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  1. Glad you had a good time Dennis. When Central Park still existed Wigan Lane (From the Cherrys to the Royal Oak) was awesome
  2. Does it not change though fairly regularly. I believe Colin Clarke was on it for the Wigan v Leeds cases.
  3. How often does an unsuccessful appeal result in an extended ban so if you want to shout rubbish get your argument straight and supported with information.
  4. We benefitted from having to play this week and played far better than last week against a team that makes the most out of what they have available and never throw the towel in. Plenty Rovers fans attended the DW tonight. Fair play to them. We had Rovers on the fringes and looked like we could score reasonably at will. Los of improved efforts but remain unconvinced re playing Lockers at 6 v the better teams. Who will we get. Hopefully Leeds and then Saints / Wire in the GF.
  5. Do you? Are you saying that such tackles are acceptable?
  6. Just to note; still found guilty, still fined so the supposed new angle proved nothing. Overturned is wrong
  7. There is no point and any club / player that does not appeal wants certifying. The disciplinary system does not make the job of match officials any easier. Rather, it makes it harder. You only have to look at the positive impact Jim Comans had upon the NRL to see the benefit of a tough stance.
  8. Something to think about; Leeds fans gave Wigan fans hell etc over some possible twitter abuse and criticising McGuire yet they are celebrating and mocking what was the most dangerous type of tackle in RL. The NRL IIRC had to start taking a tough stance following the Jarrod McCracken case and the legal implications. Given virtually every RL fan predicted / expected this reversal does it not show how inept the RFL are. Lions led by donkeys would be an apt description.
  9. Wigan should win but Hull KR IMO get the most out of the players they have moreso than any other team in the play offs. The most recent league fixture, KR looked outclassed for large parts of the game but had a superb purple patch. Time will tell but logic says Wigan and Wire to progress.
  10. Logic says Wire but in sport upsets can happen. Can the Giants play worse than they did v Crusaders. I think not.
  11. I can safely say Wigan will not win You have to take Wire to win but logic and sport do not go hand in hand all the time. I thought Huddersfield were very poor v Crusaders so being the underdog in this contest may suit and they may feed off Wire being more expansive and possibly making mistakes rather than the Crusaders zero risk game.
  12. Bird certainly has a valid case. Hooker wise in 2010, Farah would have a strong case but IMO Luke until he got injured was the most dangerous attacking forward in the NRL for a number of weeks. I have to add the work rate of Gallen is frightening.
  13. Certainly things that need to improve and who knows how he will be when he returns but his peers rate him highly I have to say if I could and it will not happen take an Aussie prop forward and play him in a Wigan team it would be Shillington. An awesome player IMO. For doing the job without graces Scott takes some beating too.
  14. One of the frustrations as a Wigan fan is that a superb junior fullback has never played fullback at academy or first team level for the club; Stefan Marsh. Similarly, the best fullback display v Wigan in recent seasons was by Richard Owen and he rarely if ever gets to play FB even allowing for his injury.
  15. Very true and he was criticised for his defence too. Defence being more than tackling BTW so on that basis Tomkins is very good in some aspects.
  16. Whether he returns as good or even better from his ban Gareth Hock is potentially world class and you can understand why Penrith Panthers tried to sign him.
  17. Fully agree re your sentiments about the motive However, let's create a proper thread out of malicious mischevious intent James Graham Gareth Ellis Sam Burgess Are the 3 that many / most would not argue deserve a place I would then add to those 3 Cameron Smith Isaac Luke Dave Shillington Sam Thaiday Paul Gallen So that leaves an 8 that most people would not argue with James Graham Gareth Ellis Sam Burgess Cameron Smith Isaac Luke Dave Shillington Sam Thaiday Paul Gallen
  18. There seems to be a clique here that think they own the forums.
  19. Kris Rads / Brian Carney have a place, The Bel Air? near the Cherry Gardens that does rooms.
  20. To be fair he is correct. The best fullback in the NRL are vastly superior to ours. I am not sure I agree with his rankings and would have Matt Bowen lower and possibly not have the General who has not been at his best in 2010. There are some NRL fullbacks that maybe should be on the list that are not. Gardener at Cronulla and Hoffman at the Broncos for example. If he wasn't injured Stewart would be on the list. It will be interesting to see how Barba goes at FB next season. The best fullback in SL and the best attacking FB I have seen in 30+ years of watching Wigan was the pre injury Amos Roberts. He was prior to injury as good as anything in the NRL. Sam Tomkins has potential but I prefer him at 6. Kyle Eastmond similarly can play superbly at FB and it may reduce his injuries. Richard Owen has potential but will get shunted to the win I daresay in 2011.
  21. The Leeds medical team are as reliable at predicting as Michael Fish is/was
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