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  1. Redskins Cowboys Titans Browns Ravens Patriots Panthers Eagles Texans Chargers Rams 49ers Bills Seahawks Lions Packers
  2. Anyone else watching Redzone on Sky Sports Mix? Think it’s the only place us long suffering Washington fans are going to get to see the team play this year. I’m struggling to think of any other format of sports programming that makes six hours seem so short, do love Redzone action!
  3. But that’s the point, the talking hadn’t even begun in terms of a wider consultation. I think many felt, even on both sides of the divide, that this is an area that could have been handled better. Ultimately the board could have pointed to the results of the consultation and taken it forward from there.
  4. I think you’re underestimating the disillusionment that was created when the promised wider consultation exercise didn’t take place. The Swinton Lions Supporters Trust wrote an open letter to the board that was conciliatory and measured, requesting more dialogue. It seems to me that the more moderate voices were not taken on board enough when people were suggesting compromise.
  5. I think the key mistake was promising a wide consultation exercise with the fans and then not holding it. Looking at the Swinton Fans Facebook page back then there was a poll where over people said around 6 to 1 (around 120+ to 20+) that the compromise name “Manchester Swinton Lions” would be acceptable if there was a need for change. I personally thought the Swinton Lions Supporters Trust wrote a very measured response to the board that seemed to offer a way forward. I don’t really understand why this wasn’t acted upon straight away by the board as the premise of a bigger consultation.
  6. I wonder why the board never considered the compromise name of ‘Manchester Swinton Lions”. That seemed to be the middle ground in all this. If only the promised full consultation with the fans had taken place.
  7. Don’t overlook the fact that there’s a lot of national media based in Salford Quays now who might sense a local bandwagon to jump on.
  8. I wouldn’t be finished with rugby league if Toronto were barred from Super League, but it would be ridiculous. The image of the game in the wider media in the UK would be of a sport lacking any coherent strategy or direction. Conversely I think allowing Toronto into the top flight on merit would lead to a lot of positive publicity and interest in the game from the media.
  9. Sky might baulk at the extra production costs I reckon.
  10. Wouldn’t it be a bit chilly in September to be sitting through three matches?
  11. Panthers Ravens Cowboys Titans Seahawks Bills 49ers Chargers Vikings Texans Patriots Chiefs Saints Bears Eagles Jets
  12. Antonio Brown has been cut by the Raiders and signed by the Patriots on the eve of the new season. Reminds me a little of when Randy Moss was picked up by New England. First game up for the Patriots is of course Pittsburgh!
  13. How much coin does the Grand Final make for UK rugby league? Was it a pre-requisite of the last Sky deal? Is it a thing that can even be changed?
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