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  1. With costs excl wages frozen no self respecting SL club owner should have any problems dealing with 3/6 months of cash issues, if they have they shouldn't be in SL
  2. Joe Stalin was a great fan of RL, having played a few games for Tyldesley in 1896 when spending time in Manchester www.tyldesleyhistory.co.uk/stalin
  3. Avignon Catalans Toulouse Toronto Ottawa Hull Leeds Liverpool Manchester New Jersey Cardiff London Dublin Edinburgh
  4. At this point I believe Leigh were down to 11 players or even 10?
  5. Stopped training 22nd, as per government advice. Dereks personal opinion earlier in the thread is his and not on the clubs SM sites at all but when did he post it as things moved quickly this past week after the previous weekends stupidity, with many changing opinion We are in unprecedented waters, stay safe and look forward to meeting all of you again soon
  6. Time to be radical and start maximizing the sport. Two divisions of 10 for SL next year. TO, Leigh, Fev, Bulls, Newcastle, Widnes to Join the 12 then be brave with Ottawa and Avignon - 3 years no relegation to the PT leagues provided playing and economic standards are met, 1 up/down between SL1/2 with a play off similar to mid 8's between 2nd bottom SL1 and 2-4 SL2 winner is in SL1
  7. Love to see 3 non fed max within the next few years, put a flag in the ground now to work to, we need to give more a career opportunity if we are to win at Intl level.
  8. First saw him pre season against us a number of years ago scored a couple, and I hoped we would go for him as I am sure he only had a PT contract at the time. Went to Swinton on loan or DR I believe. Really like this lad, just gets the job done with bags of pace - hope he does pull on the shirt at some point as pace is needed out wide but my 2 would be Makinson and Johnstone for the tests
  9. Hopefully gets 25, Woods and Reynolds works far better Absolutely shocking ref though who gave many fans some great reasons to start knitting on match days rather than put cash into the sport
  10. If its look after your own time then that's 2 areas, as why should Lancs and Yorks give a hoot about Cumbria/Expansion in a PT structure? So we get shut of Newcastle, Workie, Haven and Barrow plus any future expansion clubs will have to be straight into SL ie New York/Ottawa etc with Hemel, Both Wales and Coventry binned to local leagues. Should end up with a decent PT comp with 500 gates across Yorks and Lancs
  11. looks like both sides rested/didn't take risks with players - Leigh without McNally, Scott, Woods, Bienek, and Mason from the York game with Sammut pulling out on the day. Crowd 1600 - wont be much left after costs of LSV
  12. Fevs relationship with Leeds is far more than Leeds making a few players available on game day - this to me is the problem.
  13. Last night we had Ridyard, Sammut, Ioane, Bienek, Ince, Brooks, Field, Mullen, Thornley, Forsythe and Holdroyd not involved. Recruitment has gone well pre season and the team has gelled quickly showing great comradery last night. Will be a great comp this year without TW
  14. I would also guess at 70% possession, forcing numerous drop outs and on the back of a one sided penalty count - Leighs defence was outstanding
  15. You will be surprised how little we have spent. We had a fair bit left over last season after budgets were set at 1800 gates, actual 3000+ which meant we only released season tickets a week before Xmas. We will have a couple of Big names in come play offs should we get there, we will certainly be giving it our best shot this season. We withstood huge spells on our line tonight against a Dewsbury team who had very high completion and possession but lacked a bit of pace in the halves imo. Your team looks solid and gets stuck in but you need some Zip to rack the points up
  16. Why, have we a licencing round coming up again
  17. 3 Aussie tests, with a couple of weeks at the end in NZ, bit like the good old tours. Parker is fluffing clueless
  18. Wells doesn't quite have it yet but he may get it eventually. Carney just cant speak.
  19. Eddie Hemmings - Go, I'd pay him to do so Mike Stevenson - Go, as above Phil Clarke - Go, long walk on a short pier Jon Wells - Undecided Brian Carney - Go Barrie McDermott - Go Terry O'Connor - Stay Bill Arthur - Stay Angela Powers - a nothing role Stuart Cummings - Go, please and quickly bring in Katie Millward Full team from Australia Dave Parkinson - best commentator by a mile
  20. or because they are charging proper prices for ST's What Parky fails to grasp is that crowds can be manipulated very easily, eg stupidly cheap recent ST's at Bulls and Wakey springs to mind.
  21. its getting a bit silly now, FEV will never again be as big as Leeds crowd wise unless Leeds shut the doors. The key is to get 12 big clubs, but to do that you need 20 clubs as the lower echelons of the 12 must be challenged from below to maintain a competitive 12 and remove the fatality of p&r. I was hopeful the funding could provide for at least 6 FT clubs in the second tier from 2015, and that in 3 years we would have a two tens structure of FT clubs incl 2 more French We didn't get the funding but we have a chink of light in so far as the top 2 in this years championship will receive funding to move to a FT structure for 2015, the problem being you will then have 4 FT clubs from 12 unless a money man comes in at other clubs, and 4 places to play for to get in with a shout of promotion. It will be tough but better than the nothing we have had. For the life of me I cannot understand how this new deal is being carved up financially to equate to £200m though
  22. Just received this on email from Leigh. Following a meeting between the RFL and the championship clubs yesterday Thursday 6th February 2014 at the Big Fella's Stadium Featherstone, Leigh Centurions have announced their complete support of the RFL and its new structures that were presented to them. Football Director Derek Beaumont who represented the club at the meeting with club director Allan Rowley commented; “I would like to congratulate Nigel Wood and his team for all their hard work to bring this format to life. They have given the game a heartbeat and an opportunity to all to become masters of their own destinies. The composed and assured manner in which the RFL have dealt with this process is testament to their beliefs and ambition for our great game. They have come into some very harsh criticism in the public domain and I am sure this did not help them negotiate what is a ground breaking broadcasting deal with SKY TV” “I would also like to thank Mark Campbell and his team at Featherstone for their hospitality and the professional manner in which they staged the meeting. Visiting the Big Fella’s Stadium brought back memories of my first stint in rugby league ten years ago when we were banging on Super League's door from Hilton Park. The new structures provide more opportunities to championship clubs who are not as fortunate as us to have the world class facilities afforded to us by our partners Leigh Sports Village. The older grounds possess character and it is good that they won’t hinder ambitious clubs from grasping the nettle” “It was talk of the new structure that re-engaged me personally with rugby league as there was the vision of a clear pathway to achieve over time in a controlled measured manner as any business would expect to grow. I sincerely hope that the innovative structure re-engages many more business men, sponsors and spectators in their droves to put the great game of rugby league up at the top of the sporting tree. It is inspiring and comforting to know that in the RFL we have a leader that has courage of its convictions to make changes and to adapt to modern eras for the greater good of the game and I sincerely hope they are rewarded for that with some explosive meaningful games across all facets of the competition” “At Leigh Centurions we are prepared for that challenge and ready to take advantage of the opportunity created for us. We have a home grown ex international player as our coach who is young and vibrant and was named championship coach of the year in 2012. Together and with the rest of our coaching team we have assembled a squad with a mix of experience and youth that we believe will have the power and pace to deliver our goals. We have a board of management that would be envied by any business in or outside of the sporting circles and one that would cost seven figures to employ. We have the stage at LSV that is the envy of the championship and what I consider the best playing surface in rugby league as a whole and we are extremely proud of our partnership with the Leigh Sports Village which continues to grow from strength to strength” “These are extremely exciting times for Leigh Centurions, and the game as a whole, and we really are now ready to kick on to take our opportunity afforded by the RFL with both hands” Leigh Centurions start their campaign hosting Batley Bulldogs at 3pm Sunday 16th February 2014 at the Leigh Sports Village and are hoping to see a large vociferous crowd cheering them on.
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