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  1. NickD

    New players

    Crikey...if we lose those three we will struggle in League 1
  2. Music was fine but very, very, very loud.
  3. Super performance from the lads that didn’t merit the final score. We played a more open style that was great to watch and looked far better on attack. Would have been very close but for the referee and missing at least four of our “best” 17. If we had played like that against fax we’d have won I reckon. Let’s hope they can keep it up. With Bailey and others to come back some reason for optimism… have to agree about the music in south stand. Great we are trying something new but please turn the volume down a tad
  4. Tut tut BSJ (and Therein 73). Jumping in without checking my original post. I actually said "Oh dear..wonder who's fault that is/was. And is it a one off or a falling out? Whichever, very disappointing. Now, your English is superior to mine but I've read my post a few times and still think it wasn't apportioning blame to either side...Certainly not us!
  5. NickD


    Wowser's...didnt see that coming so quickly. Wonder what's gone on there? Obvious to me something wasn't right but didn't thing anyone would go so soon....Let's see how Paul March goes. I suspect his style of man management is a tad different to Ned Kelly's and Liam Finns and am expecting some changes ....and a few players to disappear but lets see..
  6. Doesn't detract from the fact that cocking up the connection with Huddersfield is lamentable..
  7. Oh dear..wonder who's fault that is/was. And is it a one off or a falling out? Whichever, very disappointing. Kieran Rush in particular would have been valuable while we are without Bailey.....
  8. And the someone else is? Not seen or heard of many trying to step up and throw money at us. Thank god we have MS I say...If someone else with brass pops up Im sure he'd be the first to stand back but until then we owe him everything.
  9. Attack might be better but defence ain’t and do I detect a slight drop off in team spirit or is my imagination running wild
  10. We know the result already. Donnie’s demolition of Barrow tells me all I need to know.
  11. Interest is at all time low because the game is run by clowns. We lost our way years ago and have now lost all our maps. I can’t see a future for anything other than Super Duper Lesgue and I suspect but many of their fans even know there is a league 1
  12. Always tough at their gaff and it’s hard to see a win for me unless we have our injured trio back. amazingly I hadn’t twigged that Piggy’s mate had disappeared. Hope its not bad news on that front.
  13. Didn’t go but v pleasing score given who was missing. Bad luck to have such key players out for these games that could go either way
  14. Thought the lads worked hard today and once I’d seen we had neither Callum or Bailey I wasn’t expecting us to take the points. Any team would miss those two. No idea what happened to Rush but he might have made a difference so his absence also added to our travails That said, their pack was v strong and laid the foundations for a fairly comfortable win in the end. Still need the pack to look to offload a little more but can’t complain about the work rate and for long periods our defence was nearly as good as last week.
  15. No Bailey on Sunday I see. Suspect thats down to that naughty little challenge from our old friend Dale Morton last week? Will be a blow that, but hopefully we will see Owen back. Will miss Baileys ability to break the line though
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