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  1. Watching them young kids, and the love they had for their dad brought me to tears.
  2. Leigh will be a shoe in after taking the West Lancs franchise via the platform of Sporting Club Manchester United. The new club Leigh United of Manchester will be the most cashed up in the world, with a loud fart of a top Premiership player blowing away the current cap. The attraction of becoming part of Sporting club Man U being the pull that ensures the best from down under migrate to the extended Sports Village, now 28,000 capacity and a 5 year wait for a season ticket - now where's me meds?
  3. Yes, Champ clubs are rolling in cash - no wages and full sky, merchandise, sponsorship and ST cash in the till. Loadsa money
  4. Any club unable to cover a £million plus loss is in trouble
  5. Cas on a freezing January with 3500 on pre SL - great loo's and fantastic viewing angles. Still the same but double the gate
  6. Keep an eye on it Hela, at present the club has REALLY looked after its players despite no games - ask any of them. Derek was shocked at the positive commitment from fans and sponsors recently and has publicly said he is going for it as a result, with plenty of cash sat in the bank and an owner willing to put in ''£a lot'' its looking like a good 2021. No KC involved in recruitment means a good nucleus of last year will remain, with losses replaced with better - its a very happy club at present
  7. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Ged.
  8. They were good times at Strangeways in those days (-;
  9. a preseason of Kangeroo juice will see him a stone heavier, and more suited to nrl
  10. Nope, we have the Hollands Pies North Stand - just don't shout about it
  11. Official supplier of ...... air transport .... hotels ......... pizza, hmmm
  12. Staff will be furloughed, no games mean no match day costs or winning pay, no away travel costs. Sky money has been received, Sponsorship and ST money also. So what is the total of the other costs and how much revenue/profits lost?
  13. Contra deals tend to be a last resort of poor commercial performance when you are selling the product, when buying it can be a good move. I wonder if Fred Done will offer all season ticket holders a £10 free bet instead next time
  14. Plenty time for your Chairman and his passion for Batley RLFC You need to understand when the digs start - you can apologise at leisure.
  15. All I know is that the 10% of season ticket holders at Leigh who requested a refund got it back within a week, how many Champ clubs have been whingeing about being skint btw - the SL clubs are being hit and hurt not Champ ones
  16. You obviously have a far greater budget
  17. Does mount unpleasant even get cut in good times??
  18. Took most of their seasons income that was bolstered by the Matty Ashton transfer money and paid their players via furlough - will be quids in like most Champ clubs are
  19. In a great position. Furloughed staff, took sky, season ticket, sponsors and transfer money from Wire with no need to rent sales facility to play. Will probably go FT in 2021 on what was saved in 2020
  20. So you expected a club who is doing rather well out of not playing and not paying staff because the taxpayer is doing, to come out and say thats why they didn't want to play??? Then ask fans/sponsors not to request refunds. Check whats in your water BSJ. New contracts tend to start in November/December, furlough finishes in October - the plan must have been a weeks tick n pass in November and on with the season week 2 to maximise furlough
  21. My understanding is that the college was heavily involved in the new stand construction - and subsequently the use of which would generate income. Now lets say a wealthy fan came in and handed over the stadium running and income to the club at 4% rates, some deal for the club that and a lot of folks houses are worth more than £2m PS If the LSV was offered to Leigh for £2m the deal would take 10 mins to get signed
  22. The Luddites and never will be's are very loud in RL circles
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