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  1. Totally agree, the show itself looks cheap and hardly gets the pulse racing.
  2. I’ve had it done this morning.
  3. Oh dear, most of these predictions are way out
  4. The new dramatisation of War of the Worlds on BBC1 at 9pm tonight is meant to be worth a watch.
  5. Britain’s Jay Ajayi has re-signed with the Philadelphia Eagles. Tonight’s Sky games are very decent indeed: Baltimore at Houston at 6pm in the battle of two of the hottest QBs Philadelphia at New England in a rematch of Super Bowl LII
  6. Yes, but that’s one weekend. If we’re going to ‘pilot’ a true international club competition with involvement from the NRL then we might need to start small and gradually expand (as soccer did a long time ago).
  7. I don’t think that’s what Argyle is getting at, but then you do seem very hostile to anything that is coming out of Toronto.
  8. Yes, but international club competitions can prove very popular if done correctly and are representative of the elite of a sport.
  9. Is there really time in the season for that? I think you might need to take baby steps initially to get the Australians involved. This might mean something more limited.
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