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  1. NickD

    Bradford Sunday

    Outclassed unfortunately but let’s celebrate safety agree about Lilley. No idea if it was high or not but as soon as he realised his job was done he was up like a shot. Shame as they’d have won easily anyway. If we do get a few bob out of their tenancy let’s hope we can beef up the squad for next year.
  2. Indeed. Puts things in prospective for sure
  3. crikey. I thought my glass was always half empty
  4. Greater than Dewsbury’s. You need a small mortgage to go to Odsal at present.
  5. If we make a few bob and it helps another club then I’m happy.
  6. Well our old mate George Flannagan won't be around to terrorise us this Sunday at least. Nice 8 match ban.... Add that to the earlier bans for a couple of other Bulls players and who knows...we might just be able to pull this one off...
  7. Gotta feel for Keighley after all the effort they’ve put in to running a reserve team.
  8. NickD


    Always. One of these will get my vote for player of the season. Along with Tom Garrett they’ve rarely let us down (that moment of madness by Knowles at swinton being an exception)
  9. Indeed we would. Lets hope the new reserve set up stuffs DR next season
  10. Now you’re talking nonsense. They don’t even know we exist
  11. No one-eyedness here..You might have noticed that Ive acknowledged in my comment about the Rochdale game that we got the rub of the green that day. However in this game we clearly didn't..Even if there was knock on it certainly doesn't cancel out the two decisions I mention...so yet again I think the lads were a little unlucky..
  12. Didn't see any knock on so not buying the playground analogy....
  13. Didn't go as already mentioned but just seen on highlights why we didn't get anything out of the game..The penalty against Knowles for tackling without the ball is an absolute joke and they scored from that and the penalty when their man ends up in touch is just as bad and they scored from that too. By the time the ref shouts "held" there is nothing the lads can do to stop him going in touch... The knock on from the kick is touch and go but reckon that 9 times out of 10 it would have been given as knock on. Boy oh boy, with the exception of Rochdale away we haven't had the rub of the green this year...
  14. Pretty fair description of Dewsbury if you ask me.
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