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  1. Thanks for those clips. Best 6 minutes I’ve had since this blooming virus arrived. Great to see the one at Elland Road again. I remember that like it was yesterday. What a team that was. More offloads in that 6 mins than all last season and what a way to play rugby. Eddie finished those in the clips but some great support play. Easily my favourite team of all time. I remember Dennis Baileys try at Batley you mentioned. Fantastic
  2. I only remember him as a winger to be honest.
  3. Watched some very old and very poor quality YouTube videos of Eddie Rombo tries last night. The one he scored against Scarborough on debut is on one of them if you can recognise it. Maybe we could do wingers when we’ve done with full backs?
  4. It would only have taken Jonny 5 seconds to run across our narrow pitch.....width-ways...
  5. NickD

    Difficult times

    Cheers Rob and hopefully you are virus free but rest assured Im not arguing about rights / wrongs / timescales Im just excited that there are at least two people posting on here that can be described as more pessimistic than me..A completely new experience
  6. NickD

    Difficult times

    Someone else more pessimistic than me. Things are looking up.
  7. NickD

    Difficult times

    Nah. I think its still on the pessimistic side...Not saying you won't be right but China went into lockdown in January and are largely out of it now. If (perhaps a big if given the difference between how British and Chinese behave in these conditions) we do the same I suspect we will see more rugby this year. By my judgement therefore there is some room for some optimism.
  8. To be honest thats pretty much how I feel with the current incumbent. Maybe in a few years time we will be thinking of him as one of the greats?
  9. NickD

    Difficult times

    Somebody more pessimistic than me..HURRAH....At last
  10. I know he wasn't with us for ages but enjoyed Darren Rogers at FB. Pretty solid with the kicks, good positionally and exciting when he got the ball. Don Richardson, Darren Coen and Nathan Graham were all solid.
  11. NickD

    Difficult times

    Three months would seem in line with most predictions and the way people are behaving at present that might be too optimistic. Maybe we have the advantage that we can carry on into September and October unlike cricket. If so I’m sure BSJ wont mind a bit more winter rugby.
  12. I know that there are more important things going on at the moment but it was so depressing if not unexpected to read on Twitter about all the 3G pitch and function room bookings being cancelled. It maybe that we can survive without this income but Im guessing things might get tricky....It might be even worse at other clubs of course...
  13. Shame but almost inevitable. Whatever happens with other games is anyone’s guess but one things for sure. The risk of getting the virus at a Dewsbury game is almost certainly far less than it is at the local pub, definitely less than the supermarket and a million times less likely than on the 17:17 train from Leeds to Mirfield where you can even smell what someone’s had for their dinner. If all the fans at our games spread out we could easily keep the required distance between us and have room to spare
  14. Good points BSJ. Wouldn’t be surprised if we lose both the 1895 and challenge cups this season. That way we might get the season finished in September/ October should it prove necessary/ possible.
  15. Thought did Ok given it was third game in a week, we had both centres out, Sykes appeared to be out of it for last 20 min and it was such a foreign playing surface. At home, with Ryder fit think we'd have won it nicely. That said they played to their strengths and made less mistakes and deserved the win... We seemed light in the forwards today compared to recent games and you can tell when Connor Scott is off the park .. Onwards and upwards and lets look forward to taking on Featherstone when the season resumes in August
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