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  1. Must be frustrating all around that he’s broken out of the sub-culture that is snooker and is a well known mainstream figure. Yet many in the snooker world seemingly want a more solemn figurehead, but if he was that then would he really draw publicity for snooker itself, good or bad? I must admit his erratic behaviour does seem pretty consistent to me for a person with his well publicised health issues (albeit someone under the microscope of being the most well known snooker star).
  2. I don’t follow him closely, but doesn’t he have well documented health issues that could be attributed to his outbursts and sometimes eccentric interviews? I have watched snooker since the early 80s and seen all the great players of that vintage and afterwards. Poor etiquette by his fans is not something to promote although I have noticed snooker itself has become more and more razzmatazz in its presentation even extending to wrestling style intros and ringwalk music. Not ideal if you then want everyone to sit in appreciative hushed tones!
  3. The Jar Jar Binks will be rocking. Saints have shown they can be beaten. Don’t drop the baton, Wigan
  4. Glenn Maxwell puts India to the sword in the latest T20 series with an incredible knock
  5. I hope if we do play Samoa then, as others have said, we should try and scale it up as much as possible. If the argument is that Magic needs a big stadium and is a worthwhile event because more people have a vested interest than finalists at a Challenge Cup final for example. Then I’m sure we can apply the same logic to an England match that the majority of RL fans can get behind and engage with especially with a good calibre opponent like Samoa. I’ll be disappointed if this is played at a club RL ground and we don’t think big.
  6. Cowboys, Chargers, Saints, Falcons, Steelers, Texans, Colts, Dolphins, Bucs, Browns, Eagles, Chiefs, Jaguars
  7. Personally I’m not keen on the Francophonic phrases entering our lingo. Bloody French sabotaging our language.
  8. Yep, hopefully I’m being too negative here and they’ll utilise their platforms in a way we can benefit from.
  9. Do we think then that people are going to be asked to fork out for a Sky subscription and an Our League type subscription or PPV? That wasn’t what I hoped for tbh when the ‘every match’ angle was revealed. Especially in today’s economic climate.
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