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  1. Amateur volunteers don’t recruit kids at the school gates, kids migrate to jnr rugby because their dad played, their mates play, they watch a team or watch the sport and wish to emulate a player. After years of being in the wilderness the town of Leigh virtually stopped producing players of SL standard
  2. When Sky drop the cash, and we are back to 30-70k outside SL - what will these bastions of integrity look like. They were getting ready for life support before all this sheeite kicked off, so we will lose the bigger clubs with backers instead
  3. When it boils down to it we have one huge problem in UK RL, we do it on the cheap, we are seen as being on the cheap, we have fans who demand it on the cheap, we have fans who do their best to drive out new money coming in, we cater for the cheap clubs, we employ cheap leaders with little or no ability to grow a business, sponsors see us as cheap, media see us as cheap - and we like a damn good moan about it all. Unless we raise the bar and have a joined up approach to expansion ie they bring wealth to the table not take from it, then we will be this cheap sport supported by cheap fans on cheap wages. FFS even Greggs reinvented themselves away from being cheap
  4. Stick Leigh and Fev into a 14 team SL for 2021 as they are obviously too ambitious for the Championships, take the money not going to TW, plus the parachute and T2 in Championship money and divide between Leigh and Fev - let battle commence in a 14 club 27 fixture SL with the only repeat fixture being Magic - if kept. Everybody is a winner.
  5. The RFL must realise some clubs have ambition and finances in place to support it, some just make up numbers whereby the furlough has been a Godsend. It needs to start thinking about how it looks after the former for a change, as we and I believe you are in limbo
  6. like this one https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/leigh-owner-praises-rfls-strong-leadership-over-coronavirus-issue/
  7. The Championship and C1 clubs with ambition need rescuing from the pub team mentality of the rest
  8. There will be promotion, possibly 2 clubs but no relegation
  9. The Championship will be played Autumn/Winter if not earlier
  10. The issue is that a lot of clubs ambition is to exist, they have few fans, few ST sales and rely on away support to put cash in tills. The Government comes along offers to pay 80% of wages, it’s like all birthdays came at once for 70% of clubs
  11. RL holds back RL. We never look ahead and examine what ifs. What if Ottawa then New Jersey win a place in SL, Toulouse also - thats 7 UK clubs to provide careers for juniors to aspire to. If we don’t want them in SL then don’t admit them, if we do then when do we start expanding it. We have great opportunities and threats, unless we are brave we will grow the cheap sport perception and shrink further
  12. The only obstacle is owners with no ambition but to keep afloat, thank God for furlough is their motto IMO we must do everything possible to run the remaining Championship fixtures from August to Christmas, the players are gagging to play again and its up to the game to find ways to, not reasons not to.
  13. In August we will be virtually back to normal, it’s good to discuss options and stupid not to. We can get a full Championship season in, then start 2021 a few weeks later without the 1895 cup
  14. There should be a cap, set much higher. As previous poster said, it is then up to clubs how much they spend. one issue we have is that some owners of larger clubs benefit from lower caps, they do not have to pay premiums to attract the better players and so will win trophy’s with no financial input or growing the brand/sport
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