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  1. Nearly 10 000 there in absolutely atrocious NSW weather, I`d call that a pretty good result, and back in the top eight to boot.
  2. I expect one day when Wollongong`s population reaches a critical mass Saints will relocate their permanently. In a situation that perhaps the Tigers/Magpies would have envisaged, with a joint venture primarily based where their juniors and growth is, yet continuing to play a couple of home games each year at their traditional home ground, Leichardt, and continuing to enjoy the support of the Balmain Leagues club and the sponsors that are still attached to the Tigers brand. The same situation could parallel St. George`s relationship with the Illawarra. Well we know what happened to Ba
  3. I get the impression they would lose quite a few considering they pay so much for it. Would I be correct in saying that Sky pay the NRL $30m per year. It was interesting to read the comments in response to that article, there was complaints about Sparks reach and service quality. There was one particular post from someone in rural NZ who said they are unable to stream live sport because they can`t get sufficient internet speed where they live. You have to really feel for fans like that. It sounds like a case where the rights have been sold with money rather reach in mind 'Yet anothe
  4. There is work being done at Brookvale. If I recall correctly something to do with the centre of excellence, I think I also read somewhere that what ever work is being done would not have to be removed but could be part of any major up-grade if they are successful in attracting any of the $850m the State Gov`t has earmarked for Stadium up-grades in Sydney. Getting a little side-tracked there, but if there is work going on at the ground that may be putting people off. One other thing, in the news yesterday looks like Penrith are going to get a brand new 25 - 30 000 seat stadium with constru
  5. Nah mate I don`t come on here to bag the Poms out, that would be rude and It certainly wasn`t my most well thought through theory, but apart from Brown, Steve Price sprung to mind, Matthew Elliot in the past but I don`t expect the locals to start volunteering names of coaches sacked in Oz and then winning over here. But when you really think about, if average or inconsistent NRL players can stand out over here why shouldn`t coaches, christ they can`t even play the ball properly. Oops...done it again.
  6. I think the problem for me has been more the way that teams are getting themselves into these situations. I wouldn`t mind it so much if the team trailing was at least getting down to or near the attacking zone in most sets, but to see error after error when you`re behind on the score board and trying to get back into the game, I find very hard to take. I saw some stats the other day, in 2015 in 40% of games the favourite lost, I think that figure this year is closer to 20%.
  7. I was marveling the other day how the afl had managed to legalise all those things that in other sports would halt play; knock-ons, forward-passes, offside, forget about it, play on. On reflection, given that it was originally designed as a way for cricket players to stay fit in winter, I suppose the less stoppages the better. Generally though even the lowest scoring fumble-a-thon is talked up in the media and some redeeming feature found. I can`t speak for the fans, as I don`t visit their forums and I always suspect that derogatory comments left in the comments sections of the
  8. You`re going to love this but I don`t place a lot of weight on winning the Super League or any thing over here, there ain`t a lot of competition. Some pretty average coaches, you might even say duds, have left Oz and had success in England. But yes McGuire did win a GF over here, fair enough, been a bit patchy since but I like his manner so we`ll have to see with him as well. Green likewise, and I think he`s got the smarts to be good coach, early days for him. Holbrook, very early days for him, that team of his doesn`t seem to have a lot of grit though, we`ll have to wait and see.
  9. I`m not so sure Craig Fitzgibbon does a lot of thinking. I saw an interview with him when he got the Cronulla job and he struck me as awfully vague. I`m starting to suspect that great coaches, Robinson, Bellamy and Bennett, three recent examples, must share characteristics with `great` dictators, in that they like to surround themselves with yes men or assistants that don`t threaten their position at the top. If I remember correctly Adam O`Brien when he left Roibinson`s staff was going to be the next big thing in coaching, likewise Kearney out of Storm.
  10. I`d say the answer to the momentum question is right there in those remarkable stats. I`d go further and say that if statistics where available they`d show that the same teams commit less errors when in the same situation. Inversely, them giving away six-agains when in front is probably more indicative of a fast moving and energetic defence rather than stupid leg-pulls and lingering in the tackle too long. A combination of ill-discipline, stupidity and poor coaching perhaps. I turned off both of yesterdays games, sick to the back teeth of seeing both the Warriors and Tigers making m
  11. Kamahl – The Elephant Song Lyrics | Genius Lyrics " Why are people so unkind "
  12. Doubleplusgood. I`ve read that book at least a half dozen times since I was 17, the last time a couple of years ago when its` message and observations never seemed more apt. That book and Aldous Huxley`s, Brave New World,* probably my favourite read, should be compulsory reading, there`s a controversial term on this thread, maybe strongly recommended, for anyone with an interest in the direction the world is heading. * "Oh brave new world that has such people in it." is a line never far from my mind whenever I have to venture out into public or even watch tv.
  13. IIRC Farnworth was dropped after there was a Zoom meeting between Wane and the Australian based English players. At the time I wondered whether he was either late or didn`t make that appointment, hence earning your national coaches ire. Nothing to do with his form.
  14. I think @BrisbaneRhino made the point that the whole Channel Nine coverage could do with an update. I couldn`t agree more, listening to Jonathon Thurston`s guffawing on friday had me reaching for the mute button. BR pointed out that even the dud ( my adjective not his ) super rugby coverage on Gem looks better, and I have to agree. With regards your first sentence streaming figures for SOO1 were up 130 000 on last year to 285 000, since the figures I posted earlier for comparison were 2019 numbers you could probably safely estimate that streaming figures would be up conservatively 200 000
  15. Certainly ideal, but Pedant may well have a valid point that it is very hard with todays 10 metre rule, especially once a team gets on that roll. Wednesday`s game with its` 8 to 1 six-again call in favour of QLD was similar to the St. George vs. Parra game earlier in the year, where the Saints were hammered in the six-agains but won convincingly. In both those games giving away six-agains was more an indication of their momentum busting dominance in defence, which was then backed up with their determination in running with the ball. A tactic that Phil Gould likes is the early kick in
  16. Not sure whether this will be of any use to you, but we have three children, 21, 20,and 19 now, my daughters the middle one, and we didn`t allow our children to have phones or facebook or any of those things up to about the age of 16. Rather than being left out, I think their peers actually respected them and understood that their study always came first. Another point was my children then made friends who had perhaps similar values or at least understood the stance they were forced to take. Any children who would judged our kids probably weren`t worth knowing anyway. I don`t think they w
  17. Fundamentally I agree, given the area they draw players from I can`t see the Cowboys being down too long. I think I saw that while most NRL teams run 1 or 2 teams in either the NSW or QLD cups, I think the Cowboys run at least three. Don`t get me wrong, I`m all for it, I just hope the NRL don`t squib it due to fears of having potentially four QLD teams not in the eight. I suppose the point Diehard makes is certainly the best case scenario, more QLD clubs means more players developed. I just figure that if there are any talented juniors to picked up in the new teams catchments the
  18. It`s such a bad look bringing in another Queensland team when the existing three are doing so poorly. For a brief while there a couple of weeks ago I thought the Titans and the Cowboys were going to make a run, it would look so much better if they were in the top eight when they are bringing in another team. Theoretically of course it shouldn`t matter where the existing Queensland teams are coming, but perceptions do matter and I hope the NRL aren`t spooked enough to put the whole thing on hold. We need at least one more team out of Brisbane for starters.
  19. Sounds like a well-timed smear campaign from a rival bidder perhaps.
  20. Manfred, Ray Hadlee is a two-bit bully renowned for bullying the women and boys on his staff at the radio station where he works days. Andrew Voss would be the perfect target for someone like hadlee, bit different, bit of an outsider in the RL world, not the blokey sort we usually get served up. In a high profile case a couple of years ago some kid who was his assistant went public with the horror stories of what he endured at Hadlees hands at work, the one that sticks in my mind was about a boy who was made like some sort of lackey to carry Hadlees chair from his office to the studio eve
  21. " Insofar as it`s possible to factor out gaps in quality between opposing teams, I think what Origin 1 and the lop-sided NRL scores this year demonstrate is the influence of momentum. This has always been more decisive in RL than other football codes and set restarts have accentuated it. "Coaches and players will have to be more imaginative in devising ways to break momentum. "One example - Currently it`s assumed that after conceding a try the safest option is to boot the restart long, forfeiting any chance of immediately gaining possession other than from an error. Increasingl
  22. Just used the above quote to get your attention. You probably won`t be able to open the article below, just thought you might be interested in the quote. Sign of the times perhaps, maybe which way the game is evolving. State of Origin 2021: Was series opener the fastest game of rugby league ever played? (smh.com.au) "They literally ran the Maroons off their feet. It’s difficult to recall a time in the match when a single NSW body wasn’t in motion, much like a game of touch or OzTag." Less emphasis on the crunch and more on the other things that can take the game forward.
  23. Certainly their style, but they may well have heard the story like I did and you know those two, ran with it. The full story I heard was that Gould said we better change it and one of the trainers piped up and said 'how about Freddy ?" and it stuck. Do you recall some of their other great nicknames they gave players, like Mark Geyer "the tap" because he turned it on and off, the violence , that is. One of my favourites though, just for pure outrageousness was " backdoor Benny Elias", shortened to `back door` when calling matches. It`s been so long it`s hard to remember some othe
  24. Not that I know of, but they do call Valentine Holmes, Sherlock. Just kidding, but I do. Am looking forward now to them rushing Connor Watson into the Queensland side though. Just to hear the commentators say, " Holmes to Watson.." Sorry mate, but I am easily amused.
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