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  1. As well as Coolies suggestion might be time to look at other initiatives too; A) season tickets holders can bring a friend / family member to any game for a tenner*? B) season tickets include two free tickets for friends / family? C) reduced rate for two or more season tickets. Sort of family season ticket. More than a single one, less than two. Might encourage a few to bring their other halves Might be too similar to a) but maybe not D) a “club” card. This would work well for those who can’t make every game. YCCC use it. We could pay £30 for the season amd then every game is £10. If someone goes to every game that’s still £130* E) under 24s season tickets at reduced rate. Try somet to get some youngsters in F) Agree with BSJ about concessions too. It’s true to say these days that many of us retired folk probably have more disposable income than working folk I’d charge same for all ages. I’d apply this to game day too Amazing how many fans are under 16 or over 60 Nearly all, looking at the turnstiles on match days If I was gunna charge less it wouldn’t be for old folk It’d be for youngsters G) three year memberships The rhinos use these. Keeps folk “interested” for three years at least and this year might help boost the income when it’s needed most. * These prices depend on what we might charge at the gate of course. Surely not £18 for League1 As already mentioned, whatever we do, give one to all new home owners on the estate opposite. Could add on other initiatives such as 10% off at the bar with a season ticket. That adds value for tight gits like me.
  2. You might well buy one to support the club but clearly many others don’t. The only way to increase sales and the added benefits this brings is to take a punt and charge something like £100. Loss leader sort of thing. We won’t have many away fans next year so nows the time to try and increase our own numbers.
  3. Agree on the concessions….especially since these days it’s retired folk that have all the brass. cant agree on the £150. If it’s £150 I won’t buy even one. (I’m one of BSJs idiots who still takes holidays even though I know I might miss a few games) if it’s £100 I’ll buy two. Maybe even treat the lad and get three, cos I know I will get my monies worth.
  4. Think recent sales have been poor because: a) we’ve been charging too much. (£185 for 13 home games ain’t exactly a bargain for a game played in summer when most people are gunna miss a game or two). b) We’ve been playing ###### rugby for too long. With regards the sliding scale; sounds good in principle but how’d I get my money back if I buy one early doors and then we sell 100s? I think you give people a bargain and try and get em thru the turnstiles. Creates revenue at the bar and creates a better atmosphere. Something that will be otherwise hard to generate with the likely attendances next year 10 home games. Most people will miss one or two. I’d charge £100.
  5. Whatever we charge I reckon we should give at least one to every new Householder in the new estate opposite. Will be worth it if we get even a few lifelong supporters moving forward.
  6. How much should we charge for next year? Doncaster charged £60, Hunslet £120 and Cornwall £99.
  7. Not surprised they haven't gone. They wouldn't have got game all season. Non of our squad would get a game at Batley. Just not good enough...
  8. Won’t happen this time unless we splash cash we ain’t got
  9. Me too. Cant say Ive noticed him much on the field but lets hope LF has seen something I haven't.....
  10. Let's hop we get couple of "old" heads too. Dale Ferguson and Danny Kirmond would be a nice start....
  11. Thanks Saw on Twitter that some players had made plans prior to the postponement which is fair enough since our season was meant to end the week before and to be fair there wasn't much point in calling anyone back. We didn't exactly have a lot to play for!!
  12. Good effort by all 16. Wonder where the absentees were?
  13. A good effort from the lads given they were down to 12 for so long.
  14. not much on twitter or Instagram either...
  15. Sheffield taking our better players. Seems unlikely NOT…..
  16. Looking forward to next year. Hopefully a nice change......
  17. A game would be a good start
  18. "Clearly" he wasn't as fit as Ferguson, Walton and Peltier to mention but three... So as Ive said, I'd have had in the team all season... So "clearly" not clear to everyone watching........
  19. Cheers. He was fit enough all along. Just made the mistake of offloading the ball …..the biggest crime in rugby if you’ve got the coaches we’ve had for last few years. Bring back Norman Smith I say.
  20. Aaron Hall should have been in our team all season long. Problem is BSJ and LG decided he was unfit. Unlike the rest of our forwards. Ooooh. If only that was funny
  21. Indeed but we've certainly signed a few that had a dodgy injury history..
  22. Or both indecision and disruption !!
  23. Don't worry. I.m confident we'll do London Skolars at home next year
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