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  1. Been checking the usual reliable sources for news of whether the England vs Fiji friendly will be on TV or not? Any news whether a broadcaster is interested such as the BBC or even Channel 4? If IMG are serious about upping the focus on the international game then hopefully we can entice one of the bigger boys to put it on.
  2. My point on this would be that even with the movement of games, we see in press conferences complaints over the fixtures that accommodate TV in U.K. football. That suggests to me that even the biggest Premier League clubs are in a relationship whereby they don’t entirely dictate terms. Whereas maybe in RL the clubs have been almost too powerful.
  3. Which is the kind of relationships RL’s leading clubs should have with the independent governance hopefully.
  4. We went in April to the Somme region so maybe things have changed since then. The way back took far longer as it clashed with fans returning from the Champions League final in Paris via car and train transporter. On the whole it was slick though and problem free - not sure if that’s because certain aspects of Brexit hadn’t kicked in though.
  5. Just 5,000 tickets left at Bolton according to an email I have received from the RLWC team.
  6. Anybody else watch the story about the unexplained death of British man Marc Bennett in Qatar on Channel 4 news? He had been hired to do a PR video for Qatar ahead of the World Cup. I’ve posted the details in the political thread for those interested but I don’t think this is the last you will have heard of this in the run in to the World Cup.
  7. Did a Somme trip earlier in the year with a few others. Used the car loading train service. Was smooth enough.
  8. They’re not the Messiahs, they’re very naughty boys!
  9. Dolphins, Saints, Browns, Ravens, Cowboys, Lions, Chargers, Titans, Bears, Eagles, Steelers, Panthers, Broncos, Packers, Chiefs, Rams
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