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  1. Don't care what the bowler hats from the boundaries commision say, I still put St Helens, Lancs as my address and always will
  2. Just to make it fair why don't we kick out this year's winners to give someone else a chance. Wire have won the CC 2 years on the trot, they're barred from that for a few years Wigan did rather well for quite a few years, let's ban them for 5 yrs
  3. Dont like giving it to Aussies (as good as this one is) Giving it someone who blatantly cheats to get cheap pens every other tackle sends the wrong signal IMHO Morley it is
  4. I'd agree that that's how it used to be - you appealed, still guilty, extra 2 games for your cheek. The last couple though, the offenders have still been found guilty of the original offence and just had the bans dropped.
  5. It's bad enough stuff being let go completely (already done to death) but when someone does actually get banned, they turn up, trot out some 'I shouldn't banned coz I'm a good lad really', and they're instantly let off. What's the point???
  6. Jesus wept not again When you spit your dummy coz Leigh haven't a hope in hell of doing anything AGAIN and you stop going to the game, and cancel sky and whatever else it is you think will get anyone remotely interested in kicking someone out to make way for leigh, can you also spit your dummy enough to kill your membership on here as well
  7. Toasted with a little onion or just butties?
  8. And under P&R they'd still be someway short of SL no matter how shiny their seats
  9. And that is the biggest problem I have with the playoffs. You can be ###### all season, come up against a team that hasn't lost all season who have a bout of flu raging through the team the week before the final and the ###### team end up champions Saints have nicked it a few times from 2nd but I always feel whoever finished top deserves it more And 8 in the payoffs is 2 too many
  10. I've never been caught (always buried at the back somewhere) but for a period of 4 years or so my daughter was on at least once during every tv game, has been in the local rag on numerous occaissions, is in Longy's book and has appeared on the cover of a couple of books about saints. We used to joke that she got more coverage than the team
  11. Think the main problem,once again, is inconsistency. It's either a penalty (should be IMHO) or it's not, not one way or the other depending on which way the wind's blowing
  12. ######, was hoping this wasn't going to come off. Have to give it a miss now, which is a pity as I've really enjoyed the others. Feb too cold for the banter in the streets and no BH to travel back on is a definite no no
  13. Stobart is in the town where Saints will be playing next year
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