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  1. Was pleased to get the email and the largely positive news. Am intrigued by the question on season tickets though. I said I wouldn’t be seeking a refund whether we got any more games or not and suspect others will say the same but not sure I’ll buy one again. I bought Two season tickets for Dewsbury, one for Yorkshire CCC and the National Trust and have had a poor return for my investments. What this pandemic has shown is that we can’t take anything for granted and I think it will be pay as you go moving forward.
  2. NickD

    Difficult times

    I did my best but to no avail. Unbelievable ?
  3. NickD

    Difficult times

    Almost certainly, but I don’t think you’re on your own. There are a surprising number of people that dislike Sheffield and and an even more staggering number that don’t seem to mind Batley. I was brought up right and so Batley will always be my most disliked team
  4. Best DR Adam O’Brien. Worst Def fifitta. Caton Brown didn’t get ball so can’t blame him Best loan - Sammy Kibula. He was awesome. I’d have him back any day.
  5. NickD

    Difficult times

    Thanks BSJ. Great to have something to look forward to. That said, if all these various protests don’t stop soon we’ll be in second lockdown by then?
  6. NickD

    Season review

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=flfkWB4KQqI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_7fvv1E8Nw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nqxrfZ95NQs There you go...Enjoy... One more to go..
  7. NickD

    Difficult times

    Anyone know how the car boot went? Would be great if the club could get a few bob in the coffers during these tricky times. Fingers crossed that the news on small groups being able to train outside might mean we can start to get the 3G pitch back into use before too long too.
  8. I suspect that most of you have seen the short 2020 season reviews On YouTube. If not have a look. They are very good and it’s especially interesting to listen to what LG has to say .....
  9. One look at those donating to the appeal to raise money for the sculpture shows the kind of esteem Jack was held in by those who played for the club. So many contributing are former players.. https://gf.me/u/x3pqmw
  10. NickD

    Eddie ROMBO

    Don't remember that..JUST those great tries.....
  11. Agree. it also reminded me that many of us forgot Sean Richardson when listing our best second rowers. Was a massively important cog in that team. Pity RL raw disappeared. There’s nothing like it around now which is surprising given that the format is completely different and thoroughly entertaining.
  12. BRILLIANT....Being trying to find this for ages..Priceless...see 1:21....
  13. Thanks for doing this W Ram. Been a great memory blast and what a team that would be...
  14. NickD

    Best kit

    Looking good. Is it our shirt or the fact that so many people don't like Leeds ?? I wonder? If we do go through it will be tougher against the GB shirt as we might not get the "neutral" voters flocking to our cause....
  15. https://youtu.be/gbrF0EVnQzs Well worth a watch. Id forgotten how good RL Raw was....Hadnt forgotten how good Maloney and Rodgers were though....
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