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  1. I still cannot cannot sign in.Can you look into it Bob and get it sorted please.
  2. Pleased that the draw was a success. How about making sure that those wanting to purchase tickets can do so.
  3. Would most probably make a far better job of it and make sure all teams were treated fairly .
  4. Just tried again but won't accept my password. This needs sorting quickly.There are a quite a few of us by all accounts, having the same problem.
  5. Must have tried four or five times to buy a couple of tickets without success.Even changed my PW but unable to complete the transaction.
  6. Did the above make it to Rochdale?Was wondering if he made it back home safely due to the virus.
  7. Most probably the reason for lack of improvement is both French clubs are stacked with Aussies and English guys.
  8. Much of it depends on SL.The way they made it difficult for the Pack and others following could hold back development in Canada.Union would have accepted these teams immeadiately.These Canadian teams are at no cost to SL.
  9. Excellent result!Defence has been terrible in earlier games, to keep Huddersfield pointless is a big improvement. Pity the game could not be picked up here in NZ.
  10. Big changes ahead in our game wi th new teams entering and it's sorely needed with the state of the game. Like it or not we have to accept the changes these new teams will bring and breath some life into the comp. For those who won't accept change They can always watch a game over the back fence.
  11. Are you ever enthusiastic about anything?
  12. Hell of a pack with Hill and Farrell in it.The Aussies will be delighted.
  13. Unfortunately foul language seems to be the norm today and you can actually hear families using it. There is no excuse for abusing anyone, let alone referees, doing there best to entertain people. In regard to League, I would think it's no worse than other sports
  14. The movement of junior players fr om Auckland to Aussie,has left a lot of the Auckland teams unable to field second teams.These players have been developed by the NZ system and yet the Aussies don't pay the NZRL a cent for them.
  15. Size has a lot to do with it in regard to the difference between the two.The Kiwis are made up mainly of PI and there are some big guy amongst them.Take the Tongan team for instance they knocked the stuffing out of GB and Aussie.
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