Government Health Secretary Steve Barclay explains delay of releasing £50 million to MND campaign of Leeds Rhinos legends Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield

GOVERNMENT Health Secretary Steve Barclay has explained the reasoning behind delay of £50 million to the MND campaign fronted by Leeds Rhinos legends Rob Burrow and Kevin Sinfield.

In recent weeks, months and years, Burrow and Sinfield have become the most ardent campaigners behind raising money and awareness of Motor Neurone Disease – something which Burrow was diagnosed with back in late 2019.

And, over those months and years, there has been a concerted effort from all those involved to pressure the British Government into funding research into a potential cure.

Last year, the Conservative government promised £50 million for MND research – an amount which is yet to have found its way to its designated place.

Now, after further pressure from Burrow and Sinfield, Health Secretary Steve Barclay has responded and explained why there has been a delay in releasing those funds.

“It is a massive priority after what Rob has done and what Kevin has done, Doddie Weir and Ed Slater the former Gloucester and Leicester player, it is something I have taken a huge personal interest in,” Barclay said on BBC Breakfast.

“The frustration is, we have the funds but there was a concern amongst our scientific community in terms of that they felt that some of the bids were not what we needed from a scientific point of view.

“But I am expecting to be able to announce something very very shortly and be able to address Rob’s concerns.

“Days not weeks.”

Fingers crossed that, this time, the government fulfils its promises.