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  1. No one should kneel to anyone chose what the circumstances.
  2. was going to comment on the above post but somehow lost it.
  3. Forget about a second Brisbane team, what's required first are teams in Perth and Adelade.A second team in Brisbane will only split the Bronco's gates.
  4. AT the end of the day Harry, it does not matter who is in SLbecause it won't be Leigh Leigh don't do anything for SL and the clubs don't want you. Better to be a top dog in the Championship where you belong. Toronto and a few teams from other countries could work wonders for SL and give our game new life which it sorely needs.
  5. I've made other arrangements in regard to getting tickets, but, just tried to log in again without success.
  6. Unfortunately the UK have been very lax in regard to the virus and things are not too good there. They never had a proper lockdown, there are still lots coming into the UK including those that are crossing the Channel. Just hope things improve quickly.It's worrying when you have lots of family there.
  7. The negativity isn't as bad as it used to be. Things haven't changed since the Warriors came on the scene, the game is played mainly by Maoris a Islanders. Rugby Union is heading that way too.The North Island teams are all Polynesian, but, the South Island Is a mixture of players but that is slowly changing.
  8. Hi Roger,I would be interested in your Paypal account. Send me the details please.
  9. I'll leave you to work that one out Gubrats,I'm sure your quite capable.For a starter, take the Wolfpack when they were first established, the hostility some of their posters received on here was enough to make anyone lose interest.
  10. RL is an incredible game and the only negativity connected with it is those that hold the game back and some of the posters on these pages.
  11. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's going on in RL Pom.
  12. Rugby League is the game It would not be the same. If you change the name. Leave well alone.
  13. You can't expect to get good crowds when you don't advertise the game and they don't do that for the Final at Wembley. Out of sight out of mind. When I was a youngster, there used to be posters up all over town for the game the following Sat.Even that has stopped.The game is run on a shoestring and that's a tragedy.
  14. Most probably living on the interest his capital provides.
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