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  1. Bottas takes pole, Hamilton 2nd and Verstappen third. Qualifying though belongs to young British driver Lando Norris who comes in 4th in the McLaren. Ferrari had a nightmare with Vettel in particular struggling.
  2. Return of the F1 season and Lewis Hamilton has a chance to equal Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 titles. I think he must stand a decent chance with Max Verstappen looking the nearest challenger. Keep an eye out for the progress of young British driver Lando Norris in the McLaren who had a very promising debut season last year.
  3. Bit of colourful language here (hope it’s okay)
  4. There’s always a few factors that decide the title. I think it will mainly come down to two next season: a) Whether Manchester City’s European ban is upheld; b) How expansive the European competitions will be next season given the logistical nightmare of COVID-19;
  5. Well that guard of honour ended well... City opened up Liverpool at will and ruthlessly exploited some poor defending. Game on for next season, the gauntlet has been laid emphatically.
  6. Major League Baseball is on it’s way back on our screens soon. 60 game season, regional schedule (40 games versus your division and 20 interleague games against the nearest geographic division. In a move that will infuriate the traditionalists the designated hitter rule is being employed in the National League amongst a few other tweaks. A lot of speculation over who a shortened season will benefit. I’ve put a fiver each way on Tampa Bay at 16/1 with the Yankees and the Dodgers no value at just over 3/1. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29389596/everything-need-know-mlb-2020-season-restart-plan-begins%3fplatform=amp
  7. I suggested this earlier in the thread and how great it would be if other clubs followed suit even if just temporarily.
  8. I think it can’t help, particularly in the case of Sheffield Utd, whose fans have created atmospheres that can only help their team and pressurise officials. Must be kept in mind though that away fans often create more noise and their ticket allocation is usually larger in the FA Cup - they’re missing too. But I think I agree that home advantage has generally been eroded and so games are more likely to be decided by tactics and talent than outside factors.
  9. Oooof. I’ve watched a little on B365 and they’ve been caught out on the break after pushing too hard. Haven't been all that impressed by Hamburg since their return so I’m not too shocked, but a little saddened that a playoff northern derby has been taken away. Werder on the other hand have grabbed the chance to haul themselves out of the mire so far.
  10. Hamburg now 4-1 down at home. Hi-de-Hi-denheim await.
  11. No problem at all. There’s some good people out there who can help and will always listen.
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