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  1. Any updates on adam lawton????.
  2. Like the lad signed from st Helens I know he had a long term injury but we've not heard any updates on him or yei??
  3. And everyone of us will be the best manager going saying i wouldn't play him I'd play him, when we win we'll be saying that was a good choice by him, c'mon owdam .
  4. So at the end of the season and we are on the same points as someone else, who goes up???.
  5. We need to hammer Newcastle for the point's and not to lose to kieghley Hunslet and rochdale and up our game there are four coaches who need to give all the players a nudge in the right direction .
  6. Wishing you all the very best haydn ,and thanks very much for helping the club move forwards, cheers .
  7. How many director's are now left on the board,and will any new ones coming in.
  8. Hopefully they won't sign to many older players next season or we could be up a creek without a paddle
  9. A couple of the teams have added a couple of loans signings, maybe if we have so many injuries we might have to do this .
  10. Not having to much luck with injuries lately
  11. Could do with Ridyard back next season
  12. Adam lawton is a massive loss just hope mckenzie yei will ready soon.
  13. Don't know why he was in the squad because apparently he failed a fitness test on Friday???.
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