GMB: The RFL has ‘failed spectacularly’

A representative of the GMB Union has said the RFL have ‘failed spectacularly’ following the Toronto Wolfpack crisis.

Peter Davies, the GMB Senior Organiser, hit out at the governing body for failing to do their jobs and called on them to pay the players, as they close in on three months without pay.

“As we don’t currently have a seat at the table, our players have no choice but to trust the governing bodies and league structures to ensure that this kind of collapse cannot happen without consequences,” Davies said. “In this case those rules and that governance have failed spectacularly.

“It was their job to see that due diligence was carried out when they allowed the Canadian club into Super League; they simply have not done that.

“In my opinion, they should now pay out the remainder of the players contracts up until November, and call in their ‘Personal Guarantee’ from David Argyle to recover the money.
“If that is worth little more than the paper it is written on, we will all know whose fault it is.”