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  1. Teej is a box office player - hope he can make a full recovery
  2. Great thread! I fixed my washing machine a long time ago when skint and realised the low cost and skill involved vs the alternative of getting a new one. Shamefully I don’t own many basic tools, but my perspective changed when on a much lower income than now that maintenance is not only necessary in life but satisfying. I find now when I can’t maintain something, I want to find someone who can and view the tip as the very last resort for anything. Plus I would encourage people to think about Freecycle initiatives when getting rid of things like furniture if you can’t find a hom
  3. Montpellier Villa is a fantastic name for a football team. Have then gone for an orange or maroon inspired strip as per the name? Or neither? Good luck to Hastings anyway - let battle commence!
  4. DAZN’s US commentary team practically accusing Saunders of cowardice or not having ‘gears’ because he quits with a broken eye socket - what idiots!
  5. Is that the place where they literally drink the sea?
  6. Like the sound of all that and Manuka honey has many health benefits. Sounds like a wee dram from time to time will be good for the soul.
  7. I’ve been there too, nice place, I hope they do well. They also make very nice vodka and gin. I’ve also been to their arch enemy in Norfolk which is another good English distillery ageing whisky.
  8. With the IPL indefinitely suspended might we get to see some of the players returning to England in the County Championship?
  9. Chelsea now inviting representatives of the supporters into board meetings. No voting rights though and starting at only four per year with caveats. No word from Chelsea supporter groups on a reaction in this story. https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11668/12296863/chelsea-to-include-fans-in-board-meetings-after-super-league-backlash
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