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  1. And you do? Your whole premise / you whole stance is based on what ifs / maybe / could have beens. You have zero proof. Whatsmore, do you think deals re signings always go ahead. Wigan signed numerous players only for the deal never to reach the stage whereby the player represented the club. To then argue that your so called views = relegation/doom for Workington is absurd. A club can sign the best player in the world and he breaks his leg, season doomed. So your hatred of another human being is based on fresh air
  2. Simply question? If we had no salary cap in SL would playing standards become better or worse?
  3. Dally how has the salary cap worked wonders in Aus? Remember Aus is the perfect place to have a cap with so much playing talent available. Maybe an abundance of playing talent is the key to a more equal competition NOT a salary cap? NRL clubs still have financial woes. Cronulla being the obvious example. Whatsmore, even with so much playing talent available, St George week in week out look dominant. There will always be a club / team dominant. Will Cronulla be Minor Premiers in 2011? 2012? Many people in Aus, most notably Gus Gould are against the Salary Cap (which at least is being increased there) because countless star players have been taken from the NRL and the likes of Gould argue has made the competition weaker. You cannot compare the NRL with SL One has an abundance of playing talent. The other has an acute shortage of playing talent
  4. That is simply not true Dally. Look at the original Silvertails and how Manly tried to buy success throughout the late 70's and 80's. If a League has access to vast numbers of talented players then comparative wealth becomes far less important. The scarcer player supply is then the more important / useful wealth becomes. Simply buying a team has rarely worked. It didn't for Manly and it didn't for Leeds in the 80's. In terms of any RL team, the club set up / coaching / developing harmony / understanding amongst a group of players, players having an affinity with the club / area are often vital for success. In Australia there will always be players who choose where they want to play based on where they want to Live. Hannat shows that.
  5. I think Gerrard is too old now. Craven will be a certaintly. An outstanding young player. Probably a 6 at that level. He certainly stood out recently when Wigan U18s beat Widnes U18's. Great Wigan production line BTW the U18s
  6. Who denied them a place Matt? Did Maurice Lindsay take that decision personally or somebody else? Have you noticed no Maurice Lindsay and still clubs are being denied places in the top flight.
  7. It is my view that Widnes having ticked the boxes and secured a franchise have taken a very selfish (but sensible) strategy of trying to develop potential SL players for their future. As a result playing standards at Widnes have dropped in 2010 and will perhaps continue to do so in 2011 with the release of club stalwarts such as Mark Smith. I like Widnes and will be overoyed when they join the SL. Their first team has ex Wigan players. Their successful U18s has numerous Wigan youngsters so I always look out to see how they are progressing. So, On field I think in 2010 Widnes have a big minus against them. I still believe playing standards are very important On that front Batley in 2010 was a fairytale and deserves more recognition that it has been given. Likewise Featherstone have been head and shoulders above the rest of the Championship and are doing so with some outstanding young home grown talent. Success and home grown player development should be trumped up at every opportunity by the RFL and hence Featherstone deserve more credit. I daresay Featherston do a lot community wise to not far from what Widnes offer. Wigan is historical Lancashire BTW. Well part of it was. So Wigan is Lancashire.
  8. So funny how people write hysterical OTT character assassinations that are wrong BUT then react aghast at OTT defence that actually has some truth. To then argue that a post can make you like or dislike a club is a tad worrying for the person concerned. Perhaps Tony Hannan is his article was totally vindicated by internet forums. Maurice Lindsay did far more for RL than people will ever acknowledge. I daresay it is a human trait to criticise more readily than praise. Workington? I presume we are talking about the Peter Walsh era? With all due respect how on earth can you say that a RFL employee determined where players went or did not go. Players decide for themselves where they will sign and nobody but them / their agent dictates their destination. Of course you will have been privy to all the discussions taking place and have it on record that such dastardly deeds took place. This being the same far sighted club that IIRC pushed Walsh out instead of backing a quality coach to the hilt. Plenty Cumbrians come to Wigan season after season because they love RL and they want to watch high quality RL / the best player in a working class RL community akin to their own. I daresay you stay at hoome with your Maurice Lindsay voodoo doll.
  9. BBR, Wigan have sold their quota of 3,000 but Leeeds have sent them a new allocation
  10. OML Jack Robinson deserves credit for being part of 4 Directors that created a resurgence in RL. Wigan RL led British RL kicking and screaming forwards from the Dark Ages. Unfortunately ML left, Jack Hilton and Tom Rathbone became too old and IIRC Hilton died leaving Robinson on his own and the subject of the Whitbread Stand disaster which NOBODY could have predicted and a bitter deud with Dave Whelan. Jack Robinson muted a SL (In Open Rugby) long before it ever happened and ML/Wigan actually made RL newsworthy and far far more marketable. Events like the WCC were reborn via Lindsay. Any wealth / the survival of your club probably owes a debt to Lindsay / Wigan. Without Transfer fees paid for by Wigan, St Helens and Widnes would now not exist. Never stopped Saints fans screaming Judas at Connolly though If 1 (ONE) club matters more to the prosperity of RL it is W I G A N Don't be bitter and resentful, be THANKFUL
  11. Where are these SL standard youngsters? We only have enough for what 4 / 5 teams and many of the very best ones are now leaving at 16 to sign / play Union. You do realise the International Transfer ban was the worst thing to happen to standards of RL in Britain I fully agree that we need to put our energy into youth development but franchises / caps / drafts do not achieve that.
  12. Odd choice. Batley or Featherstone seem better choices IMO
  13. We struggle to get high class Australians / NZers as it is and you want a draft. Let me see giften young Australian wants to play in London, sorry future star we have a draft your going to Wakefield
  14. Just to add it is a very difficult task but well managed clubs will not hit a wall and standards will not level out. What happens is that a club establishes a quality starting XVII and pays them the best wages it can afford. Thereafter it develops young players on low contracts and periodically / steadily brings those young players through to replace an ageing expensive player. The young players contracts increase progressively. It is a very difficult process to manage but if done correctly it works perfectly to maintain a cyclical approach to managing a SL squad. Make a mistake (buy a poor player on big money) or suffer bad luck (star player gets a season ending injury) and that task become precarious. Leeds had an awful season and probably blooded too many youngsters in a single season but it paid off long term. Leeds are now struggling to maintain their high standards. Interestingly, they adopted a sign lower league young players policy and it thus far has not worked. St Helens followed the classic route develop a winning team then bring youngsters through. I think Mick Potter has been unfairly criticised and Saints policy will pay dividende. Bradford show what can happen if you try to overcook the big name players and see them age / leave without developing youngsters behind. Wigan made too many changes season after season but in particular around 2006, possibly before they let a large group of experienced players leave and created a freefall scenario. If people want low standards and a miniscule cap then go and watch BARLA instead. Professional RL is about aiming high and raising the bar. If need be dragging the luddites kicking and screaming.
  15. Advocates of the salary cap say it has / will level out the competition and it has / will ensure that club will no longer have financial problems. With the best will in the world neither raison d'etre are correct. So in essense what has / does the salary cap achieve? Nothing! but even worse deteriorating standards of RL. First. The easy question. Finance. Clubs at every level still suffer financial difficulties. They always have and always will. Perhaps, it is intrinsic to genuine professional sport that clubs will more often than not run at a loss and require a philanthropic man / woman to boost their finances. Is there anything wrong with philanthropy? I often remember Geoff Fletcher at Huyton claiming that the perennial bottom club in RL were by far the most financially solvent. Is that what people want? Surely, if it is then they should campaign for amateurism and/or indeed follow local amateur clubs. Second and this is something most fans struggle to grasp. The salary cap has yes creating periodically a more level playing field by making standards poorer but if you look at the GF, since 1998. Other than 1 single season (Hull). St Helens / Bradford / Leeds and Wigan have monopolised the competition so for all the so called levelling out the competition has remained for a decade + dominated by the Big 4. Why hasn't the competition levelled out? Unless the clubs at the top make mistakes (Wigan have and Bradford are doing) then the clubs that started the salary cap era with the best squads tended to maintain that dominance. With little or no Union talent, with the best NRL players harder to attract AND a sport that simply produces too few SL standard young players you will never develop enough talent to create a vibrant SL of its present size, let alone expand it and intrrnationally GB / England will struggle. With so few British SL youngsters available it takes clubs years to get anywhere if ever in terms of being able to win competitions. Many clubs do not even spend the maximum cap which is ridiculous. Part of the franchise system should surely be that for the term of your franchise you will spend the maximum cap and you will be able to offer a financial assurance that you can do so. So clubs are spending less than the cap and trying to sign a very scarce supply of players who can through their shortage demand better salaries than if the supply of players was plentiful. The talented youngsters may leave their hometown area / club ASAP or they will develop and then leave to join a big 4 club as they seek some glory / silverware. Kyle Eastmond joining Saints as a 16 year old and Michael Shenton joining Saints at the peak of his career are obvious examples. Where do Salford, Castleford, Wakefield etc find the players to transform their fortunes. They do not exist. Certainly not in sufficient numbers. A philanthropist / entrepeneur cannot come into our sport and instantly spend as much as he choose. Never again will a Wally Lewis be coming to Wakefield, a Peter Sterling to Hull, a Johnathan Davies / a Martin Offiah to Widnes. Steve Connor has the finance to transform Widnes overnight but he cannot. Some would say that is a good thing but how long / how easy is it to develop a top end SL squad? The standard of SL in 2010 has been poor. Great games can be counted on the fingers of your hands. This downward trend is going to get worse as the quota regulations start to bite properly. So we have a competition with deteriorating standards, clubs still suffering financial problems and the same club dominant. Worse we have now ended promotion / relegation and thus limited the opportunity for a Featherstone or a Batley to enjoy a brief magical flirtation with SL. We were promised by the Great and the Good that franchising meant young players could develop because results did not matter any more (not a great marketing concept BTW) but that was a blatant lie. Club chairmen / fans still want a winning team. Did Wrexham play Welsh youngsters in 2010? Why do clubs like Castleford and Hull KR take young players on loan? So the salary cap has achieved nothing and actually weakened playing standards. Had the RFL and its member club got the player supply side correct first it may have worked but they didn't so it never will. Why not throw the Salary Cap into Room 101. Would a capless SL / RL be better or worse? No cap would mean the BEST players could be signed from the NRL, from Union and standards of play would rise. Even the 'lesser' clubs could sign a Wally Lewis and have 15 minutes of glory. Maybe more fans would be attracted to the game. If clubs suffer financial difficulties then what's new. Better a SL with great players and rising standards.
  16. Perhaps you should take your Primose & Blue ones off. Whelan / Lindsay dealt with Mike poorly. I have read the book too. Although remember this is one view only. Although it is a view I am prepared to believe. Would Mike Greg have been able to continue as Wigan coach. Sadly No asnd that was a tragic loss because Wigan would have gone forward uber him BUT the reality is his health prevented him from coaching any longer. Should Wigan have offered him more assistance etc Yes. Blackpool have a similar tragedy at the moment with Phil Parkinson. Other than Mike Greg your description / your view is unfounded
  17. Whether you are for or against the principle of a salary cap, the timing of the salary cap being introduced into RL was woeful and has created problems ever since. A salary cap should only ever be introduced when the supply of SL standard player exceeds the demand. The RFL should have addressed player development and supply first. Member clubs would have had to have taken a more long term view and allowed the RFL to take a bigger slice of the SKY TV Deal money. Unfortunately, clubs could not see beyond their own self indulgent greed and the long terms problems this feeding frenzy created. When SL standard Player Supply > demand THEN and only then do you introduce a Salary Cap.
  18. Whilst the Gregory incident was very poorly handled Lindsay dealt with many issues full on so your comment is totally unfounded.
  19. Which team do you follow and how did he do for your team?
  20. A lot of very bitter and twisted people in these forums. Lindsay and 3 directors resurrected Wigan and when he left Wigan the financial side was fine but a bitter personal struggle between Robinson / Whelan and the SL War and the financial drain of a new stand proved costly. However, to blame Lindsay is totally incorrect. The RFL. Internally no idea what happened but he could claim to have secured a big money SKY deal for the whole sport If you read the accompanying articles on Preston you would realise that he is making huge cuts / savings.
  21. Such a silly post. Even Hannibal does not deserve such abuse.
  22. Anybody think Earl needs to shed a few pounds and that he has become a tad too big.
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