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  1. Campbell Graham,the very tall and young South Sydney winger has a Scottish (Glasgow) father and an English(Midlands) mother.Does he count?
  2. Up and coming South Sydney winger Campbell Graham is another candidate .His dad is from Glasgow and his mother is English from the Midlands.Victor Radley's dad is a proud Yorkshire man from the West Riding.
  3. I believe that quite a few people in Hull were upset when FC got rid of the Sharks name and the wonderful logo ?
  4. Sydney Roosters for me,l lived in Coogee in the Eastern Suburbs for many years .
  5. I was at that game,great memories at the SFS,nobody gave GB a chance,l think the crowd was less than 20,000.
  6. The Cleveland Indians last won the World Series in 1948,they have been American League winners four times since though .They lost to the Chicago Cubs in the WS in 2016.The Cubs last won in the 1900's before that.
  7. I heard that John Sutton wanted to play for Fiji in the last World Cup but Souths didn't let him play . He is in great form this season in a very good Souths team .
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