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  1. Well said the home shirts etc are been picked up today by two excellent volunteers in time for Xmas presents.. Everything else Chairman and so on is work in progress hopefully will be sorted shortly.
  2. Jordan O'Leary back to Seaton
  3. Have faith in Chris there's probably players still under contract pal. UTT
  4. Well said pal I know Steve Calvin very well at Myers and Bowman and something has happened last season and he's not happy. No conspiracy as someone has said.
  5. Did they say no if so I wonder why
  6. Is this the home kit can't understand the colours green black red and white. I bet Myers and Bowman's are cheesed off .
  7. There's nowt there because they haven't got out.
  8. Have Myers and Bowman been approached they should be the first business to be asked in my opinion. Do u know who it's gonna be then.
  9. I honestly don't think anything will be sorted unto the shareholders AGM . There was a Directors meeting last night they just don't seem to have a spokesperson to let everyone know what's going on present boards consists of 4 people Messer's ball.peers.harrison and pleasance not enough really.
  10. There's a shareholder meeting I think it's December 8th so nothing will be sorted unto then on new directors or the Chairman post.
  11. Just been told a great from the past has just passed away Steven Holgate what a player RIP.
  12. I believe he's only young but if he's half as good as his dad he will be a good signing if true. He played against James Robinson this year and he told me it's the hardest he's ever been tackled. They say he's got loads of talent good luck to him who ever gets him.
  13. Your right Troutmaster lesso has done a terrific job throughout this difficult period due and a true leader with the help of a hard working board of Directors. I'm sure the club will inform everyone on due course on new signings and maybe new board members. The crack was the shareholders and the directors were having meetings this week .UTT
  14. Didn't play to his full potential good luck to him.
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