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  1. Highly doubtful... Remember hudds will bring virtually no traveling support. Would love Barrow to roll them over, but I can't see it. The full time pros should win this one without too much panic.
  2. Could that be their biggest ever attendance? Probably not mind you... I remember when Wire went up there about 12 years ago - it seemed like the whole town (and a good few outlying farms and homesteads too by the look of things) had showed up for the game.
  3. Looked better than I expected "marra". The sun must have dried it out a bit. The ground didn't look great mind - really run down. And what's with that name 'The LEL Arena'?? Who on earth calls that place an "arena"???
  4. I have to say, the coverage on the Sportsman was great. They really are carrying on from where they left off last season. It won't do much for the visibility of the sport, but for fans who know where to find it, they are a great addition to the overall coverage of rugby league. I love watching their Cup games.
  5. Agreed, but you are talking about quite a primitive town.
  6. "Made you chuckle"? I had to turn it off after about 25 seconds.
  7. Agreed. I can see England frantically scraping the NRL for eligible players the closer the competition gets. The level in Super League is just too far behind, unfortunately.
  8. It was an educated guess. 'His' whingeing hand-wringing, excessive wokeness made it obvious that he has almost certainly never been a rugby league player.
  9. Eh?? The uni RL competition has been going for 30odd years. My brother played at York in the mid 90s. Union have had their university final at Twickenham since those days too, yet all these years later we still can't even manage a club stadium?? (In fact, we can barely manage to hold it on a Rugby League pitch ... Did you see the in-goal areas on that Nottingham field??)
  10. Saints by 60. Would be more, but that Cumbrian quagmire is a real leveller. Any skill is negated when players are running through treacle. Saw Whitehaven at Barrow the other week. Village stuff. Whitehaven guy let the opening kick off rebound straight off his chest - no attempt to turn his body. Real amateurish stuff. Saints by a mile.
  11. I started watching and playing the game in the late 80s/early 90s. There were already 3 man gang tackles in the game then. That's 30 years ago. I have no idea what era you are referring to, but it sounds like it was a very long time ago indeed.
  12. I have not. I stand corrected - didn't realise it was the club offices. Good to know it is such a thriving success. Will this booming hospitality market enable the club to spend the (mediocre) salary cap any time soon?
  13. You would hope so. They are surely going to demolish those god-awful council flats (sorry "executive hospitality stand") later on as part of the stadium development?? They will then need the hospitality areas in the new stand. You aren't telling me they are keeping that thing!
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