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  1. Isn't it time to draft in either French or Australian Officials to referee Saints games, especially important cup ties. Expect another forum bag of concerns from neutrals and opposition fans about the way St Helens manipulate their fixtures. How the officials let em get away with it is open to debate? Good luck Fartown, you'll need it.
  2. Was looking forward to watching this until I realised its only being shown on the remnant-bin Sky Mix Channel, the one that turns your TV screen into the bottom of a jam jar. If Sky Sports Robbery can't provide HD for what is an applicable 'payed for' subscription classified sporting event the RL shouldn't give em the game. The picture clarity of Sky Sports Mix is absolutely rubbish
  3. As we already know, St Helens are an extremely difficult club to beat. Considering how Leigh are struggling at the moment it'd be nice if the Officials levelled things up, perhaps referee a Saints game fair and square for a change. We live in hope. Good luck Leigh.
  4. Seeing that half the population of Warrington hang out on the North Wales Coast every weekend this could be a rather smart move. Instead of crashing out in the caravan after the lunchtime ale they could go along to a match Just hope the remarks about a running track prove unfounded
  5. Probably Wigan but wouldn't be surprised if Hull did the business. Should be an excellent encounter.
  6. Not the best politically correct terminology is it? You may want to rephrase it Society has moved on a tad.
  7. Exactly the type of ignorant comment Kyle Eastmond doesn't deserve. Isn't it hard enough for the guy to return to the code without this kind of abuse. For goodness sake the man hasn't played for a year. It was well documented both from Kyle and the club that he would be gradually easing back into the sport. Kyle deserves credit for putting his hat in the ring when Leeds suffered so many injuries amongst the ranks. It's appalling that someone singles him out for criticism and the sake of sounding off when Kyle is respectfully doing his best to return to the Rugby League fami
  8. You've dropped a bit of a bollard yourself today
  9. It's a jolly good service, it comes with sensible coherent commentary and unlike the greedy game day cost of Our League... it's entirely free
  10. Flat pack stadiums are looked down upon by connoisseurs of Sport Stadia and rightly so. Boring bland creations designed with little imagination or character. Lower League Football and Rugby League are awash with these cheap shoe box monstrosities these days. York planners appear infatuated in creating Legoland around a City steeped in wonderful architecture and culture? Shame really
  11. Probably a comfortable Wigan victory but you never know with Leeds. Bit like a once respected car, went like a dream in the past, nowadays spotted on the hard shoulder by half time.
  12. Cup draws on TV are usually as dull as ditch water, goodness help us if people get offended when someone strays from the auto cue. Mr Chapman & Jon Wilkin are a galaxy ahead of The Oaf Twins. Sky are forever kicking Super League to improve the product, the elephant in the room is their own appallingly poor commentary & punditry. It's got to the point where its ruining the games & people are switching channels. I'm no BBC fanatic but at least they talk sense and complement the event.
  13. Good luck Trinity but you're up against it. Observing the Officials handle a Saints game makes Line Of Duty appear like Blue Peter
  14. Luv Catalans to win it. Hope Central Office politics & profit don't hinder that. Most entertaining side in it
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