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  1. I'm sincerely hoping our game doesn't sink to the pantomime proportions that have ruined Football. Soccer is a once proud sport sadly reduced to habitual cheating, diving and exhibitions of rolling around screaming. Clubs, coaches, players and officials all have a serious responsibility to eradicate fake fouls & made up drama queen injuries from Rugby League. Certain clubs are using these tactics to attain significant advantages. However, there is still a majority of our participants who continue to play the game properly. I just hope a uniform response from both officials and supporters sends the Fake-Rugby merchants packing. I fully support any moves to stamp out fraudulent tactics & blatant cheating from all corners of our noble sport
  2. Remember going on the coach to watch Hornets at Keighley 83/84 season.
  3. Home win Hope it's not a dropped ball & handbags fest. Could be close.
  4. At least it's a bit of fresh air for the locals. Probably best taking a calculator to keep track of things.
  5. Which Wire side is playing... the first half rabble or the second period galacticos? Surely not another Fartown drama
  6. Probably a comfortable Wigan victory, depends whether their new age forwards stick hold of the ball & stop giving daft penalties away
  7. Not only did Catalans give Hull FC a proper tonking, they sold the locals a container full of sour grapes to mush over. You'd think they'd button it after being whacked on their home patch. Be a long season if they're already complaining about trivial stuff like talking-back. Accept the stuffing and move on
  8. Solid yet unsurprising victory for Catalans. Well done. Some of the ridiculous boasts on page one predicting an extremely ordinary Hull side showboating to a sizable walkover sum up this seasons black & white fantasy Island dreams
  9. Seems to be a significant consensus of opinion that St Helens are rule benders. Sadly our Officials are only too happy to go along with it. Surely there's more to Rugby League than ball stealing, forward passes and drop goals (besides everything else people have flagged up over 5 pages).
  10. Seen many a non league game at Moor Lane before Mr Neville & his entourage knocked the charismatic Main Stand down and turned a pleasant ground into a legoland box. The current Salford Football Club have zero credibility in the wider round ball community, it would be extremely negative for Salford RL to get entangled with millionaire playboys looking for a 15 minute hobby. The AJ Bell is pants as a place to watch sport in any case, like others on here have commented, it was a regrettable decision to dump The Willows. Best objective moving forward is for Salford RL to regroup financially and for an interim period move in cost effectively with a local non league venue. Rochdale Mayfield at the cheaper end, maybe Altrincham FC or the football ground used by Ashton if the budget allows, all would fit the current support numbers who would be willing to travel a bit further until a genuine home can be financed.
  11. Isn't it time to draft in either French or Australian Officials to referee Saints games, especially important cup ties. Expect another forum bag of concerns from neutrals and opposition fans about the way St Helens manipulate their fixtures. How the officials let em get away with it is open to debate? Good luck Fartown, you'll need it.
  12. Was looking forward to watching this until I realised its only being shown on the remnant-bin Sky Mix Channel, the one that turns your TV screen into the bottom of a jam jar. If Sky Sports Robbery can't provide HD for what is an applicable 'payed for' subscription classified sporting event the RL shouldn't give em the game. The picture clarity of Sky Sports Mix is absolutely rubbish
  13. As we already know, St Helens are an extremely difficult club to beat. Considering how Leigh are struggling at the moment it'd be nice if the Officials levelled things up, perhaps referee a Saints game fair and square for a change. We live in hope. Good luck Leigh.
  14. Seeing that half the population of Warrington hang out on the North Wales Coast every weekend this could be a rather smart move. Instead of crashing out in the caravan after the lunchtime ale they could go along to a match Just hope the remarks about a running track prove unfounded
  15. Probably Wigan but wouldn't be surprised if Hull did the business. Should be an excellent encounter.
  16. Not the best politically correct terminology is it? You may want to rephrase it Society has moved on a tad.
  17. Exactly the type of ignorant comment Kyle Eastmond doesn't deserve. Isn't it hard enough for the guy to return to the code without this kind of abuse. For goodness sake the man hasn't played for a year. It was well documented both from Kyle and the club that he would be gradually easing back into the sport. Kyle deserves credit for putting his hat in the ring when Leeds suffered so many injuries amongst the ranks. It's appalling that someone singles him out for criticism and the sake of sounding off when Kyle is respectfully doing his best to return to the Rugby League family. No wonder our game has received so many genuine concerns regards black players being singled out for receiving unwarranted derogatory attitudes. Thought we all agreed that this needed to change? Support the lad rather than knock him. He's a good player and will soon be making a significant impact on Leeds fortunes this season, for all the right reasons.
  18. You've dropped a bit of a bollard yourself today
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