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  1. Only two weeks away so assuming all players won’t be fit. As such I’m going for League Converts team. Looks interesting ….
  2. Having seen Toulouse up close I don’t think playing every week would have made any difference. They are class. Pure and simple. Considering all the travelling with the associated nonsense that must involve these days and the fact that nearly all their games are away I say good luck to em.
  3. What a shame. Good lad and will be missed.
  4. Rams 12. Batley 32
  5. Gotta agree Coolie. I’ll go rams 12- Newcastle 28
  6. Well. Highlights in and “that” pass was a mile forward. The last minute penalty decision looks a shocker too. From what I can see the Thug just picks a fight with Finny and ended up with a penalty. Was initially happy with a draw on the balance of play but it sticks in the craw now.
  7. Morons. Little else to add except that it comes as no surprise at all. We might as well have stuck with the original date
  8. Agree 100%. Poor thinking really. Did we kick to him once ?
  9. Great effort from the lads and cracking defence throughout but a draw almost certainly a fair result. Just disappointing that it happened so late on and by a penalty. Still lack ideas on attack but can’t fault the effort. They are a one man team from what I can see and take their scrum half out of their team and pop him in ours and we’d have walked it.
  10. Rams 12 - Ex Rams 16 FTS: Rob Worrincy !!!!! att: 456
  11. No Garrett doesn’t help. How Kind of Toulouse. You’d have thought they’d lost
  12. Spot on drifter. As I posted earlier the clever people running the country appear to have it in for sport. Barely anyone in the grounds. Hundreds rammed into pubs and other venues watching inside. Same at Headingley for the cricket.
  13. Too bloody right. Pity we didn’t build the ground half a mile further down owl lane. Have we ever done well out of Kirklees I wonder.
  14. Don’t t get me started again. Indoor, yes indoor cinemas are limited to 50% capacity. Outdoor, yep-outdoor sports are limited to 25%. I thought we were following the science? Clearly not. As ever we are making it up as we go along.
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