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  1. NickD

    Lucas Walshaw

    Hah hah....Spot on Grumpy!!
  2. https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2019/09/19/annakin-on-signing-for-his-hometown-team/ Decent interview with our new signing
  3. NickD

    Lucas Walshaw

    I know BSJ will remind us its a short career; they've got to look after themselves and their families etc, but If they want a pay rise after the season Ive just watched we have to be prepared to let em go......
  4. So. If I read this thread correctly we are still skint and got one of the lowest squad budgets in the league? thank goodness we’ve got the deal with the Bulls, the outside pitches being used by the national women’s RL team and Bradford City along with some five a side pitches and maybe even the car boot. Otherwise we would be skint
  5. Reckon it must ALL be down to away speccies...I see the same 772 Dewsbury fans every home game.. Good to see us above the doggies at least and God bless Barrow..Above us comfortably despite a poor season and almost certainly far fewer travelling supporters..
  6. NickD

    Lucas Walshaw

    Indeed. Even less cover at centre now
  7. What more could one add BSJ? Perfect summary. Not many today that improved their standing prior to contract negotiations. Interestingly though I think Rob Worrincy did...
  8. Jammy throughout. Tonnes of wins by tiny margins. Notably against us Shows great spirit but will that be enough next year?
  9. The way home games have gone this year its more likely to be 26-27......
  10. How’s do Sheffield do it I wonder? Play in a park with 200 speccies but constantly more brass to spend than many others
  11. Great night as ever and good to see such a good turnout from the players Very happy with the awards too. Paul Sykes fully deserves supporters player of the season and very pleased that Sam Day was man of steel Tom Garratt forward of the year and Andy Gabriel back of the year. Let’s hope we can keep the core of the team and attract a few new recruits though listening to Lee talking about budgets it’s hard to be optimistic. Onwards and upwards
  12. NickD

    Tom Halliday

    I think “wingers” might have cost us the odd game to be honest but agree about the size of the pitch and of course, as I keep mentioning, we’ve only had one centre all season. Bring back Marquis Charles and I’m sure any of our wingers would be much happier.
  13. Hi Coolie Would like three tickets if possible.
  14. Toulouse looked yet again as good as any team I've seen this season. Big, fast, always backing up, always looking to offload. No idea how they've lost so many games never mind Swinton at home... Who was on our wings by the way? Looked like Sam Day on one maybe?
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