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  1. Being in debt to the govt may influence the decision in regard to the WP being readmited.
  2. How are they going to pay that off? The Championship and League One don't have access to that money do they?If not the govt can't come back on them.
  3. That's what I call a league man.Make that two. That's why I say give Toronto another go.They have lot to offer the game.
  4. Because no one wants to watch them.They add no value to SL
  5. A lot of these posts are speculation and nothing else. Best to wait for the official announcement.
  6. Where will SL be in ten years? Or where will it be in the not too distant future. For a start things aren't looking too good. I think(and I hope I'm wrong)there will be a big drop off in attendances when SL returns.If that happens, it should take care of a number of SL clubs who only make up the numbers and can't afford to be there. Further damage could be done depending how they handle the WPs application to take back their position in the League. New blood is required because the competition has grown stale.
  7. The biggest part of the posters on here, have for some time been coming up with petty remarks which are a waste of time. There is nothing to be lost by giving this guy a chance.If this comes off and it could, there will be money coming into the game and the game desperately needs it.
  8. They may grab the chance when they get their heads out of the sand.
  9. Although Leigh have been in SL a couple of times they have only lasted a season.I maybe mistaken, but, I think they received a significant payment each time they came back to the Championship. This has enabled them to outbid other clubs when signing players.Make no wonder their fans don't want a bar of the WP.
  10. Just hope the WP is allowed into SL again.Despite the naysayers on here there is nothing to be lost by doing so.They offer more to the league than any of the stronger clubs in the Championship,maybe apart from Toulouse. The guy who intends taking over the WP will be laying out a few million to get things sorted.In doing so he obviously is intending being there for the long haul. With all his business connections and how SL could benefit from those ,they would be making a big mistake by knocking them back.Sl is on its knees so nothing to lose.
  11. It doesn't matter who is financing who in these uncertain times, they could all run out of the readies like Argyle. Argyle in my opinion did a great job in helping to set up the WP.Hopefully the story is not finished there and that they can go on to great things.
  12. If it hadn't have been for Covic and unable able to play games in Canada (with money coming in)Argyle may have kept going.You guys are too hard on them,but then Leigh have eyes on SL.They have been there twice and could not hack it and the same will happen again should they make it.
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