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  1. If all fails with the next 2 home games v Catalan & Wigan. We still have KR at Home and Hull away...not that we have a good record against the latter. If we can stay up I really do feel our club can start to grow next season. With freeing up likes of Bill Toupou and Tom Johnstone amongst God knows how many casualties I feel this could be a turning point in Trinity's future. As North Yorks Trinity as said we just want clarification that we're safe...don't want it to drag out to the end of the season but in our clubs case it bl**dy will do.
  2. None of us know how the final games will pan out. However I do feel our lads will go all out for it on Sunday. Too close to call imo following week we're at Home to Wigan absolute no chance. If we lose on Sunday, then it's still all to play for imo especially if Toulouse win at Warrington...you just never know.
  3. So glad I never took Hull KR -8 thought this would be too close to call. Infact bookies have all games kinda spot on this week. Hard to pick a team for the first time in ages. Anyway commiserations to Toulouse, don't want to see anyone going down too but if we win on Sunday I feel we are safe (fingers crossed) Up the Trin
  4. Would love to see Hull win, after last week you never know but my head says Fartown. Huddersfield 24-16 Hull FC
  5. More of the same fight and passion Trinity please, don't see why we can't carry on from here. The Mighty Trin 18-14 Catalans
  6. I hope your being sarcastic taking Leeds to win. I'm going: Leeds 20-26 Salford
  7. I predicted a shock last year when the two sides met which came in for Castleford 10-20 if I remember. But with last weeks poor show, only one winner here. St Helens 30-12 Castleford.
  8. Wow, wow, wow this is why our game is the best ever. Not going to give any stick to our neighbours it sounds they had a similar performance to our boys when we lost 4-34 at Belle Vue when I came down a couple of months back. Just so proud of the lads, looking at Castlefords line up they were far stronger than us but the players knew they had to throw the kitchen sink in, no one ever thought they would produce this. Relegation not over by a long shot, but keep fighting like this and who knows. Up the Trin
  9. I'm I reading this score right lol Had to phone my Dad in North Yorkshire at the timing Matty Ashurst scored to see if I needed to go to specsavers. But no he says 18-0. Still don't think we have it in the bag yet, along 40 to go. Would of loved to been there the atmosphere sounds great, no bars that I know showing it where I am...gutted.
  10. I just hope we can make it as tight as possible due to the squad we have. You never know points difference may play a factor come the end. Kelipi missing 1 game and Jorge Taufua who makes up about 3 of our players is going to be a huge miss for the rest of the season. Let's hope we can show fight again and look towards the 2 home games v Cats and Wigan. I'm going Castleford 26-16 The Might Trin
  11. Salford will be too good for Saints, Salford team of the year for me. Salford 22-10 St Helens
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