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  1. Ebbsfleet even with one shiny new stand is a dive. The upside is it’s not November and should hopefully not rain if you’re exposed to the elements behind the sticks. Any other club and I’d be amazed they’re taking a game nearly 40 miles away from the home venue they’ve been in for all of about five or six games but London Broncos, it’s pretty normal for them.
  2. Wigan sold 8,000 as of three days ago. Huddersfield might be helped by Huddersfield Town playing across London twenty-four hours later.
  3. About time we looked at the Championship. 52-0 tonight. Terrible.
  4. A five team league and a twenty-odd team league with huge disparity, makes sense, does it?
  5. They won’t play. They’ll be with England, where they should be.
  6. 1,153 at Cornwall v West Wales, which is a great attendance.
  7. Thankfully, both the NCL clubs promoted and League One South ideas are non-starters. Established NCL clubs have never expressed any desire to join the professional game (why would they?) and League One South almost certainly involves drafting in anywhere between 4-8 appropriate southern based clubs, which is not going to happen due to finances and whether anyone could actually take that step up whilst maintaining some sort of standard to that level, without being the death knell for the sport in the south, which it likely would be. Super League Reserve sides in the competition could work, though I’m not sure how you’d do promotion and relegation or whether they’d be welcome.
  8. I think League One serves a purpose for the heartland clubs. Barrow, Whitehaven, York and Bradford have rebuilt and come back stronger from appearing in League One and it appears Keighley are doing the same. I expect Oldham and Hunslet to grow slowly too but this year may be too son. For North Wales and Midlands, it’s a place to grow at a slower rate whilst holding their own. West Wales have been poorly run and that’s well documented on here so I won’t get into that and it’s been done to death about Skolars and their troubles, having been absolutely gutted by London Broncos and much like other clubs, they’re rebuilding but for them, it will probably take much longer than for a heartland based club. Cornwall are new and have offered chances to amateur players from the local area, it seemed a bold approach and it appears to be in reality, looking at their results. League One looked really exciting and national when the All Golds, Oxford and Hemel were alongside South Wales, London, Coventry and North Wales. It’s a shame that never really worked and it didn’t come with a proper plan from those in charge. Given the amount of teams and games played, I’ve always thought League One could be a bit experimental and test the waters if other formats or competitions are genuinely something that is being looked at. A twelfth team would be nice so it could be a 22 game season.
  9. It’s a couple of thoroughly odd and irrelevant posts to the thread posted as a dig at a small handful of clubs, as if you’re a better person and fan for supporting whatever lower league club you do. No doubt you use the hilarious “super greed” moniker, too. The fact so many, are regardless of who they support, have echoed the sentiment from the original poster or feared the same eventual outcome, shows that the feelings towards the sport resonate beyond the choice of club supported.
  10. What sort of time period after a game of any sport is it okay for players to make jokes and laugh, then?
  11. It’s been comical for years. “Pie smash”, “the Wolves are waiting” and the whole Whizzy Rascal episode were laughably bad. I’d confidently say Warrington’s crowds are in spite of, not because of, the daft stuff they’ve done.
  12. Their recruitment and retention has been poor, as pointed out above. The lack of size in the pack was evident to us as fans, I’m not sure how or why it was ignored by Warrington’s staff. I don’t think they should sack Powell though, he’s inherited this mess, he should be allowed to attempt to overhaul it. Their fans seems to have deserted and the whole PR thing doesn’t appear to have yielded better crowds, maybe they’ve brought in better sponsors and commercial revenue but they’re struggling to get bums on seats and a child driving a toy car is an odd route to take.
  13. How many loanees did Cornwall have? I’ve seen it mentioned that they have a fair few. The bottom of League One, albeit as an expansion mini league, of Cornwall, West Wales and London should be interesting.
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