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  1. If he had done a good job he would not have got caught .Falls into May's category
  2. Should be a great day of footy.Hope it gets the support it deserves.
  3. Personaly I think an apology would have been quite sufficient in regards to Argyle,knowing what Brand is like there would be more meaning in her comment.
  4. A severe reprimand would have been quite sufficient.Fingers crossed that this doesn't affect things at the Wolfpack.
  5. Be good to get more of these DVDs on here.Really enjoyed those highlights.
  6. They certainly haven't helped to build the game in NZ, on the contrary they have stripped all the the best players out of any competition here.. Their attempt at the last WC was a complete fiasco.A half hearted effort at best . The 9s comp later this year is being played at some tin pot stadium with half the teams composed of players residing in Aussie.If your going to stage these games then give it your best or don't bother,you can't do it on the cheap.
  7. Bet you were up all night Parky going by the length of your latest screed.
  8. Age 31.I suspect at that age he couldn't get a decent contract in Union, that's the only reason why he wants to try League.
  9. Is this discussion about whether Argyle is putting money into the Scholar's or is it one on racism? You guys in the UK seem obsessed with racism and it seems to be mentioned on every item on these boards.Try giving it a rest.
  10. Bang on Scotchy.Some of these guys need to get of their high horses.
  11. The hangers on at the banquet would far out weigh the Trumps so what's your point.
  12. Very sad!Condolences to the Family.
  13. Excellent result for a new party and most probably better things to come.
  14. Then give him a chance you idiot.
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