internationally for it not to eventually be a major code in this country. Hopefully this will also coincide with the rise of either League or a hybrid version of League and union, which has similar international advantages as soccer, just not as pronounced.
  12. It`s the same everywhere I expect, most people only want to see their own team play and see them win, regardless of the margin. I don`t care if Oz wins or loses, in any sport, including League, a close contest of high quality will do. I`ve never really understood patriotism, me being an Australian was only by chance, I could have been born any where in the world and been anyone, it just so happened that I was born here, nothing to do with me, just luck or fate or whatever you want to call it.
  13. It was the worst mistake Sam Burgess ever made getting involved with that family. That girls father is Mitch Hooke, who used to be head of the Australian Minerals Council or something, the very essence of the worst type of businessman, who frankly gives other businessman a bad name. This repugnant blow-hard used to boast how he single handedly bought down the Gillard/Rudd Government with their campaign against the mining tax. Can you imagine the ego, a real big-shot blowhard. Apparently he wasn`t so tough in his driveway when Sam turned up for his regulation visit with his children, Hooke said Burgess was intimidating him, Burgess swears he didn`t go within 10 metres of him, I know who I believe and apparently the police did too. The Hookes have no morals and will stoop to any lies to ruin him. People like that think that having money is a virtue, nothing else matters, ugly to the core.
  14. Was going to comment on this in my original post but I thought it was a little off topic The Sharks have signed a player from the Australian unions evens team, Lachlan Miller, the Cowboys two from Fijian sevens union and I think I read about another one elsewhere. I don`t recall this happening before. Makes me wonder if it was the success of the womens` union sevens players in League that have made the coaches have a look or maybe they just think they`ll be suited to the faster game. I heard an interview with Miller on our local radio - he`s from Coffs Harbour - he thought the quick decision making that is part of sevens could help his transition to League, interesting, apparently 3 or 4 clubs were after him.
  15. After lamenting on another thread the lack of NRL players on Channel 9 reality programmes caught a glimpse tonight of Sam Thaiday and his wife on an advert for a prime time series about parenting. I like him, he`s funny, articulate and intelligent and he and his family are very photogenic. The show`s called Parental Guidance and looks bloody awful, the trailer starts with the host asking " Have you ever smacked your child ? " but it will probably rate and Sam and his lovely wife and kids are on there and that`s all I care about. More please Channel 9.
  16. Thought you might be interested. Another young Hodgson departs for the NRL - Serious About Rugby League (seriousaboutrl.com) Can`t remember when there have been so many young Englishmen coming over so early. Part of me is concerned that you`re losing a lot of your young talent yet another part thinks it`ll open up more places in your own system for other young blokes to come through and be given an opportunity. In a perverse way it could stimulate junior development. Certainly an interesting trend.
  17. Two highest rating regular season Rugby League games this year, by a country mile, with nearly 300 000 viewers, that`s probably double the season average, Featherstone vs. Catalans in Perpignan. Say no more.
  18. Agree with all of that, they have to be pro-active. I think it would really be worth the RFL`s while to have a strategic review now and decide what region/city is most likely to produce the next sustainable Super League standard team. Then have a serious think about do we sacrifice resources in other areas to throw whatever we can in making it a reality. Newcastle is the obvious choice, but I`d be looking at all potential candidates. Now for example, does that means putting all your development officers into one area at the expense of others, these are decisions that will have to be considered. I had been thinking of this lately, now that Toulouse are up, what are the things the RFL/Super League can do to fast-track the next team. I think this has to be the next step, Toulouse are in, great, go to Sky with a five-year plan about who you are going to get up next and how you are going to do it.
  19. The difference here of course, and I`m not being petty, League is a far better TV product than union. If your Super League can get its` geographical spread right, and shake off its` `northern game` image, that 200k base could be significantly increased. I always like to see peak viewing figures from big events, as being an indicator of potential viewers, the key of course is making some of them regular viewers. The games in Perpignan was a case in point.
  20. According to this article from May 2020 Fox paid the NRL just under $25m over 5 years for the international rights. NRL 2020: Fox Sports must do more to promote rugby league (smh.com.au)
  21. Had experience with this myself Graham, sometimes a Magistrate won`t record a conviction, even despite being convicted of an offence, if they think it might adversely affect the defendants future. If a conviction was recorded it may mean that George may be unable to travel to certain countries, there may also be other things were having a criminal conviction would be a problem. Obviously, the magistrate didn`t warrant Burgess of being of sufficiently bad character, and in George`s case, he was probably provoked as well, to record a conviction and thereby risk be being punished further. The penalty in this case would suffice.
  22. Thanks for that mate, appreciate you responding. I have a genuine interest in this sort of thing. Some real good solid figures in there spread across a range of clubs by the sound of it. Particularly promising the interest shown in the French teams games, I assuming those 300k were all British viewers, if the game was televised on the other side of the channel that could have added another x number of thousands of viewers as well, so promising all round especially with Toulouse coming in. Cheers.
  23. There`s a story over on the Total Rugby League news page, " Davy celebrates rising Super League TV viewing figures ". I can`t open it, can anyone tell me if it`s good news.
  24. It won`t be like the Footy Show. I`ll be fascinated to see what plans V`landy`s has for this but I`ll guarantee he`s got something cooking. I don`t think that is the only show that combines humour and f-ball coverage. Once again an example of where the afl leave us in the dust by promoting their game to a wider demographic. I was watching `Have You Be Paying Attention ` recently, a comedy show where several comedians answer questions on current affairs. The host asked what Sydney sporting team wears the famous white jumper with a red V, one of the contestants immediately said " the swans". I felt like shooting the ####, thankfully Marty Sheargold said St. George. He`s a genuinely funny bloke, the NRL ought to approach him. In their ham-fisted way Nine did have Roy and HG on every week a couple of years ago, they were hilarious 30 years ago but are way too dated now . It was a disaster Freddy and co. had no idea what they were talking about, in fact Freddy unwittingly was doing a bloody good impersonation of Alan Partridge he was so befuddled. Spill the food all the way up your footpath and onto the frontsteps.
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