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  1. 1 hour ago, graham fisher said:

    Do you mean the one where Oldham player threw himself on the floor knowing he'd have no way of getting to the player. But hey ho as they say 😉

    Def obstruction...Just ask McNally 😝🤣

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  2. 1 hour ago, graham fisher said:

    Watching the highlights I think McNally disputed every try we scored,but like you say somethings never change.



    Damn right.  we were behind the sticks when Jimmy scored his try.  McNally nearly had a meltdown...Apparently Jimmy had put it down on the "wrong" line.  Priceless listening in....

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  3. Just seen highlights.  Some interesting penalty decisions all round.  I will never know why we got our  first penalty when we took the two  and the penalty for the push on Rydyard at the start of the second half was a joke. Also absolutely no  idea why Sykes had to go to the bin.   Def not a head high tackle.  Just flattened the man with the ball.  
    As for that last minute penalty it’s v hard to see what we did wrong.  
    On a positive note the pass from Owen for our last try was awesome and the team spirit you can see after that score is priceless.  

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  4. 2 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Oldham's ptb's were quicker than ours because they knew how to land on their front and get up quickly. When we were tackled they held us down until they were set, which he didn't penalise except for a couple of "6 agains" (one at the first tackle). We should have slowed their ptb's down but didn't know how.

    Some players who would have got 9/10 last week may have been 7/10 this week - they are human, not robots. I don't agree with naming players on public forums except when praising them, but realise that is simply my choice.

    Gotta agree that they were faster all round, especially in the first half.  Not only were they far quicker at the play the ball, but much quicker off their line when defending. But…… I do think it took its toll.   They were blowing by the end and that’s why we were able to get back in.  

    Can’t see them liking our pitch when they come next month.  

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  5. Well.   What a game.  Reckon Oldham probably deserved to  win but crikey, that last penalty will be interesting viewing on the highlights 🤔

    Full marks to the lads for sticking to their guns and fighting back the way they did however.  10 down with 10 to play I thought we’d had it.  Our resilience this year is awesome. 
    Defence not quite as good this week as it has been this season but that pitch is massive and Oldham worked it well.  
    As with last week hard to pick a mom, but I’m gunna and I chose Ollie Greensmith.   Outstanding going forward.  
    The unbeaten run continues 😀😀

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  6. On 16/05/2023 at 13:41, Therein73 said:

    .........at least we agree on one thing ....... You do however seem intent on hammering home your opinion and putting a very negative 'spin' on what actually happened, which is disappointing and not something I will carry on debating.

    You seem to have the support of Nick D & Rambo, (as with yourself SS, I don't think I personally know these gentlemen) so there's enough of you to mass debate between yourselves.

    You may be interested in volunteering (i.e. without personal reward) to do the job for a while next season .... I'll be missing for at least six weeks and I'm sure the Club would love to know about anyone who'd like to take up the mic in my absence.

    Keep enjoying the brilliant Rugby we're serving up this season.


    Time to move on.   I was surprised at the time but no one should think that fronting up with the microphone is easy. I suspect the exact opposite and suspect there won’t be many volunteers for your kind offer 😉

  7. 1 hour ago, RugbyPowelly said:

    Good win. Plenty to work on, we’re better going forward than defending, but you can’t ask more than coming away with 2 points. Especially after a tough first half.


    Defo better than last few years going forward but I’d say defence is our strong point this year.  

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  8. Truly outstanding all round today.   Take a bow all 17.  
    loved the bit in the royal suite when our MC told the sponsors they’d picked the wrong player as the MoM.   Not sure who enjoyed that the most;  the sponsors or Brad Graham.   Priceless 🤣🤣

  9. 1 hour ago, graham fisher said:

    Both I think. Wouldn't risk any players that are carrying any knocks. Weekend off next week before Doncaster at home then Oldham away. 

    I see Sam Day is out for six weeks.  He will be missed.   

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  10. 40 minutes ago, graham fisher said:

    Injuries and players unavailable.

    Oooooh.   Ta.  I was confused by the fact that Finny has more or less named the usual squad.  Are some of those named unavailable or injured?  Seems strange??

  11. 20 minutes ago, STEVE P said:

    It won't happen Nick. The attraction of Rugby League to those who want to change the game to suit their own purposes is that it comes cheap. Football would come a lot more expensive. 

    Call me a miserable old git if you want to, but I expect that this agreement will lead to the further dismantling of a once proud game, completing the job started by Sky.

    I dislike marketing people intensely. Their efforts are at the root of so many of the problems which society faces today. 

    Couldn’t agree more.   Well said. 

  12. Wonder what would happen if they tried to introduce all this bo****ks into football.   
    best sport in the world is run by the biggest set of idiots.  

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  13. Cant see us losing to be honest.  We are playing great rugby and I think the lads will be up for it.  Not going cos Im a useless supporter really, but will def be there for next round.

    London 12 - Rams 24.

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  14. 10 hours ago, the old nine ole said:

    I would like to see Jordan back ... was looking really good before his injury. I also think O'Connor would be better at full back or stand off. 

    Maybe but don't believe Owen Restall or Paul Sykes could be shelved....

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  15. 9 hours ago, Blind side johnny said:

    Time to give some of the squad members who have been knocking on the door a deserved run out. They might give Liam some tricky decisions to make in the next couple of weeks. It would be good to see Davie Dixon back again, although none of the backs have given any concerns - they have all been very solid.

    Agree.  Def a good game to give some of the lads a run out but all the backs have been top drawer and Id be sticking to the team that won last week for as long as needed.  Think Perry and Lewis have been especially good in defence and can't see either of them being left out when it counts..

  16. Well.  I’ll have to watch it back to be certain but that might be the worse refereeing I’ve seen in many a year.   But for incredible defence we wouldn’t have stood a chance.  Think all we did second half was tackle.   Amazing resilience given it’s only 5 days since the Widnes match.    

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  17. Hard to pick out anyone after such a great performance but just watched the highlights and how often does Sykes bring their big number 12 down?   Brilliant.  Especially when you consider how dangerous he was last time we played them.  

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