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  1. Should have been a penalty then against Mitchell
  2. Might go up and bang the side of the telly
  3. I’ve backed the Indigenous side to beat the Maoris and the 4 point handicap.
  4. That minute silence wasn’t very well observed
  5. Have the teams been announced for the Men’s game?
  6. Thanks mate, it’s a bit of a Leeds love-in, but actually it was very interesting to hear his story and opinion. I was glad he very briefly touched on NFL films who do a good job of finding the narrative of each season and interesting storylines. They also capture the sound and cinematic feel of the game there in a different way to US broadcasters. I think that blueprint, with the cooperation of Super League, is the way to go for sports filmmakers in the U.K. as if you can get it right you can find a wider audience. He makes interesting comments about platforms, fragmentation of the audience and the lessening influence of the FTA broadcasters. Perhaps a lot of what he says at the end will be lost on the ageing less tech savvy fan, but it’s worth a listen.
  7. Can’t get the link to work sadly - can you briefly sum up the changes we might see?
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