Giants coaching staff in search of pre-season improvements

Huddersfield head coach Simon Woolford has revealed the club’s coaching staff have started an inquest to ensure they enjoy a better pre-season.

Woolford is keen to ensure the Giants steer clear of another relegation battle and believes changing their pre-season schedule can be of benefit to that.

The Giants went into the opening round of the season without nine players after a disastrous pre-season post-Christmas, something the head coach is inevitably keen to avoid again.

“When you have a season like this you can’t just rest your season on your last game,” he said.

“From a coaching point of view the planning has already started.

We’re looking at what we can do better. Ollie Richardson, the head of performance has started that process. We’ll have a look right through the club. We’ve got to have a good look at what’s happened over the last year and what needs to improve.

“The pre-season last year went well until after Christmas and we found ourselves with a lot of players missing for the early rounds.

“You don’t win competitions in January or February but you can put yourselves out of them and that’s certainly what happened to us. We just chased our tail all year. We know we need to be better and make some changes.”