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  1. Pleased with those. No complaints about the teams we play once / twice for sure. Let’s hope we can start as well as last time, though I think we might well have lost the element of surprise
  2. Thanks silverback. A polite and helpful reply........... No idea BSJ, but thanks for the "helpful" reply...
  3. Not moved to Odsal yet then?
  4. It’s minuscule BSJ. Yes, admissions in younger people are on the increase but if we take Liam and Sykes out of the equation the vast majority of the players are proper young. On top of that they are fit and far from obese. Footballers are testing positive all the time and almost without exception they don’t know they have it until the test results come back. Time for some positivity on this forum if you ask me.
  5. It’ll be earlier than June. Once us old foggies and the others in the top four groups have been vaccinated things will open up. The risks to the NHS will reduce massively and deaths will fall. The risk of serious illness to the players is minuscule already. All providing we don’t get a new variant that the vaccine doesn’t recognise of course.
  6. Not often wrong that BSJ character...https://www.dewsburyrams.co.uk/2021/01/14/2021-season-latest-rfl-statement/ , though its not clear to me what "several" weeks constitutes....Hopefully early April (fingers crossed)......
  7. Too early to know. Barely seen any of them play...
  8. Well said WR. Where do I sign... Hull or South of France? hah hah..what a no brainer...
  9. Hey Coolie..I'd be careful sticking Newcastle in your list of wins..think they'll take some beating. Aint many teams in our league with recent Wigan half backs to show off....
  10. My understanding, and I may be wrong, is that no one concedes a tie for Covid. It is void, This is how the percentage system works...
  11. Looks a bit quick for us...
  12. Pleased with that. Makes sense.
  13. NickD


    Cheers BSJ. You never disappoint..
  14. NickD


    Maybe not but the RL have a massive history of trying to expand the game and failing miserably. We’ve tried the NE and it failed. The last effort went just as well didn’t it? Just ask anyone from Toronto. I might be parochial or maybe Im just knocking on and I’ve seen it all before.
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