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  1. This technology has also been trialled in RU and Soccer. "Inventor Michael Press, 33, said he believes the technology adds to the match-day experience of fans as well as aiding visually impaired spectators." https://twitter.com/goallighttech/status/1375824929963261955?s=20&t=IYsqqGbSr_S2APL1Rss-WQ
  2. Final Tipping Ladder 2022 Season 1 The Red Rooster 150 - Champion Tipster for the Second Year Running https://i.imgur.com/uPgHTMA.png 2 Graham 144 3 R L Winger 142 4 Farmduck 140 5 StormGirl 139 6= Irish Saint 138 6= Dunbar 138 8= Dee Deuce 136 8= Spotty Herbert 136 10 Steve75 131 11= Barney 129 11= LlanWests 129 13 Stoney100 111 14 JimBronco 92 15 Jeff Stein 81 16 Number16 62 17 Bedfordshire Bronco 17 Also tipped - DavidM 1 from 2 Join us again next season for the 2023 NRL Weekly Tipping Competition
  3. What a great season it has been for our forum tipping competition. Congratulations to our overall Champion Tipster 2022 THE RED ROOSTER who was also our winner last season (2021) Thank you to everyone who has taken part during the season, especially to those of you who have been regulars or ever-presents. The tie breaker was needed this week. Of our 8 top scorers (see below) it was GRAHAM who of them was the closest to the points total and it's him who is this week's Champion Tipster. Well done our other award winners. The Red Rooster will receive a forum 2022 Champion Tipster image to use together with last season's winner's image that he sports in the signature section of his posts. I just have to create it. The awards for this week will follow shortly once I've created it. Cheers, Graham
  4. Great to hear from you RF. I hope you are well and your family too. What a strange few (Covid) years we’ve had. Your kind thoughts are appreciated. Take care, Graham
  5. The stadium holds 83,500 people and it is expected that the attendance will be near capacity after the news of a sell-out. Eels and Panthers fans who missed out on tickets will be able to purchase tickets and attend 'live sites' at CommBank Stadium and Penrith Leagues Club.
  6. NRLW player of the year Winner: Raecene McGregor (Sydney Roosters) Team of the year NRLW team of the year Fullback — Sam Bremner (Roosters) Winger — Teagan Berry (Dragons) Winger — Jaime Chapman (Broncos) Centre — Isabelle Kelly (Roosters) Centre — Jessica Sergis (Roosters) Five-Eighth — Tarryn Aiken (Broncos) Halfback — Raecene McGregor (Roosters) Prop — Caitlan Johnston (Knights) Prop — Millie Boyle (Knights) Hooker — Keeley Davis (Dragons) Second Row — Keilee Joseph (Roosters) Second Row — Olivia Kernick (Roosters) Lock — Simaima Taufa (Eels) Full list of awards » Dally M Medal - Nicho Hynes (Cronulla Sharks) » NRLW player of the year - Raecene McGregor (Sydney Roosters) » NRL coach of the year - Todd Payten (North Queensland Cowboys) » NRLW coach of the year - John Strange (Sydney Roosters) » NRLW captain of the year - Isabelle Kelly (Sydney Roosters) » NRL captain of the year - Isaah Yeo (Penrith Panthers) » NRLW Provan-Summons Medal - Toni Hunt (Brisbane Broncos) » NRL Provan-Summons Medal - Nicho Hynes (Cronulla Sharks) » NRL rookie of the year - Jeremiah Nanai (North Queensland Cowboys) » NRLW rookie of the year - Jesse Southwell (Newcastle Knights) » Ken Irvine Medal - Alex Johnston (South Sydney Rabbitohs) » NRLW most tries - Jayme Fressard (Sydney Roosters) » NRL top point-scorer - Valentine Holmes (North Queensland Cowboys) » NRLW top point-scorer - Zahara Temara (Sydney Roosters) » Peter Frilingos Award for Headline moment of the year - Queensland Origin win and Jada Taylor's 109-metre try in under-19 Origin
  7. Results in, presentations made: NRL Dally M Winner: Nicho Hynes (Cronulla Sharks) Top Ten Nicho Hynes (Cronulla Sharks) - 38 James Tedesco (Sydney Roosters) - 33 Ben Hunt (St George Illawarra Dragons) - 32 Dylan Edwards (Penrith Panthers) - 23 Scott Drinkwater (North Queensland Cowboys) - 23 Mitchell Moses (Parramatta Eels) - 22 Daly Cherry-Evans (Manly Sea Eagles) - 21 Isaah Yeo (Penrith Panthers) - 20 Cameron Munster (Melbourne Storm) - 19 Harry Grant (Melbourne Storm) - 19 Team of the year Fullback — James Tedesco (Roosters) Winger — Joseph Suaalii (Roosters) Winger — Alex Johnston (Rabbitohs) Centre — Joseph Manu (Roosters) Centre — Valentine Holmes (Cowboys) Five-Eighth — Cameron Munster (Storm) Halfback — Nicho Hynes (Sharks) Prop — Payne Haas (Broncos) Prop — Joseph Tapine (Raiders) Hooker — Apisai Koroisau (Panthers) Second Row — Viliame Kikau (Panthers) Second Row — Jeremiah Nanai (Cowboys) Lock — Isaah Yeo (Panthers)t
  8. My increased interest in Australian RL started when my own club here missed out on a place in the newly formed Super League. I continue to support my local RL club in the Championship but don’t have a SL club I support. I picked Storm to follow while they still played at Olympic Park. I chose them because I happened on their fans forum, The Bai Stand, and was made welcome by the good folk on there. Some generously sent me year books and memorabilia. George Fairclough was an early contact I made in a similar way. I enjoy seeing other clubs play, especially when they play expansive footy. So I’ve enjoyed watching Eels this season and Raiders previously, especially when they had a strong British contingent of players. I similarly enjoyed the Burgess years at Souths. I’ve tried hard to develop the forum, and along the way I thank so many others who regularly contribute (have contributed) and have added so much interest, knowledge and enthusiasm for Aussie RL and RL more widely. Thanks for your posts everyone. Cheers, Graham As for my tip for this game… I’ll wait until I’ve given it more thought, checked our the lineups and prevaricated a bit.
  9. It’s Panthers v Eels in the 2022 NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final at Accor Stadium The Battle of the West will decide the NRL Telstra Premiership at Accor Stadium . . . with the Penrith Panthers and Parramatta Eels the last two teams standing in season 2022. The Panthers will be striving to go back-to-back and with three straight Grand Final appearances to their credit. The Parra Eels will be looking to break a 36-year premiership drought, playing in their first Grand Final since 2009.
  10. “The NRLW Grand Final will be honoured with its own Pre-Game Show as powerhouse soul & blues vocalist, Mahalia Barnes, Western Sydney’s new queen of hip-hop & RnB, A.GIRL, and Emma Donovan team up to deliver a re-imagining of iconic Aussie classic, “The Real Thing”. The NRL Grand Final Pre-Game Show will be headlined by the heart and soul of Australian rock and roll, Jimmy Barnes, with friends including ARIA-winning singer-songwriters, the mighty DIESEL and special guest Josh Teskey, alongside award-winning Indigenous singer-songwriter Emma Donovan. Break-out Eurovision 2022 star Sheldon Riley will bring his spectacular style to Accor Stadium with a cinematic and unique performance. Australian hip-hop legends Bliss n Eso(featuring JOY.) will perform their hit, “Moments”, paying tribute to the game’s retiring players. Jimmy Barnes said: “Grand Final Day is a chance for us to all come together and celebrate with the best of the best. I can’t wait to perform with an exciting all-Australian Pre-Game Show line up in front of a full house again.” I can’t say I’ve heard of any of them, which probably reflects that it’s not aimed at me anyway. It is an “all-Australian Pre/Game Show after all. Other people are better qualified than me to reflect on the line-up.
  11. WELCOME... to this our special Grand Final Tipping Competition 2022 QUESTIONS: 1. Name the WINNING TEAM ...PANTHERS or EELS 2. Tot up the two teams predicted scores and give us your predicted match POINTS TOTAL 3. Poll question this week: How many tries will be scored altogether by the two teams in the game? pick one of the options above - answer in the poll above but also in your posting. This Grand Final Competition is traditionally in memory of three special forum people George Fairclough (Bourbon Rat) of this forum George was a lifelong Wigan Fan and a Melbourne Storm fan from their inception. He lived in Melbourne but lived in Wigan until his teenage years. He married Irene, an Australian and with her raised a family of three boys. He was taken from us far too soon one week after celebrating his 65th birthday. He was a good friend of mine. George, with others, sponsored a Wigan player annually. He never forgot his roots. . George Fairclough RIP Richard Glover (Kiwityke) of this forum - New Zealand Warriors and Batley Bulldogs fan. Richard was brought up in Batley where he followed his local team. He moved to New Zealand as an adult where he married and lived the rest of his life. In the latter years he lived just outside Auckland. He never forgot his roots and continued to follow Batley from afar. He did travel to the UK once a year to visit relatives and friends. While over here he would sponsor a Batley game. In later years he sponsored the annual Batley v Featherstone Rovers fixture and invited Barney and me to the match as his guests. Read the notice of Richard’s death here Richard as a boy. RIP Both dear friends and regular contributors, sadly missed. Simon Cooper (Lounge Room Lizard) who sadly passed away during the 2020 season. Simon contributed to this forum and was an ever present in our annual Fantasy Team/SuperCoach competition. He did a huge amount of work in the development of Rugby League in Germany.(some details -click here) Simon Cooper RIP We remember too all other friends of this forum who have passed away. NRL Grand Final 2022 To be played Sunday 2nd October 7:30pm local time at Accor Stadium, Sydney (9:30 am in the UK) Tempus fugit! It seems like only yesterday that we were starting with our Round 1 tipping competition and now here we are with our blockbusting Grand Final occasion just a few days away. Everyone is welcome to take part in this competition, whether you've entered before or not this season. The 2022 season tipping competition has once again been a friendly affair. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our tipping competition this season. Your friendship and company has been much appreciated. Rest assured it'll be run again for the 2023 season. So here's to a great Grand Final, and may the best tipster and team win! Good Luck everyone - there'll be an animated award as usual. Enjoy your Rugby League, Graham
  12. This week's awards: Well done our top scorers, see above. The tie break was neeeded. Closest of our top scorers to the points total was our Champion Tipster for this week THE RED ROOSTER. Well done our other award winners. Join us all for the Grand Final tipping competition here on this forum next week.
  13. Tipping Ladder After Round 28 1 The Red Rooster 150 2 Graham 143 3 R L Winger 141 4 Farmduck 139 5= Irish Saint 138 5= StormGirl 138 6= Dunbar 137 8 Spotty Herbert 136 9 Dee Deuce 135 10 Steve75 131 11= Barney 128 11= LlanWests 128 13 Stoney100 111 14 JimBronco 92 15 Jeff Stein 81 16 Number16 62 17 Bedfordshire Bronco 17 Also tipped - DavidM 1 from 2
  14. Panthers then into their third straight Grand Final… as the caption says.
  16. Cleary finishes the game off with a solo try. So it’s 30-12 ktc 32-12 Panthers.
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