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  1. I'm sincerely hoping our game doesn't sink to the pantomime proportions that have ruined Football. Soccer is a once proud sport sadly reduced to habitual cheating, diving and exhibitions of rolling around screaming. Clubs, coaches, players and officials all have a serious responsibility to eradicate fake fouls & made up drama queen injuries from Rugby League. Certain clubs are using these tactics to attain significant advantages. However, there is still a majority of our participants who continue to play the game properly. I just hope a uniform response from both officials and supporters sends the Fake-Rugby merchants packing. I fully support any moves to stamp out fraudulent tactics & blatant cheating from all corners of our noble sport
  2. Remember going on the coach to watch Hornets at Keighley 83/84 season.
  3. Home win Hope it's not a dropped ball & handbags fest. Could be close.
  4. At least it's a bit of fresh air for the locals. Probably best taking a calculator to keep track of things.
  5. Which Wire side is playing... the first half rabble or the second period galacticos? Surely not another Fartown drama
  6. Probably a comfortable Wigan victory, depends whether their new age forwards stick hold of the ball & stop giving daft penalties away
  7. Not only did Catalans give Hull FC a proper tonking, they sold the locals a container full of sour grapes to mush over. You'd think they'd button it after being whacked on their home patch. Be a long season if they're already complaining about trivial stuff like talking-back. Accept the stuffing and move on
  8. Solid yet unsurprising victory for Catalans. Well done. Some of the ridiculous boasts on page one predicting an extremely ordinary Hull side showboating to a sizable walkover sum up this seasons black & white fantasy Island dreams
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