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  1. Looks like everyone got stiffed. It all looked great when Toronto appeared and was just what the game needed. Unfortunately SL were against it and the rest is history. SL hasn't made it easy for the French teams either.
  2. Be up early again for this one. Just hope the reception is better on Live Sport. Been a terrific season for the Dogs to finish just behind Leigh. If it hadn't been for Leighs big spending who knows what the result may be. I think the score will be much closer on Sun than when they last met.
  3. Very witty Harry! The Dogs might bite the crust on Sunday but it will be your turn when you get into SL. If you run true to form you will be back down in in 23.
  4. Well done great team effort. Well worth getting up for.
  5. Alarm set for 3AM will watch back end of the Leigh game. The game is on Live Sports streams which isn't always the best reception, but it's the only source for me.
  6. Wishing the Dogs all the best for Sunday. I think we are in with a chance and shall be up early for this one.
  7. Won't be a shock win if the Dogs pull it off. They have already taken three points off them so I'll go for the Dogs by ten.
  8. Great result at Barrow. The Dogs should be feeling confident with their record against Fev this season and Fev not too confident. State of mind could play a big part in this game.
  9. Harry I was looking at a photo of the Leigh team and there is a load of big Polynesian guys in the team. Maybe that's why they are running up some big scores. Of course I haven't seen any of Leighs games so what type of footy is being served up?
  10. Although this is a WC discussion I am going off track. The problem with game in the UK is that it's got stale and compared to the NRL looks to be played at half pace. Until that is sorted, support for the game won't increase. Unfortunately there are no big name players in the game like there used to be. Those that could pull in a crowd and thrill them. The game also made a big mistake in the way it handled the WP. Instead of encouraging them they did the opposite. Sure the team consisted of Aussies. French and Poms but they were building up a big following and down the track would have attracted Canadian and Americans to the game. Finally playing the ball needs fixing before the WC.
  11. Very fortunate that these guys had the foresight to break away from the RU.
  12. Shades of Toronto this could only happen in SL. Although I hate to say it's a two bit outfit.
  13. The R LF did themselves a great disservice when they got rid of Toronto. That should have been the start of the breakout from the heartlands. But eh, we have Leigh in SL next season. Is it any wonder the game is struggling.
  14. Lots of Polynesians are very successful in the NRL and many of those would return to play in a team situated in Christchurch. The reason they go to Aussie is because there isn't the opportunity to play in NZ with just Warriors. Despite what you say a team in CH-CH would be well supported.
  15. There is plenty support for league in NZ and Auckland in particular. NZ Warriors have had a lousy season so far, but, their last the last three home games have attracted two sell out crowds(26,000) and tonights game 16.000. I am sure Ch-Ch could match those figures if an NRL team was based there.
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