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  1. Is he big? Can’t see much on’t inter-web
  2. Sykes re-signing is great news....
  3. Good news indeed. Thought Fev might go for Ryder...They generally take our better players so really pleased we've hung on to him. His reasons for staying make nice reading too....
  4. I think you'll be right....Pity we aren't as important to the economy as other things...I see I can still go to the cinema and pop into Leeds for a bit of shopping. I can even join the masses in Dewsbury Asda on a Saturday morning but as deaths climb to double digits I suspect it will be quite some time before we see a match
  5. I see a certain Danny Kirmond has signed for York so Im assuming they must have pocketed quite a bit of their season ticket brass..
  6. Agree 100%. I was probably Inadvertently comparing to the position with YCCC where 93% have apparently donated their 2020 fees to the cause. Possibly a different demographic?
  7. I see from the Rams website that 30% of season ticket holders have asked for a refund of some sort. Not blaming anyone but had hoped that it might be less than that...
  8. Get Barrow in, play each other home and away and keep the whole £125K for those taking part. That might make Derek wish he hadn't kiboshed the whole thing..
  9. Shame...5 teams, play each other home and away across October / November would have been preferable (from a purely selfish point of view!).
  10. Indeed. We can do nothing but cross our fingers.
  11. Well, as ever, you are on the money BSJ...https://www.dewsburyrams.co.uk/2020/08/10/rams-enter-autumn-cup/ Great news. Ill just cross my fingers everything gets sorted and we can at last see some rugby in 2020..
  12. You bet I would. Far less risk than: supermarket pub hairdressers shops Public transport And many more you could add.....
  13. That was my thought. Very disappointing indeed. As I’ve said before: if the clubs have the chance to play but don’t then I’m not sure they should expect anyone to donate the entire amount they paid for a season ticket. I will wait to see how things pan out but for me if we don’t take part Surely we need an explanation from the club as to why not before we can decide ?
  14. Come on BSJ. LG might not be chief negotiator but he’s massively involved. If he isn’t I don’t think he’ll be around for very long
  15. Why doesn’t that sound plausible ? Sounds very plausible to me. In the current climate I’d expect many many players, not just at Dewsbury, will be asked to take up reduced contracts. I’d be surprised if they weren’t.
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