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  1. I fell asleep and missed this whole effort - will it be done again?
  2. I’m not self-isolating anymore, but I thought it was worth updating on how this and the general ‘stay in for victory’ effort was going: Things I thought or said I’d be doing: -Reading classic literature; -Learning a musical instrument -Tidying/cleaning/fixing -Making nouvelle cuisine -Finishing the Bayeux tapestry etc etc Things I did or am doing: -Reading comments on TRL -Getting stuffed online at various Nintendo Switch games -Broke the oven -Making pot noodles -Thinning the carpet near the desk which I’m using to working from home due to heavy coasters on chair
  3. I completed a 7 day cycle of self isolation after developing a dry cough. I have no idea if I actually had the virus or not as following the guidelines I kept away from contact with Health professionals. My symptoms developed into a tightening of the chest so I waited 9 days for all to clear before breaking my curfew for a much needed shop. I did this late in the evening and managed to purchase enough food for nutritious meals to last a week and observed the social distancing. Yesterday, late afternoon, I acted on a hunch that it would be a good time to shop for my elderly father who is living with my sister who is also self isolating for the initial 12 week recommended period. Going across two supermarkets, I managed to pick up their full shopping list including toilet roll. I even snuck in a few treats for them to make the time pass more easily. Being able to do this for them regularly is now my biggest fear and I would welcome a systematic process for people like myself so I am not at the mercy of the law as to whether I am outside in the car for kicks or trying to do the right thing. At the moment there is a long backlog for home delivery slots for their local supermarkets. Anyone else in the same boat?
  4. If it can fully move online and be produced with people working in accordance with the government guidelines then I would hope it would keep going. The next few months are going to be difficult for most, if not all. I think we will all welcome some form of distraction from current events. I am a subscriber to both the mag and the paper. I wonder whether interviews with players and chairman could not be done all via the phone. Please keep going and stay safe.
  5. To those moaning about not going to the pub the message is clear: You’ll be saving lives.
  6. Kammy an instantly recognisable figure for most sports fans. Sky obviously hoping for bumper audience.
  7. I was hoping it might be other factors that I like such as Sumo wrestling, sushi and Takeshi’s Castle that might be vital here!
  8. The data coming out of Japan is interesting. Whether it’s the testing regime or not, it doesn’t appear to have the same growth rate as Europe in terms of spread of the virus. I had assumed that the age demographics of that country meant that they would be hit as hard as any. Anyone wiser as to what is happening to that island nation?
  9. I’ve started self isolating after a dry cough got worse yesterday and headaches started. Being asked to work from home unless symptoms develop or get worse in which case I should cease work and get medical help. My hope is to build immunity, recover and then be in a position where I can aid others I know who fall into the vulnerable groups following medical advice. That is my plan.
  10. We’re like an army fighting a rearguard action. The longer we can stagger the rate of infection in the U.K. then the best chance vulnerable people will have of receiving treatment. I’m loathe to invoke things like Dunkirk spirit, but we really are all in the same boat vis a vis caring about vulnerable loved ones.
  11. Big fan of Sniper Elite 4 and I’ve never really had the time to explore it properly or complete it. I’ve actually lent my PS4 and games to a friend who is recovering from a heart attack in his forties to give him a lift. My list is quite boring really: -Tidy up the clutter -Assess the out of control Scotch/Bourbon/Irish whiskey collection! -Plan a post coronavirus holiday! -Design and start a new layout for the extortionately priced Lego train set bought for the inner child on a whim! -Waste time on the Nintendo playing the grown up games that have been bought but barely played! -Watch tv sport and hope there is tv sport to watch! -Read one of the umpteen half read literary classics lying around the place (started ‘Crime and Punishment’, but only got as far as ‘Crime’!) -Keep tabs on friends, neighbours and family that fall under the vulnerable group
  12. I read about this earlier in the week in the Athletic, but I’m not sure it’s a healthy development for boxing as it further fragments the audience. In their opinion, the contract would be split where Sky would still get Hearn fights, but just not all of them. That means in order to watch legitimately (and support the sport), you will need access to Sky, BT and DAZN in Britain so it just increases the cost for the viewer. In the same discussion, it was reported that Fury vs Wilder II PPV sales were disappointing and reflected the vast amount of ‘streaming’ that went on which brings into question whether PPV is the right vehicle for guaranteed income for big fights.
  13. The state of people panic buying toilet roll Are we going to start needing rationing and coupons again?
  14. Got £5 in bet credits for being a ‘loyal customer’. Having a punt to nothing on Ighalo to be booked at 9/1 in Derby vs Man Utd FA Cup tie tonight. Read some rationale about the choice of official, his previous record for Watford and in China in terms of fouls committed and that Derby at home won’t rollover. We shall see.
  15. Isn’t perception of time linked to the way the brain handles memories? Due to it’s architecture we have a better memory (somewhat counterintuitively) of events from when we were much younger than of events from more recent times. Happy to be corrected, but I think this is how science has explained social phenomenon such as nostalgia.
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