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  1. Ooh I don't know sounds a bit tasty that one. Where's my war paint etc
  2. For me personally I hope it doesn't get off the ground especially with how crowded the market is for sports. Luckily no Rugby League players have taken the NFL Europe player pathway like that Union player side was it Wade? Although on a positive note on Rugby League I was chatting to a few blokes from Sheffield on Saturday and they were Sheff United fans but went to the Grand Final because their team wasn't playing due to the international break. Maybe targeting more international breaks in football (England) might be a way to boost crowds. They weren't too bothered about the game mainly a reason to go to an event and on the drink in Manchester.
  3. Another bananas idea but https://teamukfl.com/the-league/ according to this website and current social media campaigns they are creating an 8 team Pro American football league in the UK split into North and South Conferences from May 2023. Although sounds like another hundred gimic or the Union World 12s if this does get a hold with funding it will be interesting to see the locations and crowds. They believe the audience to be 1 million in the UK even 10% of that attending across the 8 teams gives an average of 12,500 per team.
  4. Which could in a way be a problem for Rugby League although "we" as a sport are unlikely to bring in higher attendances there is almost too much sport to choose from. With NFL Europe now throwing games in on the same weekend as the Grand Final there were over 61,000 at Tottenhams stadium for a "club game" the decision is a difficult one. If you want a contact sport then in this country Rugby is your best bet but then "big" boxing fights have sell out attendances and it would be interesting to know how many other contact sport events they have been to before a boxing fight. My point really is does Rugby League as a sport try searching to expand whilst isolating its current European secure playing areas or do we secure what we have got and build from inside out. As if the NFL can get bigger attendances than all our games at Wembley the 3 times a year they turn up is that a good thing for our sport? Is attendances our biggest worry?
  5. Population of Hendon of where Saracens is based is 132,062 according to the last census. If you were brining in a 30 mins travelling time you would be looking at most of North London so talking millions
  6. That's definitely a shame and don't want to be topping up the landlords pockets! However it is a bizarre one the catchment area and history behind Huddersfield is all there. I don't know whether alot turn to the football club when they had the relative success for sport. I imagine alot would have come out of the woodwork but even so the RL club should be able to attract a decent croud especially when there aren't any other sporting fixtures for 15 miles or so.
  7. https://www.rugby-league.com/get-involved/match-officials/become-a-match-official-- The Army is listed as having their own society of match officials however I imagine the referee was probably from the local society. Its difficult to say for me personally I know there is progression and a development plan to get on the pro match officials etc however I am not sure what the equilivant league structure would be you would expect the referee to be in the NCL at least which is worrying if basic errors.
  8. I agree with the comments above. For the U30s market in Huddersfield is there a link between the club and the University to try and attract students to games? I know Leeds have been successful with Uni tie-ups in the past and Huddersfield did do it by a quick Google search in 2014/15 with the Students Union. Without sounding too negative the John Smith Stadium has a capacity of 24,000 with Huddersfields attendances being in the 8,000 mark. They could dedicate a stand to students if they wanted to similar to the Western terrace at Headingley behind the sticks opposite end of where the away fans are and build an atmosphere and you would do well in beer sales too. 19 mins walk from campus to stadium.
  9. They need to be fully qualified and at the appropriate level this isn't a sarcastic comment but try the rules test for yourself for free which is where they start at. https://www.wlklms.com/rflecom/?product=laws-of-the-game
  10. With that one it depends. The rules state the attacker has to get up off the ground once the tackle has been complete to PTB so potentially that decision could have been correct as no Scrums at the min so handover and tackle reset. Or could have been on the last too?
  11. It's a funny one that one as now the new defending team if they are quick enough to be in position on the 20 nothing stopping having markers but surely it's a tap and all should be beyond the 30?
  12. I was wondering with Margate if you would get London clubs travelling there for a Beach tournament or if numbers would be too thin. Definitely worth researching
  13. Community social arm of the RFL if you look at the tournament in a couple of weeks which is in the X-League form there will be over 100 participants of men's and women's teams playing in the tournament. We have engaged the local community of Brid with discounts available for teams from a range of products and in Brid itself with charity partners being Brid Lifeboat and the Mayor of Brid handing out the trophies. To sum up the aim is to show a community family orientated spirit whilst playing a regulated version of Rugby League and spreading the word.
  14. Hi All, With just over 2 weeks to go before our first beach X-league tournament. I have been wondering what the appetite would be for Beach RL and what form and locations. Would people prefer the X-League/touch format or would the appeal of full contact be there? Looking also to locations Bridlington is probably the best in Yorkshire with it having the largest sandy beach and seafront facilities other locations I have thought of.... Could Tynemouth (Long Sands beach) be an option for the North East, the obvious one for Lancashire is Blackpool. Could Rhyl be an interest for Wales/Merseyside? And would Margate attract teams from London/South East? Although the full format of the game should be the primary at the moment only Swansea and Bournemouth hold regular beach rugby union events so the market place especially now with "Staycation" being a bit more fashionable is there and there are plenty of locations around the UK that could be used that are ripe for Rugby League and development. After this year's Brid Beach X-League event we are hoping to host each year in Brid however it would be interesting to hear thoughts especially from new clubs or those struggling to get a squad of min of 15 week in week out could the option be a beach tournament for the community game? Or extension of the season for Beach Rugby League
  15. Then you had the proposed soccer European Super League, Netball SuperLeague, Super League Triathlon, to add to the list although Super league in the Rugby league sense started in '96 and is the first out of the ones mentioned.
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