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  1. This Holroyd’s spoiling for a scrap. Great offload by Hopoate.
  2. He was going nuts about the pass to Ritson, no? Either way, running 20 metres to remonstrate with the referee was not a good look.
  3. Bell was slipping anyway but I’m glad we’ve given you something else to add to your dossier of stuff that’s not relevant.
  4. Good half, enjoying this. Saints started and ended well, Leeds the stronger in the middle of the half and punished a couple of Saints errors. All to play for in the second half. Pleased that the Saints pack are standing up to Leeds’.
  5. Sezer running at the referee there once the try was scored should be a card.
  6. You’re not telling me that Richie Myler’s being a knob? Someone will tell me that grass is green next or that water is wet.
  7. Like your argument, it was clutching at straws to claim it was even remotely similar to the first Asiata tackle. Or the second. Or the third. Or the fourth.
  8. I’ll never get what people see in Jarrod O’Connor. He’s garbage.
  9. Imagine talking about the biggest news story of the week?! It’s a disgrace.
  10. It’s as if me and you sat at home get to see things again and referees have to make decisions in real time at full speed.
  11. https://www.totalrl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/381692-a-note-on-discussing-the-performance-of-referees-for-all-trl-members/
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