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  1. Surprising that they want another 2 when the money dries up. Extra gate receipts maybe?
  2. And have the satisfaction that york and fev fans attendance is counted towards c@s and Saints.
  3. can’t we just scrap it and watch St HELENS AND WIGAN play each other another 3 or four times.
  4. sounds like more drivel that has fallen out if Peacocks slack jaw.
  5. most sensible thing I’ve read in years about RL.
  6. Because they won't test negative after 10 days. Lucky if they tedt negative after 90
  7. too hot for forwards, big pitch loads of space, hot day game for a mobile team.
  8. There will be plenty of c@s players down their that we may be able to borrow.
  9. Nearly caught us out having Davis and Ferris out wide, better chips over the top of them would have exposed a lack of pace. But the go forward was immense, Gale, Hardcastle and Davis brilliant. They all played well and not the result I was expecting. Finger crossed some back next week.
  10. 1 match! how long will Jack be out for? That would be an appropriate penalty.
  11. Just thinking we may a have lost Minns for the rest of the season. Keep Dagger at full back he's getting better every game.
  12. Chizzy Brown Jones great at hookers but equally as good covering centre.
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