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  1. 1996. The top 12 teams in the old division would be going to creating a new super league. Fev finished 12th that season but were dropped to make way for a team from Paris. That worked out well then Promotion and relegation should be brought back, its about the team,the way they've played all season,not about the shiny new stadium that a team has! One question that should be asked is, would we as rugby fans rather be comfortable in a new stadium and watch the same teams winning all the time, with the stronger teams getting stronger and the weaker teams getting weaker or watch good rugby with two teams playing with pride and passion because they deserve to be in that league not because they have a better capacity that someone else.
  2. http://www.trustinwidnes.com/forum/index.p...p;topic=29768.0 makes intresting reading
  3. http://live.skysports.com/ScoreCentre/live.html
  4. grayshon on 7 mins, goal by briggs
  5. BEARMAN Old fashioned maybe, but tell me why my post? Are all the other posts grammatically correct? Or have I upset you? or is it that your so unhappy in your own little world you just want spread the misery around? Please stop commenting on things that really should'nt matter,the reason we post on here is to talk about our game and teams not to write an essay to be marked on their grammer
  6. maybe thats because i do my posting from my mobile and it's quicker to just write it and post with out checking for grammer, i thought this was a rugby league forum not an english language forum, so sorry if i offended anybody with my non grammer post PS vic maybe when you speak to my father next you could ask him to give me a few lessons on writing propper englishhh
  7. BEARMAN not very well it seems but you can't hold that against me I was born in coventry and now live near Derby but please feel free to rip apart anything I may post on here infact why not explain whats wrong with my post? Or are you just trolling?
  8. Well say what you want I still think that the first video decision was wrong watched it 3 times and that ball was short and isnt it funny how we lose a game and the 2nd and 3rd posts are from opposition fans bet you couldnt wait to get on here and comment well at least sky got their close game and mr turleys brother should be happy now
  9. is that bbc radio cumbria??/ coz i just looked and it said its the rock show till 9 pm any chance of sharing the lin k ?
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