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  1. The Southern Hemisphere nations are coming to the UK and France in 2023 or 2024 according to Steve Mascord.
  2. If they come second in their group, they’ll then play Australia (I think).
  3. I’ve definitely missed the cut but with the reported two tens, has there been any discussion amongst clubs and/or The RFL about what happens with those cut adrift?
  4. Because you’re advocating violence and believe it’s okay. Thankfully, your Head Coach is a classier and more honest individual than yourself.
  5. It’s shocking that those who scheduled the World Cup didn’t think about a teacher in Aberystwyth and whether he could get there.
  6. Had Wigan asked for things to be removed, the public wouldn’t know as it wouldn’t be public knowledge.
  7. The thing is, the majority of the other “mishmash” designs made up don’t appear to be club commissioned, so there’s a lot more leeway in terms of the drawing of incidents of a close to the bone nature. Wigan’s has been commissioned by Wigan and then, once completed, approved by Wigan after the artist himself said he wanted to include things the club aren’t proud of.
  8. Do we know if clubs are “refusing” or they’re not being released in time for League Express’ deadlines on a Sunday for the Monday release?
  9. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/ditch-hidden-agendas-and-reduce-games-or-risk-burning-out-players-like-football/ Interesting.
  10. Watch from kick-off, pal. Flower swings a punch at Hohaia, who retaliates with the coming together with Flower before Flower’s head explodes.
  11. I don’t think many would agree that there’s any sort of carrying of Hurrell within the Saints side, as he’s played in an inexperienced side of the pitch for the most part, this year through injuries and suspensions. He’s come in and worked hard (lost weight for a start) and is reaping the rewards. Many would now want him as first choice over Will Hopoate, who cannot stay fit for longer than two weeks at a time.
  12. Been fine, on the whole, for Saints this year and earned a deserved contract renewal as a result of his good form.
  13. It appears that the artist includes such incidents across other cartoons he draws, as he has depicted Roy Keane’s pretty terrible tackle on Alf Haaland on a Man United mural with comic sound effect for good measure, though I can’t see that the United one was an official commissioned piece, like this Wigan one is. I suppose there’s free licence on unofficial pieces but I would have thought there would be less so on official pieces.
  14. He hasn’t but on the subject of this mural, it’s not really relevant.
  15. Some club, Batley. When does overachieving end and being one of the best clubs outside of Super League begin?
  16. Andrew Johns joining Warrington was pretty big. At the time they weren’t the Warrington of pre-Powell.
  17. Cleary is on another level to anybody else on the park.
  18. End to end half, the sin bin could be pivotal in the early stages of the second half.
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