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  1. So much anger, haha! It leads to the dark side don’t you know, John... The real troublemakers are anger, jealousy, impatience, and hatred. With them, problems cannot be solved. Though we may have temporary success, ultimately our hatred or anger will create further difficulties. Anger makes for swift solutions. Yet, when we face problems with compassion, sincerity, and good motivation, our solutions may take longer, but ultimately they are better. Dalai Lama
  2. Always good though to have a few big names in the action to help gauge the standard of the up and comers.
  3. Not sure whether to stick some money on the San Diego Padres as they seem to be loading up their roster for a tilt at the pennant. They’re 9/1 to win it all this year. Obviously the reigning champion Los Angeles Dodgers are an unbackable short price (7/2).
  4. The United States vs Billie Holliday (2021) Sky Cinema Powerful, moving and sad drama with some great performances particularly by Andra Day who plays Billie.
  5. Sorry no help can be given from me and my many attempts to try and ‘get good’ at darts have only left me wishing there was a place on the board for a ‘0.5’ double! Haha Great idea about getting away from the laptop though if you’re working from home 8 hours a day. Ive been playing Mancala, Gomoku and Nine Men’s Morris to vary things up a bit on the games front thanks to a worldwide games compendium on the Switch - would love to play one of these in real life post lockdown.
  6. “The Last Dance” on Netflix Great piece of sports story telling about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Even non-basketball fans will get on with it as it is really well made and ‘warts and all’.
  7. For the uninitiated, how does it work and what is the buzz?
  8. What’s a MMORPG? Is this like Dungeons & Dragons?
  9. Pity Sky cut off the coverage that we missed the Maori prematch.
  10. I’ll try it for a weekend, but while I’m a tolerant man for the odd technical gremlin, at those kind of prices I will be making a judgement on production values and what I expect.
  11. They’ve brought a mini helicopter this time on this latest Mars mission.
  12. Can only really go off Ferguson’s own confessions that announcing his retirement had a detrimental effect on the motivation of his players.
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