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  1. Good team. I’d go with that. Don’t think we’ll see Garrett however and I’d swap Finn for Punchard. He didn’t run the ball that often but thought he kicking game was solid.
  2. Us above Batley If only it could come true. I’ll settle for 12th.
  3. I thought we actually looked more likely on attack today. Ball distribution seemed a little quicker and I think that that gave us the edge. Forwards did very well against a much bigger pack..
  4. Short and to the point. I like it.
  5. Ive joined you BSJ. As you say very straight forward....Looking forward to seeing how it all works on the day mind..
  6. Having just watched the highlights I think the missed tackles and horrendous drop from the kick looked a more likely reason for our defeat the a marginal forward pass decision
  7. To concede two tries in the last few minutes when both we and the coach know that this is what did us last season is what worries me..LG talked about this at the forum..If we could have held out yesterday it might have gone some way to getting that monkey off the back but I fear the exact opposite might have occurred already.... Agree 100% about young Sykesy...We are lost without him...
  8. Oh Dear. The season hasn’t started and we are throwing away matches late on again. I was thinking about a joke relating to Groundhog Day but throwing away a game with two late tries is very very worrisome given the pattern of last year. I had hoped we shaken that off but apparently not. Letting it happen today will have done nothing to help the players get over it either.
  9. Me too. Id actually like to see him get a full game before the season starts.
  10. Im fine with this. Im sure you're right about the players and Im pretty sure that it will reduce the numbers that travel form Widnes (not least if the weather is pants the day) but what Our league are doing is surely good for the game and for all clubs? If every now and then we have to play at a slightly odd time so be it...
  11. NickD

    Boxing Day

    Just watched the highlights....hearty congrats by the way, much better quality than last year...well done. Cant see what that last penalty was for Im honest. Ref appears to say ripping the ball out but hard to see from whats on view. BUT, the highlight has got to be Steven Downes announcing the winners of the half time draw all over the try by Ryder. Hilarious when watching back. Talk about timing issues..Lets hope the winners of the draw were paying attention
  12. Spot on Coolie. I actually went up with a tenner and 8 one pound coins fully expecting there to be a lack of quid coins...£18 on a cash turnstile...asking for trouble .. Club flag not flying???
  13. NickD

    Boxing Day

    made at least one try, saved a certain one of theirs with a great tackle. Take him out of the team and see what we look like going forwards... No wait, please don't. We saw what happens last year when he was injured and we were even more clueless near the line... Attendance 1881 apparently...
  14. NickD

    Boxing Day

    I enjoyed the game. Much better than usual imho. Batley bossed first half easily I thought and we were just as disappointing near their line as ever. Second half we came back strongly. Too early to comment on individual forwards for me but some positive signs. Thought Sykes was outstanding in attack and defence but was slightly disappointed that Morgan Punchard didn’t get a bit more game time because we still need someone with more ideas going forward. We also need to get Ryder involved more. Absolute class. Anyone know what the gate was?
  15. Damn right BSJ. If I paid for both that would be 30/38/33 quid depending on which turnstiles we used. That’s way too much for any Yorkshireman surely?
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