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  1. That’s my worry. I can’t be the only one getting a little concerned about the number of props ? The only consolation is that it’s a change from second rowers.
  2. I too had hoped for some sort of deal that allowed us into their games and then into ours for a fiver say. Think it’s a good idea. Especially as you say when one of us is playing miles away.
  3. Please ask for me BSJ. I am overseas so won’t make the forum.
  4. Who’s he gunna cheer for when we meet in the league games I wonder?
  5. I wouldn’t for a start, but we don’t do we?? A good year in 2018 otherwise we all know who comes out on top when we play the doggies and they don’t wear red, amber and black
  6. NickD

    Mark Sawyer

    Statement from the club on the website now.
  7. NickD

    Mark Sawyer

    I’d go with that. A: because I genuinely believe MS is an honest bloke and B: if he was planning to jump ship I believe he’d be upfront about it. That’s what we like about the guy.
  8. NickD

    Mark Sawyer

    I don’t like the sound of this to be honest but I won’t comment until BSJ has explained it to us all. I do remember that MS was very impressed with the Bulls set up when he spoke at the forum. Perhaps too impressed!!
  9. I have no worries in this regard. MS seemed to have everything in hand at the forum and if we didn’t have them coming this year we’d have a playing budget similar to London Skolars I'm v pleased they are coming and hope they stay for many years
  10. That can’t be right BSJ. Those porto-loos must have cost them a small fortune!! They even flush.
  11. It’s the same in Dewsbury. I’m sure I saw someone wearing a Dewsbury shirt in the town centre last year
  12. Can’t disagree but interesting that you single Donny out. Have you been to many West Yorkshire towns recently ? That said we will be fine once we get Brexit done. Most of the Brexit oldies I know tell me it’s going to be like Nirvana once it’s sorted. Everything will be perfect and all our ills will be banished. Personally I still think it’ll be nicer in Vancouver
  13. Another prop props seem to be the new second rows. Wonder if LG gunna play one of em at centre?
  14. Pleased Andy Gabriel has re-signed. Think he’ll go well next year. If he was a foot taller I think he’d be SL.
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