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  1. That was the point I was getting at.Why all the criticism from certain posters about Toronto not doing that, when the majority of clubs aren't.
  2. IN regard to to player base expansion, just how many clubs throughout the Leagues are doing this?
  3. Toulouse won' t have the same conditions placed on them as Toronto so it must be the air fares that's the problem.
  4. They have had three years to sort this and still dithering about it.Toronto certainly have the credentials for SL and should be admitted to SL if they win the Championship without any strings attached,that includes a share of the pot.
  5. If your going to demand Toronto pay all the fares for Super League Clubs then the same must apply when traveling to France.Admittedly there is a difference in costs but you can't penalize one and not others. Super league is in a bad way with the best players heading for the NRL and that means less fans.New teams are required in the form of Toronto and others.Drive them away and your stuffed good and proper.
  6. Disappointing! Ottawa should have been in next season. Many would lose interest having to wait for another couple of years.
  7. The standard of Super League will never improve with these type of signings.
  8. It doesn't mater if they come from Timbuctu so long as they come.Try and be a bit more positive, might lift your spirit
  9. He's not lying at all when he says there are juniors playing the game.I would think at this stage of development there are not many and you would not expect it to be otherwise.Give the guy a chance its early days in Canada.At least he got Toronto up and running.
  10. Very sad and at such a young age.Condolences to the family.
  11. Should be a great day of footy.Hope it gets the support it deserves.
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