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  1. Not trying to be smart but how about you taking up the whistle.A ref with no linesmen is no easy job.
  2. In regard to all this hype about William's,what seems to be overlooked is that he learnt all his skills in League.It's that what's made him the player he is and he was able to adapt to Union easily.Let's give league the credit for where he is today.No mention of this in the above article in the the Star.
  3. Radrada is no fool.Most probably on more money and easier on the body than playing League.
  4. I have to say Carl was the best schoolboy player I ever coached when I was at Glenora.A gifted player. Good to hear how you are doing Carl and best wishes.
  5. They were good days Gittins,really enjoyed them and great memories of going to the Mount sat afternoon choose what the weather.I clearly remember on a few occasions watching games with blizzards blowing or being too foggy to see the entire playing area.Dispite the weather there was always a good crowds. Things aren't too good for youngsters now and would not want to be starting again today.
  6. Looks like a good signing for the club.Be interesting to see how he goes.
  7. If he only wants to come back because of the cold let him stay were he is
  8. I didn't want to start a new topic but I hope you guys that post on here keep it open during the close season.All the other boards for the Super League clubs are dead,long time since comments were made on them.I like coming on here and reading your comments on the Wolfpack away from the usual criticism on the other boards. Really looking forward to the coming season.The Wolfpack have added a lot of interest to SL and given it new life.
  9. Reports coming out state Williams is to take to the ring again by taking on Paul Gallon.Williams has had a number of fights against unfit overweight opponents.I hope the Wolfpack have him well insured. Would have thought he was finished with boxing.
  10. It's of no surprise that League is in a bad way in the UK if some of the comments on this board are anything to go by.For our game to survive things have to change.We now have that chance so lets hope the powers that be grab the chance and let our game flourish,which it should have done years ago.
  11. Without a doubt the worst English side I have seen,devoid of try scoring ideas.No pressure what so ever on the Kiwis who you wouldn't class a top act.
  12. You could say there is plenty scope there.
  13. Whether or not you certainly are/The Wolfpack have brought new life into Sl which was getting a bit stale. Posters on here have been well entertained too.It's certainly livened up this board.
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